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My dad's a vampire hunter

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"Mom this isn't funny." I told her firmly. Even if I did know that vampires were real I didn't want believe that someone was able to kill Gerard.
"Frankie I'm not joking. Your father has been apart of the vampire hunting industry ever since he was 18 years old. Remember when you were a kid and your father would always treat you like crap and hit you all damn day?" I nodded. "The only reason he did that was so you wouldn't get so attached to him. He knew he was gonna go on business trips that would last a long time so he didn't want you to suffer by missing him. Because when you miss someone it's more hurtful physical pain."
When she finished what she had to say her eyes were watery. The tears in her eyes weren't gonna leak. She was too strong and always resisted the urge to cry when she had to.
Strangely I believed her. I didn't think it was just some cruel lie. I knew it was true. I felt it in my heart. Hearing all this made me regret the hate I had against him. All along he was only protecting me from hurting my inner person.
"Where is he now?" I asked. I wanted to hug him and tell him I was sorry.
"He's on the phone in the backyard. He's quitting his job to get closer to you, Frank." My mother told me. What? No. He can't do that.
I ran to the back and saw him around the flowers.
"I'm sorry boss, but I have-"
My father looked at me in surprise. He stopped what he was doing and covered the phone's audio to talk to me. "Frank please go back inside."
"Don't quit your job. Yeah, I do need you, but if you want to kill vampires then go for it. Do it for mom and me. I'm sorry."
He dropped his phone in astonishment. Probably because I knew he was a vampire hunter. Or not. But I don't know.
He later unfroze and picked his phone up from the floor. "Yeah, uh, boss I'm not quitting. But I do want a little vacation so I can spend sometime with my boy." He winked at me and I smiled.
He started to talk more about killing some murderous vampire and how to kill him. The discussion sent chills to my spine so I went to my room and listened to some music. My day was going pretty good except for the fact that Gerard was gone. I never wanted to think this but maybe he never liked me. Maybe the only reason he wanted to go on a date was to get a booty call. But then again he did say that he loved me before he left. Dammit, why does he have to be so confusing?
I couldn't help but think of Noah. The way his eyes sparkled without the need of light. His hair so black and messy in a sexy manner. His body was muscled and hot. Everything about him attracted me. I didn't know why. I had only met him for a few hours. And it's been a week since I'd seen him.
Man, I have to get a boyfriend before I fall even more for these guys. I almost felt sorry for Ray. He was rejected his whole life and I had to come along only to reject him too. I could've said yes to his offer in a relationship bigger than friends but I would've felt uncomfortable. He wouldn't have wanted that.
I didn't want to think about them anymore. I was getting a headache. Love just had to be this complicated, didn't it?
A knock was given at my door. I told the person to come in. It was my dad.
" you know." He said awkwardly. He was looking at the ground too.
"Yup. And just so you know I don't really care. You had to do what was necessary to protect from pain and I appreciate that. So thank you." I said in a voice that really couldn't be identified. "And I know what I'm about to say is really cheesy and all but.............I love you dad."
He looked like he was about I cry but he didn't. Instead he shook it off and smiled at me. "Thank you for understanding. I love you too son."
We stood there in silence. We didn't have anything else to talk about.
"Dinner's ready!!!" My mom yelled. We both sprinted to the dining room. She had cooked her famous Italian lasagna. I knew I just ate tacos with my uncle, but I was still gonna eat. It was my mother's cooking, something I couldn't deny.
We ate as a family. Everyone got along with a usual "pass the salt" or "how was your day". We laughed and we bonded. Something I hadn't done ever since my dad left. It was crazy the way things went your way when you didn't expect life to be so kind.
I decided to ask my dad about his missions and why he left for so long.
"Well there's actually a lot of vampires in Antarctica. Weird I know. But they all seemed to be more focused on the sun than what they'd be feeding on. It was easy to kill them because they were so weak. The reason I took so long to get back was because it seemed that even if I killed all the vampires there was always more to be found." He explained all this very slowly so I could understand.
"So do you have anyone else you have to kill?" I asked. Hoping he's say no.
"Actually yes. But I'll only be gone for 1 week if I kill the guy." He said simply.
"Who is it?" I asked curiously. This was getting interesting.
"Some man named Gerard Way."
So this is the chapter for tonight. I know it's short but there'll be more later on trust me. And the guys will be in the next chapter. Maybe. Not officially. I'm still thinking about it. And bye for now. RATE AND REVIEW.
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