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Hey, Who Moved My Cheese?

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You are going to hate me. maybe even kill me. damn, and I really wanted the Pete Wentz doll syntheticlove1 was offering. oh well....

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Chapter 23- Hey, Who Moved My Cheese?

July 17th 2006

"Mmm...cuddles and snuggles," Pete muttered in his sleep and Lexi raised an eyebrow, looking at him as he smiled and pulled her closer. She looked over his shoulder at the alarm clock and noticed it was nearing noon. Lexi had promised Stan, Sierra and Aiden lunch to discuss the clothing company and arrangements for another tour. Yes, Stan and Aiden were now Behind the Bleachers tour managers. They were the only people the girls could trust with that sort of thing. Sighing, Lexi just placed her head back down on the pillow and skewed her mouth to one side as she traced one of Pete's tattoos that were on his upper arm.
"If you keep doing that, I'll trace yours," Lexi jumped slightly to see Pete opening his eyes. He smiled and smirked slightly.
"Sorry," Lexi mumbled and Pete shrugged.
"You look like your growing impatient," Lexi smiled and dryly laughed.
"I kind of need to be somewhere in an hour," Pete nodded and took back his hands and watched as Lexi got up and walked over to her closet, pulling out random clothing.
"Pete," she sing songed and Pete looked over with his arms behind his head.
"What?" Lexi placed her hands on her hip and tapped her foot.
"Where are my ripped jeans?" Pete blushed slightly and nodded towards his suitcase. "Ok, I said you could borrow it for that one show, not steal them..." Pete laughed as she pulled them on and slipped a black studded belt on.
"Hey, Lexi," Lexi looked over to the door to see Aloe smiling.
"Yeah?" she asked and Aloe jingled her keys.
"Joe and I are going out with the other two gonna come?" Lexi shook her head.
"I have business to take care of," Aloe nodded and turned only to come back.
"By the way, Patrick and Clover are staying...Clover is sick and Patrick is...producing or something like that," Lexi laughed and watched as Aloe left again.
"Look at you, little Miss Worker Bee," Lexi smirked at Pete and grabbed her purse along with her folders full of paperwork.
"I'll be back later...stay away from the lighters, the stove and anything sharp and please do not take off any more clothes than you need to," Pete laughed and nodded, getting out of bed. Lexi jumped and covered her face with the folder.
"PETE! You were sleeping naked?" Pete laughed and pulled on his boxers.
"I thought you knew," Lexi just shuttered and turned around, walking out of her room.

"Psss, Pete," Pete walked backwards and saw Clover in her room sitting at her computer.
"Yeah?" he asked walking in. Clover moved her hands and arched her eyebrows.
"Close the door," Pete did and raised an eyebrow.
"What do you need?" Clover smirked and turned around.
"I need your help with something,"

Patrick was messing around on the computer when he heard his stomach gurgle.
"Must be lunch time," he smiled and walked briskly over to the fridge, opening it and gasping.
"Who moved my cheese?" he asked himself and closed the door, crossing his arms and smiling.
"Looks like a case for...Detective Stump!" Patrick's ears perked up at the sound of an angry and frustrated cry and he leaned into the hallway, listening close. It called again and he walked over to the only door with it closed. Pressing his ear to the door, he listened in.
"Damnit Pete...why won't it come?" Patrick's eyes widened and saw Heather walking through the door. He ushered her over and she pressed her ear to the door as well.
"Clover, you have to be patient," Patrick heard Clover whine a little bit and then huff.
"Well tell it to come," Patrick looked at Heather and she gasped, shaking her head.
"It's not like it would listen!" Patrick jumped as he heard a loud banging, like something had hit the wall. Heather bit her lip and they listened in again.
"Stop it Clover...your going to hurt it!" Clover smirked and slightly whined.
"But why won't it come?" Patrick shook his head and pulled Heather close, fearing the worst.
"Listen, Clover, it comes when it comes," Clover happily squealed and Pete laughed.
"It came!" Patrick gasped sharply and heard some rustling inside.
"Wait...somebody's outside," Patrick panicked and looked at Heather.
"I hope it's not Dirty," Clover mumbled and Pete started to panic.
"Or Lexi," Patrick picked Heather up and shoved her into the kitchen, pretending to cook something. Pete came out in his boxers and opened the fridge, grabbing the orange juice and taking a chug without getting a glass.
"Morning," he smiled and Patrick looked worriedly at Heather.
"Yeah, good morning," He said back.
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