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Bubble Wrap and Buttered Toast

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Sounds good right now hmmm.... guess the lyric! "He bangs the drums, she's vip"

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Chapter 19- Bubble Wrap and Buttered Toast

June 2nd 2006

Heather smiled next to Lexi as she pushed the key into the lock of the house they shared and tilted her head to one side as Lexi paused to look up. Rolling her eyes, Lexi opened the door and widened her eyes, seeing the entire stretches of carpet, covered in.../bubble wrap/. Heather widely smiled and ran into the house and into the living room as Lexi widened her eyes and silently gasped, horrified. She followed Heather and saw every single thing in the house, the couch, and the tables even the coasters were covered in the bubble wrap. Shaking her head, Lexi opened the fridge only to see the items in there as well, sabotaged.
"So, do you like your welcome home present?" Lexi bit her lip and felt the annoyance in her eyes as she turned towards the kitchen doorway to see Pete standing with his sunglasses pushed back, smiling. Lexi cracked her neck to both sides and then her knuckles and shook her head. Slowly she walked up to Pete and before she smacked him, Pete picked her up and spun her around.
"YOU'RE MOVING IN WITH ME!" Lexi widened her eyes and clung her hands into the fabric of his hoodie.
"What?" Pete put her down and smiled.
"Everybody...everybody is moving to Chicago...and your gonna live with /me/!" Lexi shook her head, stepping back.
"This is some crazy joke," Pete grabbed her arms and stepped up on his tippy-toes, somewhat towering over her.
"No...seriously! We did this..." Pete stepped back down and raised in eyebrow. "I'm not sure why we did this...but you guys are coming back with us when we decide to know, legal stuff is passed," Lexi pressed her palms to her cheeks and opened her mouth slightly in a silent gasp.
"I...I need to call my mom and Stan and Aiden...and Sierra...oh my god," Lexi fanned her self with one hand and danced around in a circle to calm her nerves.
"Uh...Lexi, you ok?" Lexi breathed in and held her breath for a second before letting it out.
"Yeah," she smiled and turned to see Heather jumping on the now bubble wrapped couch. "I'm fine," and this time, she meant it.

June 5th 2006

"Lexi, my sexy, sexy Lexi," Lexi smiled as Aiden opened his arms wide with a red plastic cup in his hand. Lexi hugged him and looked into the cup.
"Watcha got?" Aiden smiled sheepishly.
"Don't yell at me, but Captain Morgan," Lexi rolled her eyes.
"Don't seduce Stan, that's all I care about," Lexi turned to Pete who looked a bit confused.
"Ohh, Lexi, who's your boyfriend?" Aiden then took a double take and widened his eyes. "No wonder your telling me to stop drinking, I'm picturing Pete Wentz standing in front of me," Lexi closed her eyes and slightly laughed.
"Adie, he is," Aiden widened his eyes even more.
"You're dating Pete Wentz? And you didn't tell muah?" Lexi sighed.
"We're not dating," Pete pouted and Aiden noticed but didn't say anything.
"But still...good job, Lexi," Lexi just shrugged and then screeched as she felt two arms circle around her waist.
"Lexus my favorite babe," Lexi turned around in Stan's arms and kissed his cheek.
"Hi Satin, your day is tomorrow," Stan smirked and stepped away to give a kiss to his boyfriend.
"Aw look at the lovers," Lexi turned again to see Sierra holding a cup as well.
"SiSi!" Lexi smiled and hugged her friend and turned her to Pete. "Pete, this is my partner in crime, Miss Buttered Toast her self," Pete smiled and looked around again.
"You girls playing tonight?" Lexi shook her head.
"No, but I heard Aiden here is," Lexi turned to see Aiden blushing and he nodded his head.
"Which band?" Stan asked and Aiden smiled.
"Whoa, you're in two bands?" Pete asked and Aiden nodded.
"The Backstabbers tonight, that means I'm singing tonight," Lexi nodded and saw the familiar blonde hair peeking around.
"Lexi...guess who I found!" Heather smiled widely and Lexi raised an eyebrow.
"Who?" Heather smiled.
"Heather, Ryan and Bobby!" Lexi already felt confused.
"There is going to be so many people tonight,"

Lexi was sitting on one of the VIP couches that stood in the private bar above the stage, but so you could still see the show. She was happily watching as The Backstabbers pranced across stage. After the second song, they took a pause to drink some of their drinks on stage.
"Rumor has it that we got some famous chicks in the house," Aiden smiled, wiping some of the sweat off. Lexi blushed and looked over at Stan and Sierra who both shrugged. Aloe sighed and shook her head.
"He's always trying to embarrass us," she muttered. Aiden smiled.
"They brought some really hot guests too, like tight ass jeans hot, you know," Aiden looked up at Lexi.
"The girls from Behind the Bleachers...fresh off their tour with Fall Out Boy," the crowd cheered even more and Lexi raised a hand and wiggled her fingers. "This next song is for them all...welcome home!" Lexi smiled and placed her chin in the palm of her hands watching as Aiden counted off the song.
"We were always thinking you'd never come back, and now you're here...could this be true, our little girls are growing up,"

"That was so much fun..." Lexi breathed as she walked into her room, Pete following and closing the door behind them. Pete widened his eyes as Lexi shredded her shirt and dug through her draws for a shirt to sleep in. She smiled and pulled out one, holding it up in the dimly, lamp lit room.
Starrs Make Sexier Babies
Pete smirked and she pulled it over her head, turning to Pete who was now sitting cross legged on her bed holding Petey the Meaty Mooer. Skewing her mouth to one side, Lexi slipped on a pair of shorts before climbing on her bed and sitting in front of Pete, watching him play with Petey the Meaty Mooer.
"You know it's a cow, right?" Pete looked up and smiled.
"Yeah," Lexi shook her head and rolled over, falling against her pillows and closing her eyes. The re-opened them to see Pete standing on one leg, tugging the rest of his pants down. She closed her eyes again and sighed.
"I'm glad I saw the boys again...I missed them," Pete lied down next to Lexi and nodded his head. "I already know what you're going to ask Pete," Lexi opened her eyes to see Pete raising his eyebrow.
"What if it's something different?" he asked and Lexi blushed lightly.
"Like what?" she asked back and Pete leaned a little bit closer.
"Like a good night kiss, maybe?" Lexi bit her lip and became a little flustered. Pete closed his eyes and bowed his head closer.
"Sorry to break the love fest, but Lexi, Aloe needs some help getting her tipsy self out of the freaking car," Lexi bit her lip and looked up at Pete who looked a bit disappointed. He sighed and shrugged, landing against the pillows on his back. Lexi climbed out of bed and followed Joe out of her room. Pete sighed and looked the stuffed cow that was sitting next to him.
"Yeah, I know I'm a loser, don't rub it in,"
You're the one talking to an inanimate object...
Pete glared at nothing and shook his head.
"I really need to stop doing that..."
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