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You Know That Dentine Fire Commercial?

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Another? Why not

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Chapter 3- You Know That Dentine Fire Commercial?

That Night

After a swim and multiple games of truth or dare, the gang were in the living room, somewhat dancing to remixes of songs. It was somewhere along the song where Pete got down and him and Patrick were got in a very...odd and compromising possession. Two words: doggy style. Throughout the day, Pete pretended to limp around the house, claiming Patrick raped him.
"Oh my god! What if I end up pregnant! I'm too young for this to happen to me!" Heather giggled from next to Patrick and Lexi just shook her head.
"I don't know's tough...nine months," Pete just whimpered and grabbed the throw rug from behind the couch and shoved in unevenly in his shirt.
"PATRICK! I'm pregnant!" Everybody just burst out laughing as Pete dropped to his knees beside Patrick and held his leg close. "I expect child support!" Patrick just stifled his laughs and sighed.
"Sorry Pete...I don't think that's gonna'll have to raise it by yourself," Pete just pretended to break down and assumed the fetal possession by Lexi's feet.
"We have a problem on our hands," Clover mumbled. Joe raised an eyebrow.
"What? How we are going to hide this from the fans?" he asked and Lexi laughed.
"Nope, how the hell do we deliver a baby from a guy?"

The night followed with many games of "So You Think You Can Dance" and shifted to a game of "Kiss and Tell".
"Lexi," Pete turned to Lexi who sat next to him, leaning against the couch.
"Hmm?" she asked, taking a sip of her slushy that Heather had made.
"I've got a question for you...and you either have to answer it or kiss me," Lexi rolled her eyes.
"I'll answer it then," Freeda leaned towards Pete and whispered something.
"Ok then...when is the last time you had sex?" Lexi widened her eyes and whacked Freeda over the head with a pillow.
"Why does everybody torture me about that?" Aloe shrugged.
"It's the only thing we really have on you..." Freeda agreed.
"And it's the only kind of payback we can get," Pete raised an eyebrow.
"Revenge?" Heather sighed.
"Lexi sometimes has the craziest ideas...that end up with us either in trouble or embarrassed," she explained. Patrick smiled and nudged Pete with his elbow.
"Sounds like you Pete..." Pete shrugged and turned back to Lexi who was staying quiet.
"It's true though...I'm a crazy bitch," Aloe smirked.
"You forgot sarcastic,"
"And whiney," Freeda added.
"And childish," Heather said last. Lexi sighed and shook her head.
"Who doesn't get any," Clover added and earned a pillow chucked at her head.
"So answer my question," Lexi shook her head.
"Uh-oh..." Aloe muttered as Pete wiggled his eyebrows.
"Then kiss me," Pete said. Freeda shook her head and covered her eyes with a hand.
"This is not going to end up good," she whispered and Andy and Joe both raised an eyebrow. Lexi smiled seductively and inched closer to Pete. The entire room, including Clover who was usually unfazed by these moments gaped her mouth open. Pete smiled and fluttered his eyes closed but shot them open when he felt something wet hit him in the chest. Looking down, he saw Lexi with her hand holding onto a now empty glass of melted slush. Pete shivered slightly and developed a glare while Lexi smiled.
"Told ya I'm a bitch," she paused and sighed. "A year ago..." Heather laughed and pointed, falling against Patrick in a fit of giggles.
"I was soooo right!" Lexi just shot a glare but then snickered.
"So? At least it's not /2 and a half years/," Heather's mouth fell open completely and shifted up to try and smack her friend but Lexi just backed up and laughed at how angry she was.
"Ok...I see what you mean now..." Joe muttered and Aloe laughed.
"There is plenty more where that came from," Lexi smiled and Andy whimpered.
"We can not let Lexi and Pete team up...that would be..." he trailed off and Freeda widened her eyes.
"Oh my god...I don't want to think about that," Lexi coughed.
"You're forgetting something..." Patrick looked up and Heather shook her head.
"Lexi Ann Starr works /alone/," she developed a devilish grin and looked at Pete who was airing out his t-shirt.
"Yeah well...Peter Wentz always gets revenge!"

As the night went on, breaking midnight, Clover became bored with the conversation, it involving the two band's music and stuff she just wasn't really interested in. With one hand propped up with her elbow on the arm of the couch, she breathed out and placed her chin in her hand. Slowly, she let her eyes drift from the group who was all sitting on the ground to Dirty who was sitting next to her. She shook her head when he stole a glance back and adverted her eyes. They turned again and after a few seconds just went for it. Clover fell backwards onto the couch as their lips met and already were fighting for dominance. Patrick was talking, blabbering about something when he turned and stopped mid- sentence to widen his eyes and mouth. Lexi noticed his expression and turned herself to see the two roadies making out. The entire group sat gaping at them, slightly freaked out. As soon as Dirty's hand started to creep up Clover's shirt, Freeda coughed and Heather flung her arms around.
"Not on my couch!" the two pulled apart and sheepishly smiled.
"Sorry," Clover giggled and Lexi shook her head, looking down.
"Crazy bitch," she muttered and Clover smirked.
"That's you, and you're just jealous that I'm getting some," Lexi rolled her eyes and stood up.
"Sleep, and if you two decide to get busy...please, go toy our house..." Heather sighed.
"PLEASE!" Patrick sniggered and Heather poked him.
"That's fine with me," Clover said looking back at Dirty. He smiled and the two ran out.
"We better pray they don't multiply," Andy muttered. Freeda shook her head.
"Heather...can I stay here tonight?" Heather looked up and nodded.
"We have the two guest bedrooms, and then the other twin bed in my room...then the couch..." Patrick smiled, moving about in front of her and Heather cheekily smiled. "Cute little Patrick here gets the other twin bed..." Aloe bit her lip turning to Joe.
"The guest bedroom I always stay in has a queen sized gonna stay with me?" Joe's eyes lit up.
"Way to be forward with your crushes, Aloe," Lexi muttered and dodged the remote that was throne. She snickered as the two left the room. Freeda ended up doing the same with Andy and Heather soon looked a little impatient and walked off, Patrick in tow. Lexi rolled her eyes and turned back to see Pete shrugging off his stained shirt.
"I want this nicely cleaned and pressed, ready by tomorrow," Lexi shook her head and watched as he stood up. "Please?" Lexi grabbed the shirt and walked behind the couch and into a doorway where the washer and dryer were and threw it in.
"Laundry day is tomorrow anyways..." Pete tilted his head to one side.
"Are you going to let me room with you?" Lexi bit her lip and shook her head again.
"No, only because you made me answer that question and got me embarrassed and mentioned you always get revenge," Pete stuck out his bottom lip and Lexi smiled, still shaking her head. "You get the couch," she said cheerfully and skipped backwards before using the wall to turn around the corner and down the hall way to her room. Pete sulked suddenly but sat down on the couch. After a few minutes, he lied down and dozed off...
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