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meeting for the first time

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her friends are there to help her or not

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Hi angel of music here as I said I would try to get the next chapter up so here it is one day later and it wound not get posted till some times not next week but the next. enjoy and please review!!!

"Um... did you say my name miss?" said a confused stranger or not much of a stranger to her.
As she looked up with tears welled up in her eyes, she say a brown eyed brunette looking down at her truly concerned. In a familiar way which warmed her soul deeply. Covering her mouth with one hand in utter shock, she inhaled a deep breath. Blinking her eyes hard she tried to remove some of the fat tears that blurred her vision. Out side, the veil of dropping branches with fine thin green leaves of the weeping willow, she could make out the silhouettes of her friends standing out side. No longer able to contain her excitement that she would no longer be left in the underworld she swung her arms around her friend.

Resting her head on his shoulder she said
"I knew you wouldn't leave me here" she whispered in his ear with one hand she wiped away more of her tears 'jays taller than I remember' she thought to herself 'and his hair is slightly styled differently.' Looking behind she started to see the people behind the veil they were to tall to be any one she knew around her age. Then she realized what had happened. She would have had someone punch her squarely in the stomach than what was happening now. A look of panic ran all over her face as she pushed the stranger away from her. The force made her step back tripping on a hidden root. By now her face was almost as red as her hair. Basic instincts started to take over. Reaching out his hand to help the clearly confused young lady he realized he had made a big error by offering her his hand. Scared a now pale Theresa watched as the hand of the original Jason came towards her. All she could think of was the saying was 'fight or flight' she choose somewhere in between. Jason found himself on the ground holding his stomach trying to regain his breath. The others had by know came in closer in a tight semi circle looking at her glaring making her more nervous. They were stunned at her reaction of hitting Jason. Getting up quickly she saw an opening in between the tree and a person. Steadying herself she burst in between shoving someone. Her only care was to get away from there as far away as possible. Her lungs felt like they would burst but she kept running nothing in the world living or dead could make her stop. Once again, her vision became clouded from tears. Theresa's hair wiped around behind her to the affect that it looked as it was on fire. After about half an hour of running aimlessly driven by fear and embarrassment she begun to slow down. She found that she could not walk in a straight line. 'How could this happen to me! What have I done to deserve getting killed then embarrassing myself in front of people who are here for ever with me' she thought. She was more stumbling than walking now trying to inhale with deep sharp rough breathes. Up ahead in front of her was a pond with small white flowers growing all along it with thick grass along it's sides. Staring behind her, she could see a faint figure way off in the distance somewhat running and walking.
"Oh god he's following me," she said a bit windingly
Seeing a trail along the water, she began a little jog along there. The more worried and nervous she got the clumsier she became. Without looking where she was going all of the sudden, she felt something tripping her. Someone lying by the pond of the white gorgeous flowers, which gazed at there own reflection.

Here it is not as good as I wanted but you guys really wanted me to update. sorry it's so short. I have been cutting chapters in halves lately to try to get something updated
Angel of music
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