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It's Just One of Those Days

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When life feels wonderful and you get thousands of ideas for a new story. hehe

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Chapter 12- It's Just One of Those Days

February 13th, 2006

"Yeah...we're here...just lounging, waiting...we get to the hotel around...3? I don't know...alright, good luck ya too," Pete listened as Lexi got off the phone and looked up to see him standing there.
" privacy anymore," Pete skewed his mouth to one side.
"Who is Stan anyways?" Lexi smiled.
"My bestest guy friend who happens to be gay and dating a really good friend I know from another band," Pete sighed. "Why? You jealous?" Pete widened his eyes and shook his head as the bus stopped and Clover screamed something about being at the hotel they were staying at for the next few days until they left the major area.
"Of course not...guess what?" Pete asked, changing the subject. Lexi crossed her arms.
"What?" Pete smiled.
"I'm not wearing any underwear," Lexi just smirked and rolled her eyes, hopelessly.
"Lovely Pete, just /lovely/," Pete shrugged.
"It's know," Lexi looked up and saw the already developing five o'clock shadow on his face.
"Yeah...but..." Lexi shrugged and turned back to grab the bag she was taking up to the hotel and her sunglasses.
"But what?" Pete asked.
"Never mind..."

"Let's do something fun...we have a private pool upstairs, all to ourselves, the penthouse suite pool," Freeda suggested. Aloe looked up from her magazine.
"Let's bring back our inner whores and wear those swimming," Heather raised an eyebrow.
"Where a whore?" Lexi cracked up.
"No, she's talking about the skimpy underwear from two nights ago," Heather nodded her head.
"I, girl's night?" Lexi smiled.
"Bring the boom box,"

The next song just so happened to be the remix of Dance, Dance and the girls were giggling like mad by the time the water guns got discovered. They were all dancing and singing and just being stupid when the boys stepped out to see the girls all drenched and laughing their asses off.
"This...this is like the equivalent to porn, man," Joe commented and Pete whacked him.
"Except we know them..." he added and the two smirked. Freeda noticed first and blinked with a blank expression on her face. Heather and Lexi got her and she fell in the pool. Pretty much all the girl's eye liner were smudged and their hair was messy from either being wet or from running.
"Is it just me or has the last two days been outrageously kinky and something out of a wet dream?" Pete asked and Lexi stopped in her running to see Pete with a raised eyebrow.
"Just having fun," she commented and within five minutes everybody was running around with water guns, getting everybody they could.

February 16th 2006

Lexi looked down at her phone and saw she had a text message.
Can I come over? -Pete
Because I'm rooming with Joe and he invited Aloe over, I'm scared
Suck it up
But I don't want to hear them doing that
Because...I just don't. Let me over

Seconds later, Lexi heard pounding on her hotel door and saw Pete whimpering in his boxers.
"They were making out when I left..." Lexi smiled and walked back to her room.
"My little Aloe is growing up..." Pete scoffed and sat down on the bed.
"Yeah, but it sickens me..." Lexi smirked.
"Why because Joe gets more than you?" Pete didn't say anything.
"Actually, yeah," Lexi shrugged and pulled out some pajama pants. "You are covering up?" Lexi nodded, like it was a stupid question.
"It's cold..." she walked back over to the bed and got in, grabbing Petey the Meaty Mooer and disappearing except for her black hair.
"Can I be Petey tonight?" Lexi giggled.
"You are Petey, nimrod," Pete shook his head.
"No...I want a snuggle," Lexi shook her head.
"No," Pete stuck out his bottom lip and walked over to the other side of the bed and climbed in.
"Why?" Lexi rolled over and sighed, closing her eyes and instantly feeling sleep grabbing her.
"Because...I already have a..." she paused to yawn. "Snuggler..." Pete sighed, giving up.
"You have lame excuses," Lexi opened her eyes and rolled over.
"Will you shut up and let me sleep if I do?" Pete smiled and shrugged.
"Maybe..." he paused and looked at Lexi. She didn't budge so Pete took the liberty of bringing her closer and making sure her head fit perfectly against his chest.
"What's you favorite Fall Out Boy song?" Pete asked and Lexi smiled, her eyes closed.
"It's gonna sound so weird coming from me but it's, It's Not a Side Effect of the Cocaine, I Am Thinking It Must Be Love," Pete blushed and smiled.
"An old one, ehh?" Lexi smirked and snuggled in more.
"Why?" Pete placed an arm around her and rested his hand on her shoulder.
"Just for reference," Lexi closed her eyes again and slowly drifted off as Pete did his best to sing to her.
"Why can you read me like no one else?"

Aloe fluttered her eyes open to feel an arm wrapped around her waist. Thoughts of the previous night flooded back to her and she lightly freaked out, turning around to see Joe sleeping quite peacefully.
"Aloe..." she looked up to see him smiling.
"Hi," she whispered and got a small kiss.
"You ok?" Aloe nodded and wringed her hands together nervously.
"Just...I need to get used to waking up like this, I guess," Joe smirked and brought her a little closer.
"I hope you do...I could get used to this really fast," Aloe smiled into his shoulder and closed her eyes, appreciative.
"Thank you...for everything..."

"Oh my god! They. Have. Peanuts!" Clover widened her mouth as her and Dirty raided everybody's mini fridges. "AND THEY DIDN'T TELL ME!!!" Dirty laughed as she shoved the packets in her red hoodie and flipped her orange blonde hair out of her face.
"We better go before they get back," Clover smiled and nodded her head.
"Let's do something fun..." Dirty smiled evilly stealing a kiss.
"Dirty fun or dirty fun?" Clover smirked, smiling.
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