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A Serious Moment of Trust

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Ok. I'm convinced. Just don't scare me like that!

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Chapter 8- A Serious Moment of Trust

January 14th 2006

Even for Arizona, it was still cold in winter. Pete had the idea of going up north and seeing the snow that he was so used to seeing back home. So there they were, standing half freezing as Pete tried to force the cabin door open.
"Hot...we need something hot..." Lexi managed out, walking to the kitchen part of the cabin. Pete shot up.
"I'm here!" Joe just shook his head.
"Why is Pete all of a sudden so full of himself?" Pete glared.
"Because he likes Lexi," Andy added in a whisper. Pete glared even more except this time with a fresh layer of a blush. Lexi was still in the kitchen but came out moments later with a cup of tea.
"Wow, thanks for the tea Lexi," Freeda said, obviously sarcastically. Lexi shrugged.

"Where is everybody?" Pete asked finding Patrick in the kitchen eating cereal. Patrick swallowed and tapped his fingers.
"Freeda and Andy are in the hot tub doing God knows what," Pete smiled as Patrick continued. "Joe and Aloe are out getting firewood for tonight and Heather is taking a shower," Patrick ended and took another spoonful. Pete looked expectantly at him and Patrick raised an eyebrow before realizing.
"OH! If you care that much about the location of Lexi...she's somewhere...don't know at the moment," Patrick paused to overlook Pete's shoulder. Pete slightly turned to see Heather walking towards them in a towel. She grabbed an apple and smiled at Patrick.
"Do you want to go down to the slopes after that?" she asked. Patrick gulped and nodded.

"Ok, so what's your worst habit?" Andy asked Freeda as she sipped on some of her water. She slightly laughed into the bottle and put it down.
"I never use the same drumsticks twice, always break them after shows or throw them out to the crowd," Andy raised an eyebrow.
"And that's a bad thing?" Freeda shrugged.
"It burns a hole in my pocket...I have to spend a lot of money on drumsticks monthly," Andy smiled.
"So it's a bad habit to break," Freeda nodded.
"It's more of a ritual...if I go home with my drumsticks, it's a bad day for Free-de," Andy snickered at the nickname.
"Free-de?" Freeda blushed and nodded her head.
"Lexi gave it to me one day after I helped a cat out of a tree, I had claimed, 'Kitty! You are /freeeeee/!'." Andy laughed as Freeda smiled.
"So you helped an animal and got dubbed Free-de?" Freeda nodded taking another gulp of her water.
"What Lexi says is law, and I'm fine by that, we usually end up having lots of fun..."

Pete looked quite flustered as he crept up to the swinging bench some yards away from the cabin. Lexi was sitting there, notebook in her lap, writing away.
"/Lexxxxxieeeee/," he sang and she jumped slightly, closing her notebook.
"God damnit...can't you make your presence known in a normal way?" Pete shrugged taking a seat next to her.
"That's just not me..." Lexi sighed rolling her eyes and traced the pencil over a blank piece of paper, as Pete observed. "You ok?" Lexi nodded.
"Writers block...I figured that if you really are signing us, then I should at least get some new material..." Pete arched his eyebrows.
"You write?" Lexi smirked.
"Who did you think did?" Pete shrugged and Lexi looked back down at the paper, her black hair somewhat falling in her face.
"You sure that's all that's wrong?" Pete asked again. Lexi shrugged silently and bit her lip.
"Anxiety, nervousness, overwhelming feeling and my love life sucks...that's about it," she whispered and Pete looked surprised.
"Is that you? Cause that sounds like me..." Lexi looked up and shrugged again.
"Its how I'm feeling lately. I was once just ruthless Lexi Starr, bassist of Behind The Bleachers, just hanging out and not giving a fuck about anything, and now...all of a sudden I'm hanging out with one of my favorite bands like it's no big deal, playing pranks on my best friends with Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy," Lexi paused and shook her head. "It makes no sense /whatsoever/," Pete smiled.
"Sometimes you're better off not thinking of how you got somewhere but be thankful that you did," Lexi became expressionless and just stared at Pete. "I know I am..." Lexi blushed and bit her lip. Pete bowed his head closer and Lexi let her breath hitch.
"LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNCH!!!!!!" Lexi jumped back and landed back first in the snow as Dirty and Clover came running out of the cabin screaming heading down the pathway as Aloe and Joe walked after that, and more importantly hand in hand. Lexi blinked once up at the sky and saw Pete hover over her.
"You ok?" he asked. Lexi bit her lip and sat up and got up herself, dusting herself and walking away.

"I can't skate to save my life," Aloe mumbled as the cold air nipped her cheeks, making them glow a bright pink. Joe snickered at her as she nearly lost her balance. The only two people who were sitting out was Lexi and Patrick as they were just being 'big poopyheads' as Pete put it.
"Don't laugh," Aloe pouted and grabbed his arm to stay steady. Joe took her hand and skated forward slightly and she followed in the worst step possible. Pete laughed as he passed them backwards.
"Gosh...Aloe you suck," she stuck her tongue out and pouted.
"It's not every winter I get to go ice skating on a real lake, so shut up," Joe caught her as she nearly fell again and got steady. Lexi was sitting on one of the benches that stood on one of the sides of the lake with Patrick next to her, him slightly shivering every once in a while.
"So how are things with you and Heather?" Patrick shrugged, turning his head to Lexi.
"Is she always this oblivious to crushes?" Lexi smiled.
"So you do have a crush," Patrick blushed slightly and nodded his head.
"Yeah I guess, but...Heather treats me like a puppy...I don't mind, because she takes me everywhere and I get to hang out with her, minus the cuddling..." Patrick pouted and Lexi shrugged.
"Love it not my department," Patrick gave Lexi a gentle shove.
"Yeah and don't deny almost kissing Pete before coming here," Lexi closed her mouth and developed even more pink cheeks.
"Key word, almost/. And he /almost kissed /me/," Patrick shrugged.
"So? If you have him after you, your eventually going to have to give in," Lexi shook her head.
"I don't give in that easy...and I'm just not really ready for that kind of attention..." Patrick looked down at Lexi.
"Why?" Lexi shrugged.
"Because once again, love is not my department,"
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