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Sex Machines, Blizzards and Butt Sex

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Chapter 22- Sex Machines, Blizzards and Butt Sex

July 10th 2006

Heather was smiling brightly as she examined her newly painted nails and toenails.
"Hi Patrick!" she beamed as he walked into her room. See, the boys were back at the girls house, that they had kept regardless of re-locating to Chicago. He sat down on the other twin bed and sighed.
"What's the matter?" Patrick shrugged.
"Everybody is busy..." Heather smiled and walked over taking a seat next to him.
"Why don't we..." Patrick shook his head.
"Because I don't feel like it...everybody is doing something with their girlfriends...well, except Pete and Lexi but they don't count, they are obviously just...oh never mind," Heather creased her eyebrows together in confusion.
"Patrick...what are you getting at?" Patrick sighed, almost giving up.
"I guess I'm jealous," he muttered and Heather giggled, standing up and grabbing his hand.
"Let's find you a girlfriend!" Patrick pulled back and Heather clumsily fell back down into her spot.
"Bloody hell, when Lexi said oblivious, she meant it," Heather raised an eyebrow but closed her eyes as Patrick pushed his lips to her own and she smiled into the kiss and she pushed him back and straddled him on the bed. After her shirt was shred, Heather had managed to pin Patrick's forearms next to his head and pulled back, looking down at him.
"Patrick...I'm a bit dominating...why don't you do something?" Patrick blushed and Heather just giggled. "Unleash your inner sex machine!" Patrick just drew up blank.
"Meow?" he said and Heather rolled her eyes but trialed kisses down until she was above the hem of his pants.
"I guess I have to do this the hard way," Patrick widened his eyes.

Lexi was entering the house when she saw Heather stepping out of the bathroom in her underwear and bra.
"Whoa...what happened to you?" Heather just arched her eyebrows while she wiped her chest with a washcloth.
"I told Patrick to unleash his inner sex machine and he unleashed the blizzard instead," Lexi looked confused for a moment but then widened her eyes.
"You know what? I'm gonna /go/..." Heather smiled and nodded her head, heading back into her room and closing the door. Lexi turned around and shoved Pete out the door.
"Wait...where are we going now?" Lexi just sighed.
"We are getting out of here...Patrick and Heather are finally...having fun," Pete smiled.

Later that night, Patrick and Heather were cuddling and Heather would giggle every time Patrick would make a funny face to keep them entertained, as they were too lazy to get up and search for their clothes.
"Patrick, you should become my dominated love slave," Patrick just dryly laughed.
"Hey, I'm only here for cuddling, and spooning," Right at that moment, Clover walked past their doorway, walking towards her own room, only wearing a pair of camouflage pants and a black and pink lacey bra.
"Spooning leads to forking," she muttered and Heather slightly giggled, covering her mouth with her hand. After Clover came Dirty, hopping on one foot, trying to take his pants off.
"And forking leads to fucking," Once they were gone, Heather kissed Patrick's jaw line.
"So is it a good thing your only here for cuddling and spooning?" Patrick shrugged and smirked.

Lexi laughed as Aiden made another funny face. She had decided to drag Pete there, and even they got a bad introduction. Lexi walked into the house to see Stan and Aiden both in their boxers, making out on the couch. And they had complained saying something about almost having 'The best butt sex Arizona would have ever heard of' Lexi had just broke down and laughed, clutching her stomach. Then, Jenn, Aiden's sister had come down and freaked out, screaming and nearly fainting at seeing Pete hiding behind Lexi. Then she shuttered and groaned about seeing her half naked brother making out with his half naked boyfriend. So after they had properly dressed and calmed down, they all were sipping some smoothies that Jenn had made.
"Ok, Lexi...please explain," Lexi shrugged.
"He owns the band, but not me," Pete smirked.
"Behind the Bleachers is signed to my record label," he explained and Jenn widened her eyes.
"You didn't call me?" Lexi laughed.
"I'd think that Aiden or Stan...or Sierra or my mom even would have called you," Jenn laughed.
"Yeah well...I saw the magazine and was happy enough," Lexi smiled and sighed.
"Heather and Patrick finally hooked up," Stan smiled.
"Bout damn time,"
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