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the underworld

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theresa's on her way to the underworld but she won't go without a fight!!! please R/R

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Hi, this is short but I hope you enjoy it just because she's dead does not mean she is fully dead from this story.

Theresa walked slowly with one wrist held tightly by Atropos and was closely guarded, surrounded by her ghastly goons. Everyone in that group was tired courtesy from their latest victim or that is at least what she thought of herself victim to fate. Were she was cruelly pulled away from her friends and family. In her mind, it was only fair to fight back instead of accepting the unacceptable. It had taken well over an hour and a half to finally drag her to were they currently were. After realizing she was dead, she ran off to try to avoid Atropos. Which had caused enough trouble she know what would happen which gave her somewhat of an advantage. After a lengthy chase they got her to cooperate which was a challenge in it s self. Curious to see what she had done in life Theresa accepted Atropos offer to let her see her accomplishments as the most memorable scenes appeared. She remember why she put up such a fuss, she missed her friends all the pictures were mainly of them one particular more than the others. Realizing this she ran past the monsters who were partially shocked at this reaction " I have to get away" kept running through her head "for dad Atlanta, Archie, Odie, Harry, Neil, and most importantly Jay I got to find them, him." For a brief moment, Theresa had thought she got away. "Lanta would be proud how fast I'm running," she thought. Concentrating on her thoughts she neglected to realize she had ran into a corner. "No" she grumbled there has to be away out. "This way you stupid things, how dumb can you be, get her!" as they turned the corner where she was trapped a small smile grew on Theresa's rose lips "so I guess there not very smart."
"No, I guess you're not either since you just figured that out" by now, she was well irritated at the teenager.
"I hope this works!" she whispered to herself for confidences as the creatures moved towards her. Concentrating hard she yelled, "Stop" opening one eye she realized it had worked "go away"
"What's happening? Stop that! You foolish girl listen to me where are you going" Atropos was now screaming hysterically. To Theresa's surprise she grabbed her wrist and hissed, "if you don't come quietly I'll be forced to interfere with fate, you don't want anything to happen to your friends do you?"
"No" she said her red hair was vivid and wild, as her eyes portrayed hate towards Atropos.

Like usual the underworld was dark and gloomy mist hung above the river, which was slowly drawing nearer. As they continued down the path. Theresa could not help but shiver as they approached Charon, the ferryman expectantly he held out his hand waiting for the money to take them across.
Theresa just stared at his hand blankly and blinked. Furiously Atropos said "I would let you sit and rot on this side but I fear you would give me grief by trying to escape" with a hint of an acid tone. Unwillingly she surrendered a few coins, as Theresa smirked at the angry being. As the boat moved across the chilling, water Theresa found her self-staring at it. Seeing what she was thinking she was pulled into the center of the small boat. After docking, she was pulled to the familiar gates in which she had passed through twice when alive. Once again like a dangerous convict, Theresa was directed to Elysian Fields there was still hope in her eyes 'I could still get away' she thought, but all thoughts of escape soon drifted out of mind. One large detail was forgotten which at the moment came bonding out at her with it's serpent tail wagging.
"Here you are my dear welcome to your new home enjoy" with a wicked smile Atropos left relived to finally get ride of her.

After a few desperate minutes, Theresa moved on a little farther from the gate, her eyes spotted a gray rock underneath a weeping willow. Slowly like a ghost, she moved towards it. Gently she moved the long thin branches back like curtains making an opening. Sitting down she realized somehow her dress was still in tacked. Placing her head in her hands, she cried she had let down the team. She had let down everyone she knew; she let down everyone in the world. Cronus would no doubt rejoice at this fact "well I guess she won, might as well sit here and wait for the rest of the team." She begging to sob uncontrolled at the thought, a vivid picture of a brown eye brunette came into her mind "jay" came a horse whisper of what was left of her voice from in between gasps of air from crying.
"Excuse me miss did you say my name?"
Theresa slowly lifted her head to see a brown eye brunette staring back at her.

Sorry! It's so short but I wanted to leave you with something before I go to Edmonton for a week. I am rethinking the ending for this story should Theresa have her fairytale ending or not? Please rate and review a lot review please
Angel of music
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