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Oh yeah. Faker with some pills. Screams Lexi, ehh

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Chapter 13- Faker

March 8th 2006

Prank Time
Prank Time
We are going to prank everybody
You have to be willing to play along
Is this some crazy idea of getting some?
It's some crazy way of making everybody think I got some
We're going to make everybody think we finally hooked up
Haven't you heard what your friends have been saying?
Well apparently we have sexual tension and need to get laid
I'm hurt
Good agree to this?
Why not...I needed to prank the girls anyways
Good. Noon on our bus

Lexi rolled her eyes as she stepped up onto the bus after one of their shows. Pete was standing in the kitchen snickering. Lexi just rolled her eyes and sat on the counter.
"You sure? It involves major fake make out sessions," Lexi widened her eyes and stared at Pete.
"What?" she asked and Pete hushed her, placing a finger on her mouth.
"Guys...where is Lexi?" Lexi heard Freeda asking and then heard some shuffling.
"Well...not sure, you guys can come up if you want," Joe mumbled from outside. Pete smiled and looked down at Lexi.
"Take your shirt off," Lexi shook her head, starting to back out. Pete panicked slightly as the door started to open and went for it. He leaned down and immediately open mouthed kissed Lexi, making her eyes shoot open, wide. Slowly they closed and she started to make it believable, actually enjoying the kiss. Pete smirked and pulled off her shirt.
"Remember, play along," Lexi nodded her head and trailed her hands down to his belt. The two started kissing again and heard the gasps of the rest of the band coming in. They tore away and smiled sheepishly, except Pete was trying so hard not to burst out laughing at Patrick's expression. His mouth was wide open, and his eye was twitching. Heather's gum fell out of her mouth and she raised her arm to point. Her gasp formed into a smile and she giggled.
"I soooo knew it!" Lexi just blushed and turned away. Thing is, she was really embarrassed. Pete smirked.
"Excuse us..." Lexi widened her eyes as Pete picked her up and headed to the bunks, throwing her on the bunk and closing the door. Lexi blushed as she heard whoops and whistles from outside, mainly Dirty and Clover.
"'re crazy," Lexi whispered and Pete shrugged, sitting next to her and handing her shirt back.
"And your sexy," Lexi just rolled her eyes and pulled the shirt over her head.
"I swear to god, the wall wasn't supposed to be there!"
"Oh god Lexi," Lexi widened her eyes as Pete moaned. He winked and Lexi smiled. She knew what he was doing. Lexi hushed his and banged on the wall behind the bunk.
"Holy shit..." she screamed and Pete bit his lip hard from laughing.
"Do that again...oh god, please! Do that again!" Pete widened his mouth, astounded by how good Lexi was.
"What the..." Lexi leaned over.
"Remember when I told you I was a good faker?" Pete nodded and just watched as Lexi giggled.
"You're almost too good," Lexi just looked down where Pete was pointing and shook her head.
"One make out session?" she asked in a whisper. Pete shrugged.
"It's been a while,"

"Soooo...Miss Starr finally gets laid! And by Pete of all people!" Freeda said as soon as Lexi came on the bus again. Lexi looked up and blushed, even though it never happened.
"Did you use protection?" Aloe asked and Lexi cracked up.
"Sorry...I just...I'm not going to say anything," Aloe pouted. Heather smiled.
"I'm happy for you Lexi..." Lexi looked down and nodded, disappearing into her bunk where she had an awaiting text message.
Good job, nobody suspects a thing...we just...have to play along with it
Yeah, sounds fun

Lexi frowned, knowing this is what happened last time/. She was confused and hated it. Even though it was all a big sham and a prank, it still felt /so right.
I can see you thinking from the ok?
Lexi looked up to see Pete in his bus, looking out the window and smiling. Lexi bit her lip before shutting the shades and picking up her notebook. Pete looked utterly confused and looked down at his phone. No response. Something's wrong.

March 10th 2006

Let's race
Heather raised an eyebrow and picked up her phone, observing Pete's text.
We are going to race you! It's a deserted highway. We're racing

Suddenly, Heather shot back and felt the bus speeding up. Lexi came out form the back and up to the front where Clover was intently speeding.
"What the fuck?" she screamed and Heather came up and shook her shoulders, scared.
"PETE IS CRAZY!!!" Lexi widened her eyes and grabbed her phone but dropped it as she heard sirens.
"Oh my god," she muttered and Clover slowed down.
"Shit..." she breathed as there was a knock on the door.

Lexi glared from the side of the road as each member, ahem, IDIOT from the next tour bus stepped off. Pete smiled innocently and stood next to Lexi as she clenched her teeth and watched the police man take out his breathalyzer.
"Oh shit...dude, I had something..." Dirty mumbled and freaked as it beeped.
"Uh, sir...we're going to have to take you down to the station," Lexi slapped her hands over her face and shook her head.
"Find a happy place, find a happy place," she muttered, quickly.
"Sexi Lexi, you ok?" Lexi twitched one of her eyes at the sound of Pete.
"Not a happy place," she scurried away and onto the bus as Dirty tipsily got into the back of the police car. Andy and Freeda took care of the police work as Heather shook her head disapprovingly. Pete took in air before chasing Lexi up the stairs.
"Seriously are you-whoa," he raised an eyebrow as Lexi breathed deeply empting two pills in her hand. " take /Ativan/?" Lexi bit her lip and turned around grabbing her water bottle and walking to the back.
"Heather thinks I'm off, she doesn't know I still take them..." Pete stopped Lexi before she walked further in the back.
"Why do you hide it? What if...something happens?" Lexi crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.
"Because when I did tell her, she freaked out, and after my first bottle was done, I told her I was off, but I'm not," Pete looked down at Lexi.
"For how long?" Lexi shrugged looking at the small bottle.
"Three years? I don't know...she over worries about me sometimes," Pete gripped her shoulders.
"Sometimes it's ok to let your friends over worry about you, and I had to learn that the hard way...waking up in a hospital bed," Lexi looked down at her feet.
"I'm not stupid...and I don't take them a lot, it's not a 'Take two a day' thing, its 'take two every time you feel a panic attack rising'," Pete gripped tighter.
"I'm sorry," Lexi shook her head.
"It's not your fault, I'm just...a crazy bitch," she mumbled and started to turn around when Pete grabbed her wrist and turned her back around.
"I've been there, don't have to be alone..." he pushed some of her hair out of the way and Lexi bit her lip. Pete leaned a little closer and Lexi closed her eyes tilting her head back.
"We have to follow the pol-OH!" Pete pulled back to see Andy standing at the front of the bus. Lexi bit her lip and gathered her self, hiding the pills and pulling out of Pete's grip on her arms and walked to the back. Pete turned to Andy and raised an eyebrow.
"We have to bail out Dirty, so we have to follow the police car to the station and do the business there...and we have to haul ass to get to the next show," Pete nodded silently still thinking about the previous events. "Is Lexi ok?" Pete shrugged.
"I'm not sure at the moment,"
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