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Chapter 18- LEPRECHAUN

May 12th 2006

Lexi was eating some ice cream with Heather in Patrick's basement when they heard the stairs creaking.
"Patrick!" Heather smiled and he smiled guitar case in hand. Lexi looked over the couch to see the rest of the girls coming down with Joe and Andy in tow.
"Ok...what did Pete do now?" Lexi asked and Patrick smirked.
"He got grounded," Heather started laughing and Lexi just raised an eyebrow.
"How the fuck does a 26 year old get grounded?" Joe shrugged.
"We don't know what he did, but we have to sneak in," Andy looked at the girls.
"Somebody has to sneak in," Soon everybody turned to look at Lexi and she just arched her eyebrows.
"What?" she opened her mouth to protest. " I'm not sneaking in,"

"I can't believe I'm doing this," Lexi muttered to herself as she climbed up the ledges of the side of Pete's house, desperately trying to get to his window. Looking down for a moment, she saw everybody standing in the garden, watching her climb in the darkness. Lexi glared at the wall, pausing for a moment. She latched onto the widow and saw that it was unlocked. There were no lights on but she didn't care, if she fell, oh...there would be hell to pay. Lexi pushed on the window and clenched her teeth when it didn't budge. She pushed harder and after 3 pushes, she pushed once more and fell through, slightly screeching as she fell on the hard carpet.
"LEPRECHAUN- oh wait...Lexi?" Pete sat up in bed and saw Lexi ling flat on her back at the foot of his bed. He crawled to the edge and looked down at her and she sighed, with her eyes closed.
"They tricked me into sneaking in. I'm never doing anything like that again," Pete smirked and hopped out of bed to kneel beside Lexi.
"You ok though? Your fall woke me up," Lexi picked herself up on her elbows and flipped the hair out of her face.
"Nothing that could of killed me," she muttered realizing Pete was in his boxer briefs. Biting her lip she looked back at the window. "Everybody wants to hang out, you know, have fun like old times," Pete smiled and helped Lexi stand up.
"Alright...we have to sneak out again," Pete lifted Lexi's hood up and grabbed his clothes on before grabbing her arm and tip-toeing out.

May 19th 2006

"How long you guys staying?" Patrick asked as the whole gang sat in his backyard sitting in the grass. Lexi shrugged.
"Until we get kicked out or banished from the state?" Heather giggled and shrugged as well.
"We actually have to do some stuff back at take care of things, like bills," Lexi smirked and rolled her eyes.
"I need to go see if my house is still standing," Aloe bit her lip.
"We still owe Stan, Aiden and Sierra a night out..." Freeda lit up and smiled.
"We should hit The Clubhouse...there's a show on the fifth," Pete's eyes lit up and smiled.
"My birthday!" Freeda shrugged.
"Mink Rebellion is doing a reunion thing..." Lexi clapped her hands together excitedly.
" we'll leave around the 1st so we can get home in time and contact the gay lovers and Sierra," Aloe giggled and turned to the guys.
"Are you boys going to join us?" Joe shrugged.
"If we have time..." Patrick looked at Pete who was now smiling.
"We'll arrange something, I'm sure,"

"Lexi..." Lexi looked up from her notebook and placed her pencil down as Pete came over and pushed it aside to sit on the desk in front of her.
"What?" she asked. Pete smiled.
"The guys want you girls to play for us..." Lexi blushed for a minute and grabbed her notebook.
"I'm writing, though," Pete took the notebook and closed it.
"Please? We want you to..." Lexi folded her arms over her chest and shook her head. Pete just pouted and attempted 'The Patrick Pout'. Pete smiled and watched as Lexi stood up and stretched.
"So you gonna play?" Lexi pressed two fingers to her chin in thought.
"One condition," she muttered. Pete stood and walked over in front of her.
"Name it," he said and Lexi smiled evilly, placing her hands on his shoulder.
"Let me use your bass,"

Heather smiled over at Lexi and turned around to see Freeda bouncing slightly on the stool to the drum set. Looking over at Aloe who was tying her hair back, she closed her eyes and breathed in. Lexi bit her lip and ran her hand up and down the neck of Pete's bass, silently freaking out that she was actually holding the famous black and red 'bartskull' printed instrument. She closed her eyes as well and opened them to see the guys all in lawn chairs, waiting.
"We're probably going to do some covers, too," Heather announced and Lexi shrugged.
"Cool, cool," Freeda smiled and tapped her drumsticks to start the first song. Lexi smiled as Heather and Aloe added in the guitar lines and Lexi just watched her own fingers work their magic. It was the one song all the girls except Freeda had a part to sing. Breathing in, Heather closed her eyes and took her hands off the guitar and on the microphone, ready to sing.
"It's this mess that we cause, it makes who me are, defending our hearts, to cover the innocence, of these youthful hearts," Lexi rocked a bit back and forth as there was a three second break before going up to the microphone for the chorus.
"Oh we never know, just what these words were meant to say, oh we never knew, they'd come back to haunt us some day," Lexi smiled and turned over to Heather.
"I say, 'Can you hear me now'?" Aloe and Lexi breathed in.
"I'm screaming my lungs out," Heather nodded her head.
"I say, 'Can you see me now'?"
"I'm playing my heart out," Lexi smiled as Aloe took the mic, throwing her guitar behind her so it rested against her thigh.
"Breathe for me once, or breath for me twice, just let me know, that you're still alive,"

"We keep having these moments," Lexi turned her head to see Pete walking towards the swing-set Lexi was sitting on. She bit her lip and shrugged, looking back down at the ground. "What you doing out here?"
"I can't sleep," Lexi muttered and lightly ran her bare feet in the grass below her. Pete stood behind her and lightly pushed on the swing.
"It's like three a.m. I was wondering where my teddy bear was," Lexi smirked.
"I was sleeping in a different room to begin with," she said smiling. Pete shrugged.
"I got up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and was in the hallway when I saw your door open," Lexi nodded her head slowly and flipped some of her hair back as Pete slowed the swing down, stopping it.
"I was about to come up," Lexi mumbled and Pete smiled, hands still holding onto the swing. Lexi tilted her head back to look up at Pete and he skewed his mouth to one side.
"Stay with me?" Lexi shrugged.
"I'm just a stuffed animal now, aren't I?"
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