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Lexi Starr and Peter Wentz, Professional Matchmakers

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Yes. Another. I'm seriously thinking I'm losing readers, so yeah It's gonna take more than this to keep me going, and that means no sequal if I lose will power. doesnt help my slight depr...

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Chapter 6- Lexi Starr and Peter Wentz, Professional Matchmakers

December 24th 2005

Lexi opened her eyes to see Pete hovering above her.
"Pete...what?" she asked, closing her eyes again.
"It's Christmas eve, and it's the afternoon," Lexi sighed and Pete smirked. "You need to brush your teeth. Lexi lifted her knee slightly and kneed Pete and smiled when she heard him sequel slightly and felt him shuffle so he was lying next to her rather over her.
"What do you need?" Lexi asked, turning her head to him. Pete shrugged.
"We are going to rave tonight in your living room," Lexi raised an eyebrow.
"What?" Pete snickered and poked Lexi, and she winced.
"Raving, Patrick found this CD with all these songs, and we would go out,'s Christmas eve, so we are going to have fun in the house," Lexi shrugged looking back up at the ceiling.
"I don't care as long as nobody gets hurt and if somebody makes a mess, I don't have to clean it up," Pete smirked.
"Ok then," he paused. "We still on about our deal?" Lexi smiled and nodded her head.
"Let's get Aloe and Joe first," Pete raised an eyebrow.
"Why?" Lexi evilly smiled.
"Aloe's still a virgin," Pete widened his eyes, slightly taken aback.
" hold is she?" Lexi closed her eyes.
"21," Pete poked Lexi.
"What about you?" Lexi turned her head and looked at him, with an annoyed look on her face.
"I thought we went through this already," Pete shook his head into the pillow.
"How old are /you/?" Lexi opened her mouth in an "o" and turned her head back up to the ceiling.
" is Heather and Freeda is 23," Pete nodded and blinked, looking over Lexi's body and to the other side of her.
"What are you holding?" Lexi blushed slightly and developed a small stuffed cow that looked emo in many ways. Its hair was combed to one side and even had a streak of red. Its left ear had a safety pin in it, and it even had a small lip ring placed on its mouth line.
"How cute, an emo cow," Lexi smiled taking it back into her arms.
"Not just any cow," Pete raised an eyebrow. "It's Petey the Meaty Mooer," Pete blinked and felt the heat rise to his cheeks.
"Should I be flattered?" Lexi shrugged and looked down at the cow, fixing its hair.
"There's a Patrick the Moo Cow too, but Heather stole him away, and her room is too bright for scares me,"
"Let's have a cow tipping rave," Pete muttered and Lexi looked up, confused.
"What?" Pete sat up and watched as Lexi followed, Petey still in her lap. Pete took the cow and placed it in-between them.
"Watch, pretend there's music ok?" Lexi raised an eyebrow but nodded and Pete did a little dance before flicking the cow over. "See? Cow tipping rave!" Lexi just smiled before cracking up.
"I'm sorry," she paused and picked up her little emo cow. "That's was the funniest thing I've ever seen," Pete smiled. "Pete Wentz flicking a stuffed emo cow," Pete smiled again and let out a small laugh.
"So do we have a plan?" he asked. Lexi shrugged.
"Do it the easy way, lock them in the bathroom," Pete smiled.
"It's on,"

