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Trust, Love and Hope

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Oh my. First Taste Of drama!

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Chapter 9- Trust, Love and Hope

January 15th 2006

Everybody found themselves in the lobby of the resort eating diner and joking and laughing except Lexi.
"Sexi Lexi," Lexi looked up to see Heather across from her pointing a fork in her direction.
"Huh?" she asked and Heather looked slightly worried.
"You ok?" Lexi nodded, smiling lightly.
" mind is just not fully there today," Heather shrugged and turned back to Patrick to feed him another mouthful of pancakes. Lexi lightly smiled at the two and let her eyes drift around the place.
"Lexi," Lexi looked back up to see Heather gone and Patrick sitting there, with an eyebrow raised.
"What?" Patrick looked a little disappointed and hesitated before pointing over Lexi's shoulder. Lexi turned to see Pete chatting up one of the workers, obviously flirting. Lexi turned back and shrugged.
"Why should I care Patrick?" Patrick looked even more disturbed and Lexi raised an eyebrow and turned back to see Pete holding the girl's chin and giving her a light kiss. Lexi knew she shouldn't have cared, but couldn't help it when she turned back and felt the tears sting the back of her eyes.
"Lexi...I'm sorry," Lexi looked up at Patrick and shook her head.
"I shouldn't care, Patrick," Patrick grabbed her hand.
"Do you want me to take you back to the cabin?" Lexi nodded her head.

"I'm sick of these pills that make me sit still," Lexi sang. She was blasting Motion City Soundtrack in her room of the cabin while Patrick hung out with her, keeping her company. Patrick smiled.
"Are you feeling fine?" he sang back and Lexi smiled.
"Yeah I'm feeling fine," the two laughed and smiled until a knock at the door interrupted them. Patrick opened the door to see Pete standing there. Lexi glared and turned down the music.
"Can I talk to Lexi?" he asked and Patrick turned to see Lexi down again, shrugging. Patrick walked out and Pete walked in, closing the door.
"You ok?" Lexi sighed and rolled her eyes.
"You know how many people are asking me that?" Pete lightly smiled but it diminished as Lexi stayed expressionless.
Oh please tell me that you're alright...
Lexi bit her lip and shut off the CD.
"You're not ok, are you?" Lexi crossed her arms.
"I'm never ok, it's just comes in different doses. It's the crazy not ok, and the depressing not ok," Pete raised an eyebrow. "And right now I'm in the heartbroken not ok," Pete looked even more confused.
"Heartbroken?" Lexi rolled her eyes.
"You Mr. Wentz are worse than I thought," Pete widened his eyes.
"About earlier," Lexi shook her head.
"Which earlier? Our earlier or the earlier you had with that girl?" Lexi sighed and shook her head, turning the music back on. "I shouldn't care..." Pete looked a little bit confused and concerned at the same time. He gave up and shrugged, standing up and leaving her in the room.

"We're snowed in," Aloe stated walking into Lexi's room. Lexi was lying on her back and sat up.
"But we have a show tomorrow!" Aloe held onto her shoulders.
"Listen...calm down, we will be there...just...calm down," Lexi took a deep breath and nodded her head.
"What are we going to do until then?" Aloe shrugged.
"Me and Joe are going to make sandwiches for everybody while Pete is hopelessly trying to light the fireplace..." Lexi sighed.
"What time is it?" Aloe looked down at her watch.
"Almost midnight...we are staying up just in case we get any news from down at the lobby," Lexi nodded and got up, grabbing a random hoodie and slipping on some pajamas with cartoon panda bears. Upon reaching the living room she saw Pete struggling with matches, failing miserably at lighting the fireplace.
"Aloe," Lexi got her friends attention and dug through her hoodie pocket, developing two lighters.
"I'm gonna steal this," Aloe shrugged and grabbed one of them, walking off to the kitchen. Lexi rolled up the sleeves of the hoodie and took the matchbook out of Pete's hands, and lit one of them with the lighter, throwing them both in the fireplace and walking off towards the couch.

"Is Lexi ok?" Andy asked Freeda as they sat on the couch. Everybody else had gone to sleep but Freeda was wide awake.
"Probably...she just gets moody and then the next day she's fine," Andy laughed.
"Sounds like Pete..." Freeda shrugged.
"How come they haven't hooked up yet?" Andy rolled his eyes.
"That question..." he shrugged. "I don't know...two stubborn, hopeless romantics who haven't gotten laid in over a year...I'm wondering the same thing," Freeda giggled and sighed.
"They have sexual tension, so when it happens, it's gonna be good," Andy quivered.
"I'd rather not think about that," Freeda smiled and snuggled close closing her eyes.
"It's better then them play fighting and flirting..." Andy nodded.
"So true..."

"I confess, I messed up..." Lexi slowly opened her eyes to see Pete smiling at her fully dressed and holding Petey the Meaty Mooer.
"Pete?" Lexi asked quietly and rolled onto her back. "I'm too tired for this..." Pete snuggled closer and placed his head on her stomach.
"I'm not..." he pouted and poked her stomach. "I'm sorry too," Lexi sighed and let one of her hands go to his hair.
"It's ok...I'm just a bit of a..." she paused. "I'm just hopelessly hopeful," Pete looked up to see Lexi smiling. She gently pushed him off and walked over to her bag, grabbing a pair of jeans and slipping them on, turning back to see Pete now sitting on the edge, Petey in his lap.
"So, you gonna keep quoting me?" Lexi bit her lip and flicked her eyes up it thought. She walked over and stood in front of him and patted her pants.
"These jeans looked so good on me when I looked in the mirror," Pete smiled and joined her.
"I wanted to fuck myself," they said at the same time. Lexi lightly blushed and took the cow out of his lap.
"I collect cows," Pete looked confused.
"Random much?" Lexi laughed.
"It's just something you should know, you know, 'Let's get to know Lexi Ann Starr'..." Pete smiled.
"Ok then...I'm not wearing any..." Lexi interrupted.
"Underwear, I know," Pete blushed.
"You know too much,"
"You have to remember I was on the brink of obsessed fan before we actually became friends," Pete smiled.
"Then what happened?" Lexi shrugged.
"Your band mates started to obsess over my friends," Pete took back the cow, fixing its hair how Pete's was this morning, his bangs somewhat spiked up.
"What about me?" Lexi blushed and turned around, shrugging.
"We helped, meaning you changed the meaning of 'Lexi Starr works alone'..." Pete smiled and stood up grabbing his bag.
"So...until next time?" Lexi bit her lip.
"When is next time?" she asked in a whisper. Pete walked over and skewed his mouth to one side.
"Next week, promise," Lexi rolled her eyes.
"Promising is over-rated..." Pete started walking and Lexi followed, grabbing her bag.
"Do you trust me to tell you it will happen," Lexi shrugged as Pete threw his bag in the car that had come to pick up the boys that morning.
"Trusting somebody is being able to tell them what keeps them up at night...and I'm not ready to tell you that yet," Pete looked down at Lexi and for a few moments just studied her expression, her brown eyes blinking from time to time.
"Until next time," Lexi smiled and nodded her head.
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