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Inked With A Kiss

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Chapter 20- Inked With A Kiss

June 16th 2006

"Cancer: Emotional desires wash over your life in waves. Something that may have started as a practical arrangement now heats up. You don't mind, for you are in touch with feelings that make you feel young again, no matter how old you are. Don't try to intellectualize what's going on. Just enjoy your reactions to the circumstances while you can."
Lexi shook her head.
"This is just crazy,"
"What is?" Lexi twitched slightly and rolled over on her elbows to see Pete standing in her doorway.
"Horoscopes...I hate when they read my mind," Pete smirked and picked it up.
"Hmm...Gemini...The Moon in your house of partnership this weekend should open the door to new and interesting people. Connecting with a restless type can keep you on your toes, Gemini, but you're a very mobile person and might enjoy getting to dance with a fast mover now," Pete looked up at Lexi and arched his eyebrows.
"What if I can have both?" Lexi blushed and sat up, biting her lip.
"Is that horoscopes I hear?" Aloe came into the room and stole the magazine.
"Scorpio...A karmic connection can move you deeply this weekend. This is the kind of experience that doesn't make logical sense, yet speaks directly to your soul. Although this might not fit into your idea of how things should work, accept the mystery of love and its unexpected gifts," Lexi smiled and Aloe giggled.
"Sound good to me," she spoke and grabbed Lexi's arm. "Let's give everybody their horoscope!" Lexi shrugged and Pete shook his head as she was dragged out.

June 18th 2006

Lexi sighed as she placed down the last box of junk in the room Pete gave her. Her new home for the time being.
This is crazy...
Lexi bit her lip and plopped down on the bed, letting her eyes drift to the boom box on the night stand. She smiled and walked over to the box labeled 'CD's and music junk' and found just what she needed.
"Even if I live with him, you still got to listen to the words of your favorite band," Lexi smiled as she heard the opening notes.
"Light that smoke, yeah one for giving up on me," Lexi smiled and looked down at the CD.
This is so overwhelming, last year I was looking down at this wondering what it would be like to meet them and now I'm living in Pete's house...creepy.
Lexi breathed in and sat down on the bed again, feeling a bit flustered from moving boxes all night. Her eyes drifted to the notebook she had left out and her bass case. Lexi sighed and bit her lip. You ever get those moments where you just feel like crying? was one of those moments. Lexi let out a shuttering breath and started crying, silently at first.
"Hey you want to go out for ice cre-Oh!" Pete dropped what he was holding and dashed over to where Lexi was just sitting, pathetically clutching Petey the Meaty Mooer and letting silent tears stream down her face.
"Lexi, what's wrong?" Lexi shook her head and attempted to wipe her tears away, slightly smudging her makeup.
"Pete...oh...nothing...I don't know," she mumbled and sniffed. Pete sat down next to her and skewed his mouth to one side.
"You cried out of impulse?" Lexi shrugged.
"Pressure...I don't know, just had one of those moments," she paused and looked back up at his concerned face. "I...I'm confused," Pete raised an eyebrow.
"About what?" Lexi bit the corner of her lip and sighed.
"The new album, my lyrics, these pills, love,, everything," Pete slowly nodded and Lexi just sighed.
"I get where you're coming from...but it's no reason to cry," Lexi smirked.
"I'm a girl, I'm allowed to cry if I get frustrated," Pete shrugged and wrapped an arm around Lexi.
"Come here," Lexi lightly smiled and let him hug her, as much as she just wasn't feeling so...herself. She pulled back and smiled but Pete brought her closer again. "People are always interrupting us..." Lexi blinked and Pete smirked. "And you still owe me a kiss," Lexi parted her lips and slightly arched her eyebrows. Gulping she blushed and slightly nodded. Pete smiled and closed his eyes, leaning his head closer.
"/Peeeeeeter/," Pete groaned and pulled back, opening his eyes annoyed. Lexi bit her lip and shifted her eyes as Pete started to pull back to get up and go downstairs. Lexi shook her head and placed a hand on his cheek and he arched his eyebrows slightly as she brought his face back.
What the hell am I doing? Lexus Ann Starr stop. STOP!
Lexi's breath shuttered slightly but she closed her eyes and pressed her lips lightly to Pete's. When she pulled back after a few seconds, she saw that his eyes were still closed.
"That was nice..." he whispered and Lexi blushed a bit.
"There's more," Lexi said and Pete opened his eyes.
"It will have to wait," Lexi arched her eyebrows and Pete just smiled.
"Why?" Lexi asked slowly and Pete just stood up.
"Well, we're going to Vegas!" Lexi raised an eyebrow.
"Again...why?" Pete just laughed.
"Dirty suggested it, and plus, I want to see my boys from Panic," Lexi smiled.
"Good call, let's go," Pete smiled.
"I'm glad you're cool with this plan, we fly out in two hours," Lexi just rolled her eyes and dug through her bag to find her hoodie and smiled when it matched Pete's.
Love Can't Save You
"We are like...twins," Lexi just laughed.
"Except I'm a girl," Pete shrugged.
"I'm almost a girl, I wear the clothing and...and...I don't know," Lexi just rolled her eyes and slipped the tight fitting hoodie on and grabbed her purse.
"Let's just...go," Pete smiled and ran out the door. Lexi looked around and grabbed the suitcase she knew had what she needed and wanted and followed out.

June 19th 2006

"Please?" Lexi narrowed her eyes and shook her head.
"No," Heather pouted along with Pete and they gave puppy dog stares.
"Come on...everybody else is getting one, even Patrick!" Patrick looked up and shook his head franticly.
"No I'm not," Pete narrowed his eyes and shut him up.
"Please Lexi? Just get one," Lexi sighed and sat up from the front chairs and stood next to everybody else who was examining the case. Pete grabbed Lexi's elbow and smiled, bringing her over to one of the chairs.
"Get a bartskull," Lexi looked a bit taken back.
"What? Where?" Pete shrugged.
"I just think if it looks sexy on me, it will look sexy on you," Lexi wrung her hands together and shrugged.
"We're in Vegas...what the hell,"

Looking over her shoulder and into the mirror of the tattoo parlor, Lexi smiled seeing the newly added tattoo. Pete smiled and came over.
"It looks good," Lexi nodded her head.
"I like it...I mean, come on, now I am the female Pete Wentz," Pete chuckled and shrugged.
"We have matching tattoos!" Lexi just smirked and looked over at everybody else. Heather had gotten some of her lyrics wrapped around her wrist even though she had promised her mother never to get a tattoo. Freeda got something on her ankle while Dirty promised to get a clover tattooed somewhere...and everybody didn't want to know. Lexi smirked again and shook her head.
"I can't believe I did that," Pete looked hurt.
"You regret it?" Lexi shook her head and lifted the back of her shirt again.
"I've just...never imagined I'd actually get inked..." Pete shrugged.
"Oh well..." Lexi just rolled her eyes.
"Can we like...go eat or something?" Aloe asked and Lexi just laughed.
"Yes, we can go eat,"
"Good...because I want some room service," Lexi just narrowed her eyes and sighed.
"Aloe...oh never mind,"
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