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Chapter 3

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Mikey woke up with a start and realised that his head was resting against the cool window of the now moving train. His eyes watched the dark raindrops that raced each other down the window. He sat up and realised that the man with the rather large afro sitting opposite him, had noticed that he had fallen asleep. With sudden panic, Mikey realised that he may have slept through the station that he was meant to get off at.

"Have we passed Crythin Grifford yet?" Mikey asked.

"Next stop." The curly headed man replied. Mikey breathed a sigh of relief.

He noticed that sitting by the side of the man was what he guessed was a border terrier cross breed of some sort. The man folded up the paper that he had been reading and set it down by his side. "So you're from London"

"I am," Mikey replied.

"Trying to sell Eel Marsh House?" Mikey looked down at his bag and noticed that his files were sticking out rather obviously so he just nodded.

The man paused. "You won't find a local buyer."

Mikey frowned, but dismissed the comment. Eel Marsh was a rather large house, perhaps he meant the towns people wouldn't be able to afford a house so extravagant.

"You staying at Gifford arms?" he asked


"It's a bit of a walk from the station I can give you a lift. It's on my way home."

"Thank you," Mikey gave a weak smile. One of many that he gave people.

"Ray Toro," He finally introduced himself and held out a hand for Mikey to shake.

"Mikey Kipps," he replied.

In the car Mikey tried to block out the raging winds and rain that whirled around outside the vehicle. "It's a beautiful car Mr Toro."

"First one in the county" Ray laughed to himself "Still scares the locals." Obviously the villagers still used the old horse drawn carriages.

The car came to a halt and Mikey began to pick up his luggage. "Well thank you. Very good to talk to you, Mr Toro."

As he got out the car and made his way to the entrance of the Crythin Gifford Arms Inn, Ray rolled down his window and shouted at him through the noise of the rain. "Mr Kipps! Would you like to have dinner with my wife and I tomorrow evening? You know we don't see many new faces around here and besides the food in there," he pointed at the Gifford Arms, "I reckon even the dog wouldn't eat it."

"That would be lovely," he waved goodbye and hurried in to get dry.

Inside the inn, Mikey immediately went to the dark haired man standing behind the bar.

"Good evening, I've a room booked untill Sunday. Mr Kipps."

The man's head shot up when he said his name, and he frowned as if he had met someone he would rather not. He glared down at the booking logs. "No not finding anybody."

Mikey looked confused. "My office telegraphed ahead."

The innkeeper looked him dead in the eyes and said "well we're packed to the rafters." He slammed the log book shut with a thud.

At that moment a rather timid looking woman appeared on the stairs. Her pale grey eyes shifted between the inn keeper and Mikey. "Evening" she whispered. She pulled a thin grey towel off her shoulder and dried her hands with it before setting it on the bar.

"I was just telling Mr Kipps that we don't have any room." the inn keepers voice was as stony as ever.

"Well we can't have him out in this weather can we Gerard?" she said nervously as though afraid of her husbands reaction. "Not in the rain." She paused waiting for Gerard to speak. "We must have something, just for tonight."

"We don't Bryn." he answered sharply. "Unless you wanna put him in the attic?" He grim face seemed to fade as he instantly regretted what he had just said. Bryn looked at him as though he had just stabbed her in the back, but she composed herself.

"Fine," she turned and gave Mikey a small smile, "it's this way."

On the way up the stairs Mikey told Bryn that he had hoped to stay until Sunday. "You see my son and his nanny are coming up to join me."

"Oh I see." Bryn's voice grew nervous. "If a holiday's what your after sir, you'd be better off further inland.Um it gets awfully cold up in the sea mist."

She led Mikey to the top of the stairs where there was a large and very old door, which judging by the dust had not been opened in some time. As Bryn unlocked it she asked "Houw old is your son?"

"He's 9"

Bryn shivers slightly as the key turns in the lock of the door. "Lovely age."

Mikey thanks her and steps into the room. She closes the door behind him as he begins to settle in. He sits down on the bed and looks around at the photos scattered around the shelves and dressers. Most of them were family photos of Bryn and Gerard and their three little girls. The three lost little girls. Lost like many others. Mikey noticed that the curtains were wide open and stood up to shut them. Three windows perfectly placed at the end of the room. Not opened since the last time. With a swift jerk of both arms, Mikey drew the curtains and blocked out what was going on outside.

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