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ray of hope in the storm of pain

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a shocking dicovery is made and one person from the group takes it harder than the others.

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Hey this is longer than my last chapter but not really happier it can only get better enjoy

Cronus could not believe his luck as he watched her fall on to her bed. As the snake the wonderful serpent slithered away, the prophecy was broken. So he wasn't powerful enough now to punish the world. He could wait he was the god of time wasn't he!

The next morning started as if usual but the sun shone brighter everything seemed perfect all except for the clump of dark clouds heading towards the brown stone. It was if they were pacing themselves waiting for the perfect moment to pour grief upon the unsuspecting residents. Archie found her that morning. Unsurprisingly he was searching for Atlanta when he heard the music chime through the brown wooden door. All he could guess was that Theresa was awake and his best friend was their with her. Well he hoped that lanta would one day be more than a friend hopefully soon. His thought turned his face a bright red. When he knocked on the door it swung open slowly revealing a sense of doom the music add a eerie tone of darkness of failure of everything he feared. A faint "hello" was all he could manage. Her curtains fluttered in the chilling breeze her window sat open a few inches but it was enough space for the cold morning air to send shivers up and down his spin. With a sense of regret he step forward to close the window all color drained from his face. If anyone saw him they would of said he could never have been blushing so violently, only minutes before. All he could do was freeze to his horror Theresa lay pale white like stone her bright vibrant eyes where replaced by gray misted over ones.

Atlanta walked towards Theresa's room this morning she was in a good mood even if she felt a little annoying. She would bug Theresa about the night before well about what she said. Up ahead she could see her door open as she continued down the hall; she peered in only to be speechless. Atlanta walked into the room a little surprised to see Archie there. Walking towards him she felt her stomach flutter, for some unknown reason then she noticed how deathly pale he was. She felt her throat rumble vibrating, as something tried escaping her jaw dropped. The beast that was in side her lungs leaped through her mouth at the opportunity, a loud high-pitched scream escaped her mouth and echoed around the house. She felt sick as she held he stomach with one hand and reached out to Archie with the other trying to stable her self. Releasing her stomach, she pressed her face into his hoodie trying to erase the image of her best friend dead cold body. Getting a grip on herself, she faced reality she was not sure if she dead quickly she placed her hand to feel for a pulse it felt as if she had plunged her hand in icy water she jumped back after a few moments.

Jay was next up he dashed up the stairs his heart thumping, pounding very loudly. Something was wrong especially if Atlanta screamed. When he saw, what was wrong he swore his heart broke it might as well have. Like Archie he lost all words reaching out, he touched the cold lifeless hand, which was the opposite of what he had known. He could not think the rest of the group clambered into the room as horror met all their faces. Seeing jay was in no condition to lead Odie picked up his pmr and called Hera his voiced weak. After he hung up he motioned to Harry to move everyone out of the room automatically he did what he was told.
"Won't that awful thing stop playing" said Atlanta her voice cracked as she spoke. It was making her feel worse if possible. Archie shrugged limply jay turned around and said stopped the first word he had spoken since he had entered the room. The music faded until it was unaudioable picking it up he left. The shock slowly lifting on everyone, fat tears rolled down his face. Atlanta stayed near Archie as they sat in the living room. Odie quietly talked to Harry who would only nod his head all faces were stained by tears. Neil's mirror shook in his hand as he trembled finally dropping his mirror breaking only the silences; a horse whisper came out of Neil
"What do we do know."
Odie looked up his thoughts numb "what I like to know is when" he paused "how." Jay held onto the lyre he felt suddenly alone thinking to himself he realized that the lyre had told him. Last night what happened, how stupid of him when the music changed he sat in self-loathing. He could of done something if he did, maybe she would have been sitting with him now. Hera his mentor can almost running into the room followed closely by Athena their caretaker and persponie Theresa mentor who wore a worried face. After what seemed like hours they returned all their faces looked grave jay stood up and walked towards them at the moment he hated being leader.
"Jay we think its right to tell the whole group what we know it might help speed recovery, only time and acceptance can do that but we lack time" said Hera, as smoothly as possible jay only nodded at this statement turning her attention back to the pale faces that stared at her "after looking around the room and stuff we know this wasn't an accident or we're almost sure. Two small punctures on her ankle reveal that she was bitten the poison killed her sometime last night. That is all we know I will leave you guys to discuss your plan of action.
Jay had been dead before it felt noting like the pain he was in now.
When he was silent he felt as if he was going to burst, but if he allowed himself to cry he would feel worse and would never stop his slow tears turned his attention to what for some reason he refused to abandon, the lyre. Maybe because she loved it so much it was as a way he could still hold her, hear her. Now it was all gone except for memory, and this without dwelling any longer he reluctantly turned it on. The music was strangely familiar yet unknown never had such sad music been played or so he thought. The house it self turned into sorrow, pure drops of pain. He felt as if his soul was pouring out of him. To him Cronus won Theresa was dead and the only comfort was in the music. For the next few days he found he had lost his appetite for food and life. All he would do was listen to the music. One-day jay found himself under the statue of Zeus listening to the music unaware of being watched he no longer cared.
Hera sighed this had happen all to fast to be real "poor boy" she whispered to persopine she nodded
"He reminds me so much of um. Who was it yes Orpheus well how he acting"
"Why yes I think I have a plan"

Odie sat by his computer when he noticed a piece of paper. A short story of a lovesick man, whose wife died. Mournfully he played the lyre wondering until he went to the underworld. Where hade granted him his wish on one condition, which he failed to follow 'of course how simple' he thought 'just go get her.'

Hi hope u liked it as I said above longer but not happier sorry I had not updated lately I was at hockey school and I have a party to go to tonight and I'm camping but while I am gone I'll write it up on paper please review
Angel of music
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