Aloe screeched when she felt a blindfold come over her eyes and Lexi's hands take her hands as well and tie them.
"What's going on Lex?" Lexi giggled slightly but just kept pushing Aloe forward.
"It's for your own good, Aloe," Aloe widened her eyes. Her feet hit the tile and she shivered due to her feet being bare. Suddenly she felt somebody bump into her and she let out a small shriek.
"Whoa, Aloe?" Aloe bit her lip and flattened her mouth.
"What the hell is Lexi up to?" she asked Joe.
"We're locked in," he stated. Aloe baled her hands from behind her back.
"Do you think you can help me here? I'm blind and if I trip I can't catch myself," She heard Joe smirk.
"I guess," Aloe kind of twitched when she felt two hands grip her shoulders and turn her so that her stomach bumped into what she presumed as the sink. They then lowered to where her hands were tied and messed around with that.
"Was Lexi in girl scouts or something?" Aloe slightly laughed and shook her head.
"It can't be that hard," Joe shrugged and took the ties off. Aloe raised her hands to the blindfold and lowered it to see Joe standing behind her looking through the mirror at her.
"Hi," he said. Aloe smiled and removed the blindfold completely before rubbing her wrist.
"Holy crap...I'm glad we don't have any shows coming wrists hurt," Aloe mumbled looking away with somewhat wide eyes.
"Yeah..." Aloe looked up and but her lip.
"Why so quiet?" Joe shrugged.
"Your pretty," Aloe widened her eyes and before she knew it she was pressed up against the bathroom counter making out with Joe.

Lexi smiled from outside the bathroom door, her ear pressed firmly to the door. Pete walked by and raised an eyebrow.
"Mission accomplished," Lexi mumbled. Pete smiled.
"Freeda and Andy next?" Lexi nodded and got up, straightening her t-shirt.
"Something...that would get them cleaning...oh I know!" Pete raised another eyebrow.
"What?" he asked slowly.
"Let's set something on fire!" Pete widened his eyes.
"/What/?" But then Pete smiled.
"They said something about going swimming..." Lexi developed a devious grin.
"Let's coat the edges of the pool with lighter fluid, and then while they are swimming, light it up!" Pete picked Lexi up and spun her around.
"You are like me!" Lexi lightly smiled and patted Pete's arm.
"Put. Me. Down," she managed out. He did and smiled.
"Lighter fluid," he paused. "We need lighter fluid,"

Freeda sighed as she stepped into Heather's huge heated pool.
"It's really nice," she said, turning to where Andy stood debating weather or not to jump in.
"Then..." Freeda smiled as he dove right in appearing near her. Freeda stepped down fully in the water and swam around a little before she dove underwater.
"It's dark," she muttered, peeking her head out. Andy nodded his head.
"It's nearly eight," Freeda smiled.
"Only hours before Christmas!" she kept her body under the water, so it just barley hit her chin. Suddenly Lexi walked out holding a packet of cigarettes and a lighter.
"Since when do you smoke?" Freeda asked, moving her arms to keep herself surfaced. Lexi shifted her eyes.
"I'm lighting it for Aloe," Freeda raised an eyebrow.
"What?" Lexi smiled.
"SIKE!" She lit the lighter and lowered it to the pool edge where it quickly lit and wrapped around the pool. Freeda and Andy both freaked and instantly clung to each other, wide eyed.
"LEXI!!!!!!!!!!" Freeda shrieked.
"It was Pete too!" she said back running back inside. Freeda blushed slightly remembering just exactly who she was holding onto.
"Um...water! Ah ha!" Freeda cupped some water, walking towards the edge and doused some of the flames. Andy copied on his side and they both worked to douse the flames. Soon they both bumped into each other on the last flame and Freeda blushed yet again as he took care of it.
"I'm going to kill Lexi," she mumbled. Andy laughed.
"Can I kill Pete?" Freeda cheekily smiled and shrugged. The two became silent and Freeda opened her mouth to say something but instead got a small kiss.
"You're too cute,"

Lexi widely smiled from where she looked through the glass panes in the back door.
"Another victory!" Pete smiled.
"We're too good for this," Lexi shrugged.
"Then why don't we let Patrick and Heather take care of their own relationship?" Pete nodded his head.
"That sounds fun...we can watch Patrick make a fool of himself," Lexi whacked him.
"Your not nice," Pete shrugged.
"He's obsessed with her, it's funny," Lexi shook her head.
"Heather's oblivious...she has to wait until they make a move," Pete smirked.
"Then that relationship is going to take a while," Pete raised an eyebrow after that. "Have you seen Dirty?" Lexi giggled.
"He went over to Clover's...I'm assuming they've been busy in more ways than one,"
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