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If At First You Don't Succeed, Blow It Up!

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Don't steal that quote please. That's actualy one of my favorite saying by yours truly. hehe I drew a panda bear this morning, just thought you'd like to know

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Chapter 10- If At First You Don't Succeed, Blow It Up!

January 21st 2006

Aloe opened her eyes and sat up in bed to see Joe grabbing her TV and walking out she raised an eyebrow and stepped out of bed, grabbing a long sleeve shirt and pulling it on. Joe came back in and jumped back startled by her being awake.
"Why did you take my TV? That thing is my /life/!" Joe shrugged and hugged Aloe, picking her up. "Wait! Grab some pants!" Joe chucked as he grabbed a random pair of jeans, and taking Aloe outside, throwing her in the car. Aloe turned to Freeda, who looked just as bad.
"Where are we going, and why are you guys stealing our TV's?" Aloe asked as Joe came back out with another TV and climbed in the passenger seat.
"Pete's orders," Freeda sighed.
"And where is he?"

Lexi was sitting in her room back at Heathers having a staring contest with Petey who sat on her bed as she sat on one of her chairs, an advance copy of October Fall playing in the background.
"Don't look at me like that," she muttered to the emo cow. "Yes, I know fully well what I'm getting myself into, and frankly, I could care less,"
"When they said crazy bitch, they meant crazy bitch," Lexi whipped around to see Pete standing in her doorway, swinging his keys around his index finger and smugly smiling. Lexi sighed and stood up.
"What's going on?" she asked and Pete shrugged.
"It's for you to find out," Lexi rolled her eyes and went to her closet where she stood until Pete walked over and picked out some clothes. Lexi grabbed the hoodie and smiled.
Love Can't Save You...Only My New Powers Can
She slipped it on and took the pants too and grabbed a belt as Pete pushed her out of her house.
"I'll give you one hint...fireworks," Lexi widened her eyes and looked a bit worried.
"This can't be good,"

"/WHAT/!?" Lexi screamed as the entire gang emptied into an empty and deserted parking lot. Pete smiled, grabbing her shoulders to calm her down.
"We are blowing up the TVs," Lexi widened her eyes and shook her head.
"But /why/?!" she asked and Pete just sighed.
"It's a ritual...of kicking off tour, and now that you're coming with us, we might as well blow up your TVs along with ours!" Lexi nodded her head but then widened her eyes again.
"Wait...WE'RE GOING ON TOUR?!?!!?" Pete smiled and nodded his head. Lexi widely smiled and broke free, cart wheeling around and jumping for joy.
"Oh my god!" Heather jumped for joy and right onto Patrick, still smiling widely. He looked a bit flustered but happy at the same time. Aloe joined in on dancing with Lexi and the guys just laughed at the four girls.
"Can we blow up the TV's now?" Lexi stopped abruptly and shrugged.
"Why not?" Everybody stood back far, far away from the TV's that were all lined up and Pete smiled holding the controller. Everybody bit their lips and Pete pushed the button down.

January 22nd, 2006

"Patrick..." Heather was standing over Patrick's sleeping body that was on her other twin bed. He stirred a little and Heather bit her lip as he woke up.
"Oh...hey Heather," Heather lightly smiled and then looked troubled. "What's wrong?" Heather looked down, slightly embarrassed.
"I know this is going to sound so stupid coming from a 24 year old, but...I had a bad dream," Patrick shook his head and pushed the covers down.
"It's ok...but you have to tell me what before you invade my sleeping," Heather smiled and climbed in, lying on her back as Patrick turned to his side.
"An old, old crush of mine...kinda broke my heart in 8th grade, and he still haunts my dreams, even though I'm way over him," Patrick nodded.
"And it's /scary/?" he asked. Heather shrugged.
"I just don't like scares me..." she pouted for a minute and Patrick smirked.
"You want to get revenge?" Heather turned her head towards him.
"Like...sabotage him?" Patrick nodded his head.
"Yeah...we can get help from all the guys...Pete and Lexi can think of something and...Dirty and Clover can get the stuff, I'm sure of it," Heather smiled and kissed Patrick's cheek.
"You're a cutie and a genius!" Patrick became quite flustered but shook it off.
"Thanks?" Heather just giggled and rolled over, so her back was too him on the small bed.
Yeah well, you're a cutie...and...oblivious...but still pretty.

"/Fall Out Fork/?" Clover raised an eyebrow as Dirty scribbled on a piece of paper, somewhat a note to leave on the doorstep.
"We're forking the lawn, remember?" Clover nodded her head.
"Oh yeah...this is gonna be so kick-ass," Dirty smiled and looked up to see Pete holding two paintball guns. Lexi came in from the hallway and smiled as Pete threw her one.
"We're on the ammo team, sharp shooters and destroyer of all things glass," Pete said professionally. Lexi smirked, pulling up her hood and let her bangs fall in her eyes.
"But I'm the dominating one in this duo," Pete smiled.
"So does that mean I get a kiss?" Lexi rolled her eyes and set down the gun to adjust her shirt.
"I'm still not going to put underwear on, you can't make me!"
Pete snickered and Lexi just smiled and rolled her eyes again.
"My friend SiSi made it, me and her have our little secret clothing line that we make for ourselves," Pete smiled and nudged her a little.
"Can you get me this shirt, I'd like it..." Lexi shrugged and Clover coughed.
"I'd rather you two not flirt and drag out your little..." Clover moved her hands about. "Whatever your doing and just get in bed, fuck and live happily ever after," Lexi glared at first but then developed a slight blush. She silently picked up her paintball gun and walked out of the kitchen, leaving Clover with her mouth wide open.
"The day the boss has nothing to say back...oh my god! It's the sign of the apocalypse!" Dirty laughed which caused Clover to crack up. They stopped when they saw Pete quiet, still standing.
" ok?" Dirty asked. Pete nodded and pulled his hood up.
"We're walking; it's just around the corner,"

Heather slightly giggled as her and Patrick lined the entire house in silly string, leaving it looking like a gingerbread house. Next came the spray paint and Heather couldn't keep it in as Patrick drew rather vulgar stick figures. Lexi got over her embarrassment and was having the time of her life shooting up the garage and door, hitting everywhere around the house. Freeda and Andy attacked the trees with toilet paper and other random objects like popcorn strings and streamers. While that was going on, Aloe, Joe, Clover and Dirty were carefully placing multiple forks in the lawn, sticking them into the ground.
"I think we're done..." Pete whispered into the night. Everybody stepped back and smiled. Heather still had to do the finishing touches. She ran up to the doorstep and rang the doorbell. As Erik, the ass-hole heart breaker opened the door, she slammed a water balloon in his face and stepped up on her tippy toes, towering over him.
"Who's the juggernaut now, /biaaaaatch/?!?" Lexi slapped a hand to her forehead and shook her head.
"I'm going to pretend that never happened,"

evie says: omg...I'm sorry. I just love that last's so god damn funny!
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