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the fall

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like a couple before them thresea finds her furture in trouble all she can hope is that there isn't a repeat in time(u may know this story)warning charcter death j/t maybe a/a

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Hi this is the starting of my second story I was going to save it a post a happier one, but I started to freak out that someone may have the same idea

The end was near for Cronus he was weak everyone knew it he ran more. His plans fell apart almost right away. What left of his mind was going from being hunted, but the equal effect was taking place on the some of the members of the team. It had gone on for ever he was going to be caught soon he know it but he would bring as much crashing down with him. One last plan came into his desperate mind. A last minute resort, but it would do! Simple but deadly, grabbing a snake he summoned all his powers

Everyone sat around the TV as the movie ended, and the film credits started. Tired yawns rose from the crowd, as they stood up followed by goodnights. Atlanta followed Theresa to her room, after they entered the always-warm room Theresa walked to her closet.
"Here" as she handed the younger girl a dress.
"Um thanks" she took it reluctantly and starred at, it held it up to her as if she was wearing it then asked, "What are you wearing"?
The older girl pulled out another dress from her closet
"Can I see it on you"
"Sure" she disappeared, after a few minutes reappeared in a stunning purple dress that brought out her eyes and hair perfectly it was down to her knees one side a little farther past, giving it a twirl she smiled "it's perfect for you"
"Jay will be putty in your hands"
"One can only hope" a grin sat on her face
With her dress in her hands, Atlanta left to her room. After she left, Theresa could not help but twirl around in her dress. By her side sat a lyre a gift from Apollo, which also was magical she did not always have to play it. She could command it to play or stop. Its songs would reflect the commander's emotion. She had it charmed so any of her friends could use it but no one really took interest. All except jay who said he thought the music of the lyre was beautiful, he secretly thought the same about the musician. Now she felt like music so happily she told it to play and continued to dance to the fine tinkling sound. The school dance was in a few days happy in thought she never noticed the small blue portal near her foot she never saw what was slithering out of it either till it was too late! A whoosh of pain surged through her as the poison rushed though her veins. Stepping back all she could do was lay down on her bed as her eyesight dimmed to black. One last sharp breath was inhaled within a few minutes she was dead. Her eyes still wide open in shock. The soft music, turned mournful amazingly it still played. The snake slithered away throw the open window on to the roof were it slide on a drain pipe and met the same end.
Jay was walking by in the hall on his way to the bathroom when he heard the lyre's music coming from inside Theresa' room when he stopped in front of it, 'funny it sounded as if the music had just changed' he thought as the merry tune slowly turned dark, one of the most chilling tunes he had ever heard. After a while, he decided to see if she was all right in the morning.

Hi, I know you hate me so far in this story but no worries be happy
They may still have their happy conclusion or not depends on how I feel please review
Angel of music
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