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It's Not So Gloomy Anymore

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Sometimes denial is better than admiting you love somebody

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Chapter 16- It's Not So Gloomy Anymore

April 13th 2006

The sound of that distant drum beat made Pete's ears perk up. The show was long over, and the gang was staying in the place, that ironically was half hotel. Hotel to the bands that played, that is. He went off to investigate. Seeing the girls on stage, he sat behind one of the bleachers and listened in.
"Freeda, do that again," Heather said as she played a few chords.
Lexi nodded her head to the beat and Heather's continuing and repeating guitar line. She thought for a minute before adding in a soft and low, bass line. Heather nodded over at Lexi and she smiled.
"Oh, I never know...just what these words were meant to say, oh I never knew...they'd come back to haunt me some day," she sang softly and Heather smiled.
"I love it, me, what it is about?" Pete peeked around the corner to see Heather putting her guitar down and Lexi plucking her bass.
" I don't know...something along the lines of that..." Freeda silently tapped at the cymbals.
"We've all been struck by love, ehh girls?" Lexi shrugged.
"If you call love being woken up rudely and being flashed...we're just good friends...I guess," Pete frowned but swallowed.
She's unsure
Heather giggled.
"Me and Patrick are the best of friends, we do so much together, he even paints my toe nails for me while I paint my nails," Lexi smirked.
"To bad he's completely obsessed over you," Heather blinked.
"What?" she asked dumbly. Aloe laughed.
"Yeah, well don't get so ahead of yourself Lexi, you've got your own fan club," Lexi raised an eyebrow. Aloe rolled her eyes. "Pete. Hello/? Where have you been? I knew that one day was all a prank, but I also know that /both of you wished it was true," Lexi blushed looking down.
"I don't know..." she said softly. Freeda furrowed her eyebrows together.
" really need to stop thinking about last time you put your heart on the market, maybe this time it's different, I know you're the oldest and your looking for more than just fun and a hot boy friend, but still..." Lexi looked even more confused. Pete felt his heart flutter at the fact they were somewhat talking about him.
"What?" Lexi asked and Aloe rested her head on her knee.
"He's just the same...I know he's crazy and really, really stupid at some times," Pete pouted but smiled listening in more. "But you know very well that under all that arrogance and Pete from Fall Out Boy-ness there's sweet and hopeless romantic Peter Wentz," Lexi brought her knees up and hugged them, somewhat copying Aloe.
"I...I just...I'm just so unsure you know, last time I was so willing and I just am trying to learn from my mistakes that almost killed me and everything about this just screams what happened last time," Heather sighed.
"Lexi...we're just trying to let you know what we think is best," Pete smiled.
Hehe...I'm the best!
"I'm going to lay it off...we're too busy writing this new record, finishing this tour, I just want to be able to last through the rest of this year and be with my friends..." Aloe coughed.
"That's what you said last year," Freeda put down her drumsticks and tapped her foot.
"And the year before that," Heather bit her lip looking at Lexi's devastated face.
"And the year before /that/," Lexi sighed and stayed silent for a moment.
"Whatever," Aloe sighed and gathered her stuff.
"It's late, night...and, Lexi for the love of god, please don't stay up late..." Freeda nodded as she snapped her drumsticks and followed. Heather looked over at her friend and smiled.
"Remember we love you too," Lexi pathetically smiled and nodded her head. A few minutes after they left, Pete decided to come out but shredded his shirt so it looked like he changed.
"Lexi..." Lexi glanced up but then down again.
"Hi Pete," she mumbled.
"What's wrong?" he asked and Lexi shrugged.
"I'm not in the mood," Pete frowned and Lexi looked away.
"But it's your teddy bear," Lexi didn't say anything. "I'm not wearing underwear..." Lexi still sat un-fazed. Pete furrowed his eyebrows in thought. He smiled evilly, developing a thought and stuck his hand down the front of his pants. Lexi widened her eyes and opened her mouth.
"Wh-what are you doing?" Pete smiled as he made some rather vulgar movements before pulling out his hand.
"Trying to make you smile," Pete wiggled his eyebrows before thrusting his hand towards Lexi's face. She squealed and jumped back, landing on her back. Pete tripped over the chair and landed over her, laughing. Lexi giggled and smiled widely with her eyes closed and Pete held himself over her with his arms and looked down at her giggling. Lexi stopped after a while and bit her lip slightly.
"I'm a miracle worker," Pete muttered and Lexi smiled. "See?" Lexi smiled wider and giggled as Pete smiled.
"Pete," he raised an eyebrow and Lexi moved some of his bangs out of the way, biting her lip so her canines showed. "Thank you," Pete smiled as her hand trailed away and rested just below her neck line.
"Can I be honest?" Pete asked and Lexi shrugged.
"Go ahead," Pete smiled and bowed his head down.
"I want to kiss you really badly," Lexi bit her lip yet again and blushed in the dimly lit stage. Lexi closed her eyes and expected anything until the lights from the stage went on and she turned her head to see the owner of the club, standing fairly impatiently.
"Could you please go upstairs so I can lock up?" Lexi blushed and shuffled up, scurrying away without Pete.
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