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What Happened To Girls Night?

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Chapter 15- What Happened To Girls Night?

March 23rd 2006

Lexi smiled as she fell back against her bed, closing her eyes and breathing out, happy she was home, even if it was only for a few days. There was a show the next night, over at Glendale Arena, but Lexi could care less at the moment, she was home.
I know...we should have a girl's night, like we always used to!
Lexi shot up and walked across the hall to see Heather spiraling her hair.
"Hey Sexi Lexi, what's up?" Lexi smiled.
"Do you want to have a girl's night? I'll let you do my nails!" Heather smiled but bit her lip, her eyebrows furrowing together in guilt.
"Sorry, Lexi...I promised Patrick I'd show him around town...we're going down to the park and then out for diner," Lexi skewed her mouth to one side and nodded her head.

"Freeda!" Freeda jumped from where she was reading at the barstool and Lexi smiled.
"Yes?" she asked and Lexi leaned over, facing her.
"You want to do something fun?" Freeda placed her book down and looked at her watch.
"Uh, Lexi...I'd love to, but Andy and Me are going to see a movie tonight, actually, we are going to leave in five..." Lexi stuck her lips out and sighed.
"Ok then..."

"Aloe...please tell me you're not doing something..." Aloe raised an eyebrow from where she was standing by the fridge, grabbing a water bottle. Lexi pouted and Aloe bit her lip.
"I...I kinda promised Joe we'd have a night to ourselves, so I'm taking him back to my apartment..." Lexi hunched over and half way closed her eyes.
"Gahh...I give up," Aloe raised an eyebrow but shrugged and walked off.

Lexi grunted as she stepped up onto the stool in the back yard that was up against the wall. She peered over the edge and into Clover's backyard, and just as expected on the back door was a bra hanging from the doorknob. Lexi sighed and frowned as she headed back into the now empty house.
I wonder where Pete is...
Lexi got her answer. On the counter was a note with scribbled messy handwriting.
Went out...exploring, I don't know. I'm sure everybody else will keep you company. Pete
Lexi sighed pathetically and walked towards her room. She flicked through her CD collection but couldn't decide on anything, so she picked up her bass and played around while laying down the wrong way on her bed, feet propped up on her pillow. Absent mindedly she started to play the bass line to Dance, Dance and wiggled a bit, dancing slightly to the catchy tune. Quitting after a few seconds she sat up only to jump back and fall off the bed, bass safe on the bed.
"Jesus fucking Christ," Lexi breathed and she propped herself up using her arms and stood up, pushing her hood back to see Pete laughing. " really need to stop doing that...your going to give me a panic attack," Pete stopped and walked over to put her bass away.
"Sexy bass," he widened his eyes as he saw the other basses in the corner of her room. "/Basses/," Lexi smiled and sat down on the bed.
"I try," Pete turned around and Lexi noticed he had his red hood up.
"Do a good job..." Lexi shrugged. "You've been distant ok?" Lexi nodded. "Talk to me Lexi," Lexi didn't say anything so Pete walked over and leaned over her, boxing her with hands on either side of her as she sat. She looked up and swallowed.
"What do you want me to say?" Pete shrugged.
"Anything," Lexi frowned and looked away, down at the ground.
"You are a speed bump," Lexi softly sang and picked at an imaginary string on her quilt. Pete smiled and listened intently. "And I am the car..." Lexi turned back to Pete as he parted his lips to sing along.
"But I just can't seem to run you over,"
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