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A/N: Set during early Season One of Justice League.

"See," John began, motioning his hand over the chessboard. The game had started fifteen minutes ago and Shayera, who was extremely bored and sick with his long and drawn out explanations, sat with her head in her hand waiting for John to make his move. "A chess game has three stages, the opening, the middle and the end game. I'm not an expert at this but I know enough to teach you the basics and some more strategic moves." He moved his rook into the middle of the board and Shayera immediately countered. "You want to control the board, well actually you need to control the board if you want to win."

"I know that," She growled. She'd heard all this from him before, more than once since they started. "Keep in mind this is only my first time playing chess. I'm still trying to get the hang of it Lantern."

John paused to scrutinize the board, looking at every possible next move, "You've got to plan ahead then, strategize. Don't make impulsive moves."

Shayera pressed a finger to her pawn and exhaled before changing her mind and going for her knight.

"You gotta line up your attack and protect the king, it's all about attack and defense," He explained as she sighed. She knew plenty about attack and defense and she started to wonder if the Green Lantern thought she was just an impulsive fool who only knew how to throw a punch and swing her mace without a care. "Though you can be aggressive. Just attack hard and leave your opponent wondering what happened."

John made his move, pushing the bishop diagonally across the board and taking Shayera's rook.

"Or," He continued with a frown as he watched her pick her rook up and remove it. "You can play it safe, play it clever. Win the game before your opponent has any idea what your plan is." His hand hesitated over the pieces for a moment and they sat in silence as he decided on his next move. Shayera's eyes flicked up to the clock above John's head and back down to the board. "Chess is important Hawkgirl. You can learn how to anticipate the other person's moves and counter them. You also learn how to stay one step or even ten steps ahead of them at all times," He finally moved his second rook to the left out of the line of fire. "This game is almost like if you were fighting in a war."

Shayera simply ignored him and moved her knight without a second thought. John didn't know it at the time but he hit a nerve.

"You've got to stay focused, keep your brain on the game the whole time like a soldier would on a battlefield," John said with a grin as he took her knight as she scowled. "You've got to-"

Shayera lifted her queen and moved it down the board in one quick motion. "Checkmate," He looked up and stared at her in disbelief. She lifted herself out of the chair and strode away from the table. She moved across the room and sat with the Flash in front of the big screen TV, watching football as he explained the fundamentals of the game to her.

John's eyes widened and he looked down at his king, unable to move as Shayera's queen was in its way. "What did she?" He hadn't even been going easy on the Thanagarian.
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