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22 Candles, 22 Rooms, 22 Minutes

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it is a total cock tease, huh? oh don't worry

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thank you to Taylor for leaving a rather funny comment that made me laugh like no you guys go!

Chapter 17- 22 Candles, 22 Rooms, 22 Minutes

April 27th 2006

"We have to go out in style," Aloe muttered as the gang walked the stretch of the top floor of the hotel they were staying in. Joe raised an eyebrow.
"What are you thinking?" Aloe shrugged.
"Call up the pranksters and let's do something fun, for Patrick, then make a run for it, we have to leave in a few hours anyways," Joe smirked and shrugged.
"Knowing Pete, it will be something crazy, it's his best friend's birthday," Aloe smiled.
"Lexi's ideas will be just as crazy,"

"Where...where did you get that axe?" Lexi asked and her hand Pete walked to the penthouse suite where the whole gang was standing outside the door, waiting instructions. Pete smiled.
"Just shut up and be sexy," Lexi rolled her eyes and sighed, as the others widened their eyes.
"What are we doing?" Patrick asked. Pete silenced him and smiled.
"As you know, our plane leaves in three hours," he paused and folded his arms, after handing the axe over to Lexi. "The car to the airport leaves in approximately 22 minutes, and there are 22 unoccupied rooms on this floor...we, with our new 22 year old are going to trash those rooms," Andy raised his hand.
"What about checkout?" Pete smiled.
"Already taken care of," Freeda nodded.
"So that's why my luggage is gone," Pete smiled and looked down at his watch.
"The rooms are tagged, GO!" Lexi turned and watched as Pete stole the axe and broke in a hotel room. She shook her head and followed, watching as Clover leaved one room with half the mini bar. Heather was holding a cushion of a couch and threw it out in the hallway followed by Patrick who threw out the TV. As they finished, Pete dug into his back pocket and pulled out some money, leaving it in front of the employee elevator. The whole gang made a mad dash down to the front of the hotel where they all piled into the car that was taking them to the airport. Lexi smiled out of breath and shook her head.
"That was just completely insane, guys,"

"Sleepy..." Heather muttered as she pulled the airplane blanket higher. Lexi smiled and yawned, putting her magazine down and turning her iPod off. Shifting in her seat she looked at everybody's sleeping bodies in the seats.
"You can sleep, you know," Lexi turned to see Pete coming back from the bathroom and sat down next to her. Lexi shrugged.
"I'm fine...just bored," Pete smiled and lifted up the arms seats.
"Snuggle?" Lexi smiled and rolled her eyes. Pete shuffled closer and rested his head on her shoulder, holding her around her waist.
"Sleep, ok?" Lexi nodded, closing her eyes and slipped her fingers into the bracelets on Pete's wrist, in some way of holding on. Pete smiled and snuggled in more.

"What are you looking at?" Andy asked Freeda as she turned and smiled.
"Those two," Freeda raised a hand over to where Pete was sitting in a airport chair, Lexi in his lap still somewhat sleeping. Andy smiled and wrapped an arm around Freeda's waist.
"They are just annoying everybody," Freeda raised an eyebrow.
"How so?" Andy smirked.
"They keep flirting and having those 'moments' but still refuse to do anything about it..." Freeda rolled her eyes.
"Lexi's just looking for something perfect," Andy nudged her to make her start walking.
"Yeah, well so is Pete,"

"See, this is my teddy bear!" Lexi smiled as Pete dove onto his bed and grabbed a little teddy bear. "It doesn't beat you..." Lexi bit her lip and blushed and thanked all heavenly forces as Clover came up and picked Lexi up.
"Last show! And then we go home!" Lexi laughed and Pete pouted.
"Actually, even though you guys are hoping off the tour line for the last two weeks, you guys should stay here so we have some company when we get off tour!" Lexi blinked and wringed her hands together nervously.
"Hell yeah...why not, ehh boss? What do you think?" Lexi bit her lip as Clover excitedly jumped up and down. Lexi sighed and smiled.
"I guess we could chill in Wilmette until the guys get back..." Clover screamed and engulfed Lexi in a hug before sliding down the stair's railing and screaming downstairs the news.
"Seriously?" Pete asked from behind Lexi. She shrugged and smiled, sitting back down on the edge of the bed. "Yay..." Lexi smirked and sighed.
"Last show and I'm freaked out," Pete hugged Lexi from behind and placed his chin on her shoulder.
"You'll be fine...just be cool and play your heart out," Lexi sat still and sighed.
"I guess," Pete smirked. "What?" Lexi asked. Pete tightened his grip and laughed a but.
"I just realized I'm your boss..." Lexi bit her lip before falling back against Pete and laughing.
"Oh my...but we haven't even released an album yet..." Pete shrugged and lied back down.
"You will soon, though...then, you and your whole band will be mine!" Lexi laughed and smirked.
"You don't own me," Pete raised an eyebrow.
"I could,"
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