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Being Wet Isn't Always Fun

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Chapter 2- Being Wet Isn't Always Fun

December 8th 2005

Lexi woke up early the next morning, wanting to practice her bass as much as she could before Pete came back to sign them. She was making some tea, actually scooping the honey into the cup when she saw a sleeping figure on one of the bigger couches. They were on their stomach, with the throw blanket draped over them, down by their waist where the hem of their bowers was barley visible. Lexi winced and walked over, sipping her tea. She leaned down and instantly recognized the hair and tattoos.
"Pete!" she screamed and he sat up, getting tangled in the sheets. Lexi stepped back, clutching her cup and watched as he blinked the sleep from his tired eyes.
"Pete, what the hell are you doing here?" Lexi asked, with one hand on her hip. He looked up and smiled sheepishly.
"I got kicked out of the hotel...I looked you up in the white pages and map-quested you!" Lexi closed her eyes for a brief moment and shook her head.
"How did you get in?" she asked and Pete laughed.
"Back door was open, you should really lock that," he stood up and stretched, yawning in the process. "Can I have some tea too?" he asked and Lexi sighed, sitting down in the love seat, turning on the TV.
"Make it yourself," she muttered and he laughed.
"What time is it?" he asked, grabbing the honey for himself.
"Nine," she muttered and landed against the pillows, snuggling in on one side of the loveseat. Pete laughed and walked over sitting in the other corner.
"There are two other couches, Pete," Lexi said, looking at him suspiciously.
"I get lonely easily," he said, snuggling in on his side. Lexi shook her head.
"Corniness on the second day?" she asked and Pete laughed.
"You better get used to it," he spoke and Lexi raised an eyebrow.
"Why?" she asked and Pete just smiled.
"Cause you're my new friend," he paused and wiggled his eyebrows up and down. "So prepare to have your life made a living hell," Lexi rolled her eyes.
"What if I like what happens to us?" Pete sat speechless for a few minutes.
"Then..." he paused and pretended to cry. "I don't know what to say!" Lexi giggled as Heather walked into the room.
"What is Pete Wentz doing sitting half naked next to you at," she paused to squint at the clock. "Nine thirty in the morning?" Heather paused again and widened her eyes. "What is Pete Wentz doing half naked on our couch?" Both Pete and Lexi laughed.
"I got kicked out of the hotel...some people have no respect for the porn ninja," he said pointing down. Lexi just shook her head.
"Yeah well neither do we..." she stood up and stretched, watching as Heather took a seat across from them.
"Can the guys come over? Invite your girls as well," he paused. "We will have formal introductions,"

As soon as the guys met the girls it was obvious that they had met their female counterparts. But what was funny, Patrick and Heather were completely different in a lot of lights. But, we will get to that later. As of now, everybody including Dirty was in the kitchen, either sitting at the bar or sitting on a countertop. Heather was stirring batter for cookies when the land phone went off. Lexi grabbed it before Pete could and pressed it on speaker phone.
"Ello?" Lexi chimed as she grabbed some of the batter with a spoon.
" you have any nuts? I'm fresh out...and I've got the major munchies," Their friend Clover muttered over the line and Patrick looked a little disturbed.
"What the fuck?" Pete mumbled and they heard Clover laugh.
"Way to go Lexi, your finally getting laid! How long has it been?" Lexi bit her lip, blushing and picked the phone off speaker phone.
"Listen, Clover...whatever, just get your ass over here...yes, you can have some nuts...yeah, yeah whatever," Lexi sighed and shook her head as Aloe laughed at her.
"Shut it Aloe Green," Aloe just glared. The room became silent until from outside they heard a few obscenities.
"Shit..." Dirty raised an eyebrow and Lexi just sighed and shook her head. Suddenly they heard a giant splash and another swarm of cursing. When the door shot open and a dripping wet arm was visible, everybody looked over to see Clover standing in the back door's doorway, dripping wet.
"When the hell did you get a pool?" she muttered walking over and shedding her jacket. Freeda just laughed at her friend.
"It's been there for 13 years, Clover," Heather muttered and Clover just sighed.
"God Damnit..." Dirty just stood in awe of the beauty in front of him.
"You real name isn't Clover is it?" he asked and Clover nodded.
"They just call me Clover because of the clover tattooed to my ass," Dirty's eyes lit up. "You want to see it?" she asked and Dirty nodded his head.
"Hell yeah," he muttered and Clover just smirked.
"Maybe later..." she walked past everybody and back to where all the bedrooms were.
"She's a tease," he muttered after she was out of site.
"But she's our friend slash roadie," Freeda commented. Pete smirked.
"Dirty, meet your female counterpart, Clover," Dirty just sighed.
"Let's do something,"
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