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Pickles and Nudity

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Chapter 7- Pickles and Nudity

December 25th 2005

Patrick woke up early, like really early, more in the wee hours of around 3 A.M. He decided to get some water and walked into the kitchen to see Pete sitting at on one of the barstools staring at a pickle that was on the counter, the open pickle jar next to it.
"Uh, Pete...why is that pickle out of its jar?" Pete pouted and Patrick raised an eyebrow.
"Don't you like my pickle?" Patrick widened his eyes and swallowed, very confused.
"I guess?" Patrick said and Pete smiled.
" want to eat it?" Patrick stepped back and developed a quizzical look.
"Pete, I'm not going to eat the pickle," Pete looked fairly shocked.
"Why not?" Patrick shifted his eyes, scared almost.
"Because I'm not a pickle person!" Pete looked even more hurt, with his bottom lip quivering.
"But you just said you liked my pickle!" Patrick scratched the side of his head, even more confused.
"Then I guess I lied..." Pete gasped.
"WHY WOULD YOU LIE TO ME PATRICK!? I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!!!" Patrick widened his eyes and stepped back even more as Pete seriously looked like he was going to cry.
"Um...I'm...I'm gonna go back to sleep now..." As soon as Patrick was gone, Pete silently chuckled to himself.
I love messing with him
Pete had been up pretty much all night, messing around on the computer and doing random stuff while everybody slept. Thinking it was time to go annoy somebody else, he walked over to Lexi's room and saw her sleeping on top of the sheets, wearing a shirt that just make Pete smile.
Who The F@!* Is Pete Wentz?
Pete suddenly had a bright idea. He grabbed one of his blank white t-shirts and found a sharpie and scribbled something down over it.
Who The Hell Is Lexi Starr?
Smiling, he tore off the shirt he had and slipped the new one on and shoved his pants off before diving on the bed, startling Lexi and making her jump.
"Pete! Bloody fucking Christ! It's..." she paused to look at the clock. "It doesn't matter what time it is if it's still dark!" Pete pouted and turned on the lamp, making the t-shirt visible. The somewhat angry glare disappeared off of Lexi's face and she developed a slight smile.
"I'm flattered," Pete cockily smiled.
"Then do I get a Christmas kiss?" Lexi glared again.
"No. Because you woke me up," Pete stuck out his bottom lip before landing next to her, snuggling under the sheets.
"Then go back to sleep," Lexi sighed and rolled over, getting under the covers and snuggling in. Pete smiled and poked her back. Lexi rolled over annoyed but Pete just raised Petey the Meaty Mooer from his side and gave it to her. Lexi lightly smiled and took the small cow, bringing it to her chest before closing her eyes. Pete developed a small smile and watched for a while before closing his own, still holding onto the cow's tail.

"It's Christmas! It's Christ-WHOA!!!" Lexi opened her eyes to see Clover standing in her doorway, mouth hanging open. Ok, let's look at things from Clover's point of view. Lexi was now lying where Pete was last night, her t-shirt crooked and underwear peeking out, the sheets gone, showing Pete's legs intertwined with Lexi's and his tattooed arm thrown over her middle, the other hand in her hair. Lexi widened her eyes and shook her head.
"It's not what," Clover developed a look.
"Yeah right, and I'm fucking Andy," Suddenly Dirty came into view, looking quite shocked.
"I thought you were fucking me..." Clover just smiled and poked him.
"Look," Dirty peeked and cheekily smiled.
"Looks like the boss is finally getting some," Lexi just frowned and glared, due to her position, she couldn't do anything.
"We're not doing anything...we're not even going out like the rest of you," Clover shook her head.
"Patrick and Heather," Lexi interrupted her.
"Yeah, I know," she sighed deeply and that was enough to wake Pete up.
"CHRISTMAS!!!!" he screamed and shot out of bed, skipping around the bed, trying to pull on some pajama pants. Lexi sat up and shook her head.

" you too mom," Lexi sighed into the phone and hung it back on the base.
"Lexi..." Lexi just closed her eyes, she already had a headache and didn't need anything that Pete was telling her.
"What?" she asked sharply.
"I have another present for you," Lexi rolled her eyes. What else did he get besides all that Clandestine stuff, that wasn't even for sale yet? "You just have to turn around," Lexi bit her lip and slowly turned around only to close her eyes.
"Pete...please...put some freaking clothes on," she heard Pete chuckle and the next thing she knew, she was being picked up bridal style, much to her squirming and protest.
"And you said nothing was going on," Lexi peeked open one of her eyes to see Clover and Dirty standing in the kitchen doorway, both with eyebrow raised. Lexi bit her lip and just shook her head.
What the hell have I gotten myself into?
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