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I Know, We're Whores, But Oh Well.

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Oh man, the real reason why I'm sexy Lexi XD

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Chapter 11- I Know, We're Whores, But Oh Well.

February 11th, 2006

Heather twitched and widened her eyes looking over at Lexi who looked un-fazed. Heather bit her lip and turned back to the TV.
"LEXI!!! WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!!" Lexi just laughed as a paintball came over their heads and hit the wall behind the TV. Heather shrieked and Lexi just giggled, still lying across the loveseat, not being able to see the intruder.
"Pete's back," she heard Pete chuckle and next thing she knew, he had hopped over the back of the couch but then yelped, not seeing Lexi lying down and landed halfway on her before flopping off and on the ground.
"Oh god...didn't see you there," Lexi just raised an eyebrow.
"You didn't hear me?" Pete shook his head, sitting up so he was eye level.
"Doesn't matter! Today is the first day of touring!" Lexi smiled and looked over at Heather.
"Ready to have some fun?" Heather smiled and the two stood before doing a small 'secret' handshake. Pete smiled as Heather skipped off and over to where all her bags were packed.
"Are you ready to have fun?" Pete asked, throwing an arm around Lexi's shoulders. Lexi shrugged.
"As long as I don't end up wasted, pregnant, raped or /dead/, I'm fine, yes...I'm ready," Pete smirked.
"What if I rape you?" Lexi just elbowed him, /hard/.
"It still wouldn't matter," Pete just pouted and rubbed where she hit.
"But...but...I'm Pete Wentz," Lexi just smiled, rather cockily.
"And I'm Lexi Starr,"

"A real tour bus," Freeda smiled as she fell against the couch, holding two of her precious pillows. All the girls had just gotten on the bus and Pete had come up to give them the basics.
"So...we're kind of doing a secret show here to kick off your Ranch," Lexi smiled.
"Wait, that Brest Cancer benefit concert?" Pete nodded. Heather laughed.
"We know the two people who are throwing it..." Lexi smiled.
"Stan and SiSi," Pete raised an eyebrow. Aloe just laughed.
"I think we should surprise the crowd..." Heather and Lexi smiled widely.
"Are we going to be the sexy bitches tonight?" they both asked. Aloe giggled and Pete just looked confused.
"What are you guys talking about?" Lexi just pushed him out the bus.
"We'll see you tonight Peter!"

All the girls giggled as they stood in front of the mirror they had in one of the back rooms of the Martini Ranch. Behind The Bleachers had done one of these shows before, playing the entire show in their underwear. This time, they planed it out and had matching bras and underwear in different colors, just to play it off. Lexi in black, Aloe in green, Freeda in red and Heather in hot pink. They were lacy boy short underwear with bow ties in the back that looked like they belonged on Christmas presents instead of sexy lingerie. The bras were even skimpier and Aloe was a little nervous at the amount of cleavage it revealed but grew ok when she saw Lexi blushing like mad.
"Why do I feel...ehh different from last time?" she asked pacing the room, guitar pick in hand.
"Because Fall Out Boy is across the hall..." Freeda suggested. Lexi stopped and shrugged.
"I don't know...other than that...I mean, I feel different," Heather giggled.
"Maybe because last time we did this, two days earlier you got laid?" Lexi just crossed her arms and leaned on one leg, the classic Lexi stance along with the glare.
"Whatever," Freeda twirled one of her drumsticks in the air.
"You do realize we may just make every guy in the audience, even gay little Stan get a boner?" Lexi giggled.
"If it didn't happen last time, it won't happen now," Aloe snickered.
"Yeah, but this time we actually look like we popped out of Victoria's Secret hardcore rocker girls catalogue," Lexi shrugged.
"Ok then, I don't mind..." she smiled. "It's been a while," Heather jumped up.
"HA! Miss Starr admits it," Lexi just rolled her eyes and went back up to the light bulb surrounded mirror to apply some mascara while Aloe curled her hair even more, making her look like she was really a model.
"Wow, little Miss Green is a /vixen/!" Freeda commented. Aloe bit her lip and smiled, a fresh blush mixing into her already flustered face.
"Ok, this is a major Myspace picture opportunity," Heather grabbed her camera and all the girls came together and looked up as Heather raised it and snapped a picture.
"Oh god...we're such little tramps," Freeda giggled and the girls all doubled over in fits of giggles that made them look like school girls.
"Hey girls you're on in te-OH MY FUCKING GOD!" Joe appeared in the doorway, wide eyed and looked as though he was going to faint. Aloe bit her lip and stepped a little behind Lexi, suddenly embarrassed. Lexi shook her head and moved back over to the mirror, the ribbon on the back of the panties moving in the breeze. Heather giggled and followed and Freeda just pushed Aloe forward a bit.
"This is the reason why you're the only virgin of the group, so shy..." She whispered and Aloe just blushed even more.
"H-Hi," Aloe mumbled and just watched Joe's eyes light up and shake his head.
" look...really.../really/," Aloe interrupted.
"Whore-ish, I know," Joe shook his head.
"I know this is gonna sound like bull shit coming from a guy but, beautiful," Aloe bit her lip and smirked, amazed.
"Thanks..." she muttered.
"Hey Joe I said that they had to- WHOA!" Pete came into view next and you could literally hear the swallow he took. First looking at Aloe and then back at the three beauties with their back turned, leaning over towards the mirror to get a better look as they did their makeup. Freeda and Heather were the first to notice and backed up and stepped away from Lexi as Pete walked over and gulped even more.
"Uh, was this what you guys were talking about earlier?" Lexi stopped midway of applying her lipstick and turned slightly to see Pete standing there, amazed just like Joe. Lexi smirked and finished up, turning around and smacking her lips.
"Yep...we've upped our game from last year..." Pete blinked hard and shook his head, looking down at his watch.
"You guys are on in five," he said and Freeda smiled walking over to her drumsticks.
"Um...has anyone seen my guitar st-STRIPPERS?" Patrick screamed as he walked into the room but sighed when he saw Heather. "Oh it's only yo-WAIT!" Pete and Joe snickered as Heather came over and hugged Patrick, making him blush like mad and look really flustered.
"Hi Patrick!" she smiled and the thing they heard was the dropping of drumsticks. Andy stood in the doorway looking quite surprised but just as happy as the rest of the guys.
"Tonight should be fun,"

"And still, all that remains are the words on the paper..." Heather sang so beautifully as the last few notes were played and her voice overtook the last moment of the song. Lexi through her bass behind her, with the strap still on and took the mic.
"Hey, guys...thanks so much for coming out tonight...we brought some friends, so give it up...for Fall Out Boy!" The crowd screamed as the girls decided to hand their instruments to the roadies and then jump off the stage and down in the front row of the crowd.
"You only hold me up like this..." Patrick sang and all the girls sang along, their hands tightly gripped on the railing and slightly jumping up and down, starting a mini mosh pit. Lexi jumped a little as arm circled her and she turned to see Stan standing with a stupid grin on his face. Pete frowned from where he was playing but sang either way.
"Now I only wish of dreaming of you..." Lexi pecked both sides of his face and shook her head.
"So what's up?" she screamed over the music.
"I got a new boyfriend," Lexi smiled and hugged Stan.
"Who?" Stan blushed slightly.
"You know Aiden?" Lexi raised an eyebrow.
"From The Backstabbers?" Stan nodded his head.
"Yeah..." Pete pouted even more but kept his appearance up by ignoring the two talking. Lexi just looked back up in time to steal a smile that she did not get back.
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