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Just Watch The Non-Existent Fireworks

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I love this one, like seriously. It's just fucking adorable and sweet and just so amazing. Love me.

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Chapter 21- Just Watch The Non-Existent Fireworks

July 4th 2006

"Uh...Lexi?" Lexi looked up from tying her shoes to see Pete in the doorway holding a pair of her underwear.
"Pete! I said you can borrow my pants, not my underwear!" Pete laughed but shook his head.
"I think my mom thought I was wearing girls underwear now, and gave them to me...instead of you," Lexi laughed as Pete blushed.
"You know what? Keep them...I have plenty of underwear," Pete widened his eyes but then smiled.
"Shweet! Now I'll fit in at the buffet table!" Lexi just laughed and stood up.
"Let's go have some fun," Pete nodded and turned around to throw the panties towards his room.
"Fireworks abound!"

Heather giggled as her and Patrick ran around out by the lake where possibly a lot of the town was gathered. They had found an excellent spot and currently there were none going off, but it was close. Freeda was reading to pass the time and Aloe was cuddling with Joe as Pete attempted to make time go by faster. Lexi was just lounging back, slightly hugging her knees as the stars twinkled and the lights from the firework station was all you could really see.
"Hey Lexi," Lexi smiled and Pete took a spot next to her and wiggled his eyebrows.
"Did you see the fireworks?" Lexi raised an eyebrow and smirked.
"There aren't any yet, Pete," she said and Pete just shrugged.
"Can I remind you what they would look like?" Lexi giggled and shook her head, laughing.
"What?" Pete smirked and extended his arm to the sky and made the motion of a firework crossing the sky before placing his arm around Lexi's shoulder. He wiggled his eyebrows and Lexi just showed a toothy grin as she rolled her eyes.
"You are the corniest and dorkiest person I to Heather," Heather heard her name and stopped momentarily to look over at Lexi.
"Hey..." Lexi just giggled and leaned into Pete.
"And you have horrible pick up lines," Pete shrugged.
"I feel like Richard Gere, I'm standing next to you, the Pretty Woman," Lexi blushed and shook her head.
"Are you going to do this all night?" Pete smiled.
"If 'this' means you, then yes," Lexi bit her lip and laughed to herself, looking down at her hands in her lap.
"As long as you keep it funny," Pete nodded and thought for a minute.
"You're so hot you melt the plastic in my underwear," Lexi burst out laughing.
"But don't wear underwear!" Pete burst out laughing as well and shrugged.
"Ok, you're so hot you burn the plastic in my /non/-existent underwear," Lexi smiled and looked back up to see the fireworks starting.
"Pete...shut up and watch the fireworks," Pete smiled and nodded as Lexi rested her head on his shoulder.
"Why watch the fireworks when I've got the human form of them in my arms?" Lexi didn't say anything, nor did she look up but she just blushed and lightly smiled.

"Lexi, do you have a mirror in your pants? Cause I see myself in them," Lexi just giggled as her and Pete walked down the stretch of the hallway in the wee hours of the morning.
"'re already wearing my pants," Pete giggled and looked down, turning his legs to observe the clothing.
"I guess I am," he paused as they slowly started up the stairs to both their rooms. "You're like milk; I want to make you a part of my complete breakfast," Lexi just continued laughing as they stopped at the base of the attic stairs and the door of Lexi's bedroom.
"Pete...your...just crazy," Pete shrugged.
"I have more, just to make you smile," Lexi nodded and Pete thought for a moment. "Your name must be cheerios...because you seem healthy for my heart," Lexi blushed and Pete took a step closer. "Is your dad in jail? Because he didn't just put them in your last name, but he stole the stars and put them in your eyes," Lexi blushed even more and bit her lip as Pete came closer and smiled. "Are you a gardener? Because I want to put your tulips and my tulips together," Lexi parted her lips and her eyes twinkled slightly. Pete smirked but didn't budge. "I won't ask for much tonight because I know angels are always busy trying to make people happy, and I am," Lexi felt her heart flutter and nodded her head, turning to open her door. Pete grabbed her arm before she slipped in and smiled.
"But...I lost my teddy bear, so...will you sleep with me?" Lexi smirked and giggled slightly.
"I think that can be arranged,"
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