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Canon In D

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Chapter 14- Canon In D

March 12th 2006

"Cancer: You are seeking the lightning now, even if you are doing it in your own quiet way. You are tired of routines and a rebellious streak within you is ready to strike. On one hand, this suggests an unconventional romance. On the other hand, you have a strong inner voice cautioning you against doing anything you'll later regret. Whatever you initiate now, consider all your options first."
"HOLY CRAP!" Lexi fell off her bunk as the bus made many odd noises and stopped suddenly, throwing everything everywhere. Heather looked up from where she fell and looked to the front to see Clover smiling innocently.
"Uh...we're out of gas...and," she paused to check her phone. "So are the guys,"

Lexi rubbed her temples as she sat cross-legged on the hotel bed, waiting for the rest of the gang to come in. See, what happened was both buses broke down, but luckily, there was a hotel near by where only one, yes one room was available. So, they were staying there until the mechanic came in the morning to fix the buses.
"Lexi don't bite me," Lexi looked up to see Heather coming in. Lexi smiled and shook her head, looking back down to her lap.
"It's...crazy," Heather skewed her mouth to one side and sat down on the other bed with her water bottle tucked in her hands.
"This or other things?" Lexi shrugged.
"Other things..." Heather smiled.
"Pete?" she asked, ready for girl talk. Lexi buried her head in her hands.
"Oh shut up about him for a minute..." Heather widened her eyes and Lexi just shook her head. "Heather...I'm going insane. Seriously, scary crazy...I don't know what's going to happen," Heather rolled her eyes.
"I thought that's what Lexus Ann Starr liked, not knowing what's coming," Lexi looked up and bit her lip.
"I don't know what's happened to me," Heather smiled.
"You've fallen in love..."

10 people in a hotel room. It's crazy, really crazy. Like...Pete on speed crazy. Uh, you get the point. The mattresses were split, meaning they took one off the other so there were four mattresses. And knowing Clover and Dirty, they took the bathroom Lexi yawned up at the ceiling and closed her eyes, letting her iPod sing her to sleep. But, she glared in her sleep hearing somebody shuffle next to her.
Let me take a wild guess
"Lexi?" Lexi opened one eye and turned her head to see the top of Pete's head peeking out from the covers. Lexi raised one eyebrow and Pete stuck out his bottom lip.
"What?" she whispered back. Pete shuffled his hand closer and placed it on her stomach.
"Cuddles and snuggles? I still don't have my teddy bear..." Pete whispered. Lexi lightly smiled and bit her lip.
"I'm starting to think this teddy bear doesn't exist," Pete shuffled closer and smiled.
"It's sitting on my bed, waiting for me...I'll show you him when you guys come over within the next few months," Lexi closed her eyes again and felt Pete take one of her ear buds out and put it in his own. He pressed play without looking down and smirked lightly.
"Canon in D?" Lexi bit her lip and nodded, turning back to Pete.
"It puts me to sleep..." she said her eyes already drooping. Pete lightly smiled and blinked slowly, feeling sleep overcome him.

March 13th 2006

There was a music store. A music store and it was heaven for them all. While the mechanic was fixing the busses, everybody sat in the music store, doing random things, either messing with guitars, as Heather, Patrick, Joe and Aloe were doing or having mini sword fights with their drumsticks, i.e., Freeda and Andy. Clover and Dirty were lounging and Pete was admiring some bases when he heard the light sounds of a piano playing the bass line for, guess. Yep, Canon in D. He peeked around the corner to see Lexi in the mists of the classical music section sitting at the piano bench lightly hitting the keys. He paced over and sat down next to her, watching as she didn't flinch, just played on. Pete raised one of his hands and started to play the other part, the real song. Lexi smiled, still looking at the keys and played it too, them both starting a round. Both hands rose to the keys and the two smiled as they slowly played the song. Lexi bit her lip as it got more complicated and their hands ran close together to get to the right note.
"HEY! Piano is my thing..." Lexi jumped as Heather moved in, shoving them back and taking a seat. " thinking what I'm thinking? Let's have a blast...from the past," Lexi shook her head.
" way," Pete raised an eyebrow.
"What is she talking about?" Lexi shook her head and Heather giggled.
"Lexi played cello, Aloe played violin and Freeda played viola. All orch dorks, except me. I was the chorus freak...but played piano, so would play with them..." Lexi looked down embarrassed and Pete nudged her seeing the girls walk in.
"Play...please? For me?" Lexi parted her lips, a little frightened. Heather started the first three notes of the bass line and Lexi sighed, looking for the nearest cello, and balancing it on her knee, pulling out the end pin and leaning against the couch that was in there to position herself.
"I can't believe I'm doing this," Aloe smiled and grabbed a violin.
"Gosh, first we're whores and now we're geeks...damn, we're fine," Lexi smiled and they all looked at Freeda who was leaned against the wall, her arms crossed. She rolled her eyes and pushed off the wall and grabbed one of the violas that were hanging out. The guys widened their eyes.
"Too hot to be geeks," Joe commented and Aloe glared as Heather and Lexi started the bass line. Aloe soon joined in with the harmony as Lexi shifted to the melody along with Freeda. They all played as the guys stood, mouths either open, or eyes widened at their talent after all the years. Lexi bit her lip, blushing and shifted her fingers, using vibrato to echo the sound. After a couple of minutes, they all finished and the guys clapped fast and whistled. The girls packed up and linked arms, taking bows. Heather looked at Lexi.
"And that's how Behind The Bleachers makes things kick ass," Lexi smiled.
"That's how we roll,"
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