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Porn Ninja Pool Attack

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Omg. I really love this one it's so funny

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Chapter 5- Porn Ninja Pool Attack

December 23rd 2005

Winter tanning was exactly what Heather and Lexi were doing. Heather had a heated pool, so they lied on the two rafts, soaking up the cool winter sun. Both had their eyes closed when they heard the loud sound of a helicopter nearby. Opening her eyes, Heather tilted her sunglasses back to see the helicopter circling their backyard.
"Uh, Lexi...why is there a helicopter circling us?" Lexi widened her eyes.
"Oh my god is that a /bartskull/?" Heather gaped open her mouth and her gum fell out.
"It is/!" Lexi shook her head and balled her hands into fists. But then whimpered when she heard the classic mega phone /whooooing though the crisp afternoon air.
"Swim over hot stuff," Lexi pinched the bridge of her nose, with her eyes closed.
"Heather...please tell me this is one big dream," Lexi looked over to see Heather sitting up on her raft, slowly shaking her head, mouth still gaped open. Lexi slowly looked up in time to see Pete in all his entirety splash into the pool.
"PORN NINJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" he had screamed before and right as he hit the pool, Heather and Lexi both flipped over and off their rafts, both getting completely drenched. Lexi opened her eyes too see Pete cheekily smiling and slightly wiggled his fingers in a wave. Lexi bit down on her lip hard and glared, balling her fists.
"/Peter Bloody Fucking Wentz/," she said threw gritted teeth. Before she could say anything else, Pete swam over and pounced on her, taking her underwater again, when they surfaced, Lexi shivered and stepped away.
"Are you /naked/?" Pete cheekily smiled and nodded. Lexi clenched her eyes shut and turned around. "Oh my god..." she breathed and looked up to see Patrick parachuting down, landing on the rocks of the mini waterfall.
"Patrick is here to save..." he was cut off by the parachute falling over him, making him fall over and land in the grass. "I'm ok..." he mumbled and Heather just shook her head, climbing out to help him. Lexi tuned back to see Pete moving about.
"I feel so's like a jail break!" Lexi widened her eyes and clasped her hands over her face as Pete did "The Happy Genitalia Dance"
"Pete...please! Get some pants on!" She heard Pete huff and get out of the pool, not bothering to cover himself up as he walked into the house.
"Ok...I'm scared," Heather muttered as she helped Patrick stand up and she untangled him out of the mess.
"Patty's got a /cr-cr-cr-crush/," Lexi sing-sung and smiled as he blushed and glared.
"Shhhh," he mumbled. Heather seemed unfazed and smiled when he got free from the tangles.
"Oh my god," Heather muttered and Lexi hesitated before turning around.
"What the /hell/?" Pete was standing there, with a bright pink bikini on, hands on his hip, almost standing in a proud way.
"Pete! Why my bathing suit?" Heather cried and whimpered, flailing her hands. He shrugged.
"It stood out," Heather widened her eyes.
"You were going though my underwear?" Pete smiled.

Latter on, after Pete had gotten slapped by Lexi and Heather, he was roaming the house and stopped when he saw Patrick napping on his stomach in Heather's bed. Smiling he walked over and saw that her underwear draw was still slightly open from his /escapade/. He quietly slid it out and dumped its contents all over Patrick's sleeping form, piling most of it near his head. Snickering at his little prank he turned around to see Lexi in the doorway, in a bathrobe, arms crossed and her foot tapping.
"What are you doing to poor Patrick?" Pete shifted his eyes and tried to look innocent.
"/Noooothing/," he sang and Lexi rolled her eyes.
"Pete," she started and Pete cut her off, pushing her out of the room and straight into hers which was across the hall.
"Shhhh, don't say anything and I'll tell you where I put your underwear," Lexi widened her eyes and whacked his arm as he closed the door, peeking out before closing it completely.
"What were you doing with my underwear?" Lexi hissed and Pete grabbed his duffle bag from the floor, opening it to reveal at least three pairs of boy short panties.
"I thought they were sexy, and wanted them all to myself," Lexi breathed in, closing her eyes and crossed the room, replacing the unmentionables back where they belonged.
"Please, Pete, refrain from stealing my underwear," Pete shrugged, pushing his bag off the bed and sitting down.
"We have to come to an agreement then," Lexi sat down next to him, facing the door.
"What?" Pete threw an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close.
"We make it our mission to hook everybody up, meaning Freeda and Andy, Aloe and Joe, Patrick and Heather," he paused while Lexi nodded, looking up through her eyebrows.
"Dirty and Clover seem to be already fucking, so we don't need to worry about them," she muttered and Pete chuckled.
"Yeah, oh, one more thing," he paused as Lexi rolled her eyes.
"What?" she asked. Pete smiled and poked her.
"I get to sleep here every time we visit, ok? Your bed is huge and soooo comfortable," Lexi smiled and slightly shook her head, amused by Pete's antics.
"As long as you don't do death grips in the morning when I try and get up," Pete smiled and took her hand, shaking it up and down.
"PATRICK STUMP WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?!" Lexi bit her lip, stifling her laugh and watched as Pete did the same.
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