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A LIttle Romance

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? Let's have some fun with coupling

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this one's for SiSi, because I know she needs it, and it will make her smile...

Chapter 4- A Little Romance

December 9th 2005

"Ok...I need to feed the cat, get my drumsticks, um..." Freeda named a few things on her fingers as her and Andy walked up her driveway that morning. The two had left early when Freeda remembered to get some of her stuff, as she was going to crash at Heather's house for a while.
"How bout clothes?" Andy suggested as Freeda unlocked the door.
"Oh, don't be smart..." he smirked and followed her inside and towards where he assumed her bedroom was. Freeda smiled as he widened his eyes.
"Holy crap," All along the walls were pairs of drumstick, each above a sign saying where she got them, either from shows or other occasions. "How..." Freeda smiled.
"I have good reflexes and I have a good eye and wont give I get them frequently," Another thing Andy noticed was the amount of pillows she had lining her bed.
"What's with all the pillows?" he asked. Freeda shrugged.
"I like pillows and pillow fights," Andy smiled.
"Let's have one now!" Freeda nodded her head and threw one automatically.
"Oh, it's on,"

"Ok, look at this!" Aloe made Joe sit down on one of the stools of the guitar shop they were in. It was Aloe's dad's shop, and he wanted her to come in and help out before he opened. They decided to hang out and Aloe even decided to work her shift. So now, Aloe and Joe were browsing the guitars in the back when Aloe decided to show him her little trick. She took the guitar and made him hold it as she tied her hair back.
" can do the Trohmania?" Aloe smiled and nodded her head and quickly grabbed the guitar and strummed a note as she twirled around, landing perfectly. Joe clapped happily and Aloe nodded, putting the guitar back in place. She plopped down in the couch there was in the back and padded the spot next to her.
"What do you think...I have enough money to get a new guitar, but I'm so horrible at making decisions," Joe shrugged but let his eyes drift to a pale red fender that looked like Patrick's.
"Get that one," Aloe looked up and widened her eyes.
"That's the most expensive of the store, everybody always comes up to me to ask how much, and I just tell them, and they get all freaked is glassed in," Joe shrugged.
"I'll buy it for you," Aloe shook her head.
"," she said quickly and bit her lip and looked up at it. "You barley know me, I can pay for it when I can afford it," Joe smiled and scooted ever so slightly closer.
"Christmas is coming up though," Aloe blushed slightly and nodded her head.
"I guess it is..."

"I hate when I make it hard on myself," Heather muttered. She was standing in front of a giant nail polish rack, one that covered an entire wall. She had dragged Patrick out to get some nail polish after she chipped some of it and was sick of the colors she had. Patrick walked over and looked over her shoulder to see her holding a bottle of coral pink in one hand and neon orange in the other. He let his eyes scan the rack and reached over her to grab a bottle.
"Here," Heather widened her eyes and put on a big smile as she clasped the bottle, putting the other two back.
"This is so cool! It's in some lights, and in others!" Patrick nodded and smiled as Heather babbled on. "Thank you so much Patrick," she cheekily said, giving him a slight hug before linking arms with him and dragging him to the checkout.
"No problem," he mumbled, slightly blushing from the contact.
"You're like, my new best friend now, picking out really cool nail polish scores high in my book," Patrick blushed again as Heather and him walked out and to the car. "You wanna go get some Panda Express?" Patrick smiled and nodded his head.

Fluttering her eyes open, Lexi smiled upon feeling arms around her slim body, missing that feeling, but then widened her eyes and turned her head to see Pete's face literally an inch away, a small smile plastered in his sleep. Lexi clenched her teeth together and tried to squirm her way out of his grip on her waist but it only earned his arms wrapping fully around her and bringing her close, her face crammed right to his bare chest.
"Pe-ter," Lexi mumbled barley audible. Lexi felt him squirm a little and his arms slightly relaxed and she looked up to see him yawning.
"Oh, hi, Lexi," he greeted in a sleepy raspy voice.
"Would you like to explain why you're in my bed, holding me like a freaking teddy bear?" she asked as politely as she could. Pete cheekily smiled and snuggled his face into the pillow, still holding onto Lexi.
"You looked lonely last night, and that couch couldn't compare to your giant king sized bed," Lexi sighed and rolled her eyes before lightly smiling. "Oh, and I left my teddy bear at home," Pete closed his eyes again and lightly smiled.
"I thought that was Patrick, you know, Patrick Stump, Human Teddy Bear," Pete smirked and Lexi slightly giggled.
"Besides that," Lexi shook her head slightly. After a few minutes, Pete began messing with the back of her t-shirt, slightly raising it.
"Pete..." she said slowly and he snapped his eyes open and bit his lip, tearing his arms away.
"Sorry," he paused and smiled. "My teddy bears aren't usually sexy," Lexi just lightly smiled and rolled over and snuggling in again.
"When do you guys hit the road again?" she heard Pete shuffle closer and place one hand on her waist.
"Um...tonight actually, we might come back to visit and stay for know," Lexi closed her eyes and smiled.
"Sounds like a plan, Stan," she could just imagine the pout on Pete's face.
"It's Petey!"
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