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Chapter 12: Where the shock sets in

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Fall Out Boy's set was soon over. All of the guys from Panic all got up and went out to where they had to wait to go on stage. "Nice crowd tonight," Pete told them.

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Chapter 12: Where the shock sets in

March 3rd

"Fall Out, to the stage," a girl was yelling backstage.

"Later," Pete left the room.

Ryan nodded his head, "Later."

Ryan then looked around the room and noticed Brendon.

(Ryan thinking> What does he have that I don't have besides the fact he's more outgoing, and he has a bigger nose then me. Big Nose! Okay, calling him names isn't going to change the fact she's having his child, that bastard. He's one of my best friends too. Whatever, she still might change her mind about him, but Brendon's a really nice person. I'm really no better then him, I guess.)

"Ryan, stop looking at me," Brendon said.

"Sorry," Ryan shook his head and leaned back into his thought looking at the ceiling.

Fall Out Boy's set was soon over.

All of the guys from Panic all got up and went out to where they had to wait to go on stage.

"Nice crowd tonight," Pete told them.

Spencer nodded.

"Panic! To the stage," the girl yelled again.

They all got onstage and the crowd went wild.

Backstage Pete and the rest of Fall out boy sat in the lounge room waiting for there set to be over.

Ring, Ring, Ring

Pete heard a phone ring. He began to look around the room and noticed it was Ryan's quickly answered it.
"Hello," Pete said.

"Your shitting me, oh well I'll tell them," Pete said as everyone in the room looked at him.

"Promise, I'll tell them, later," Pete hung up.

Pete walked out of the room leaving everyone in the room still wondering who the hell that was.

Pete went up to the side of the stage where the security guards were.

They quickly smiled and let him pass thinking it was part of the show for him to go onstage.

Pete came onstage as the song I Write Sins Not Tragedies Ended.

The crowd went wild.

As Brendon talked to the crowd Pete went up to Ryan and said, "I answered your phone for you."

"Yeah?" Ryan said.

"Never mind, I'll tell you after the set, it is a little important, but I'll wait till after the set it's almost over right?" Pete said.

"One more song," Ryan said.

Pete gave a little wave to the crowd as he walked away and Panic! Started the last song.

Pete got into his car with Spencer, Ryan, Brendon and Jon trailing behind him

"Would you like to tell us where the hell were going Pete?" Jon asked.

"Las Vegas," Pete simply said.

"That's a fucking 3, 4 hour drive," Spencer said.

"Why?" Ryan simply asked as he sat in the front seat next to Pete as the rest piled into the Back. Jon on the left, Brendon in the middle and Spencer on the right.

Pete leaned into the Ryan's ear.
"Your kidding me," Ryan said as Pete sat back into the the drivers seat and buckled up.

Everybody buckled up, "Could you tell us why the hell your taking us back to Vegas?" Brendon asked.

"Can't, you'll totally freak out," Ryan turned around to see them.

"Just tell us, Ry" Spencer asked.

"I'll tell you later, it's a long ride," Ryan turned back to sit straight. "Oh, yeah and Bren you left your cell phone at the house in Vegas."

"You're going 80 in a 50 zone, Pete. You might want to slow down," Jon said.

"Oh okay," Pete slowed down.

"I'm dying here, Ry. Just tell us," Spencer SAID.

"I concur," Brendon said.

"Well, about an hour ago, Delia water broke about an hour ago, and she went to the hospital," Ryan finally told them.

"Oh, that sucks," Spencer said.

"Yeah, that really sucks," Jon agreed.

Brendon's eyes got big.

Jon looked over at Brendon, "Blink, Brendon, Blink."

Brendon blinked, and didn't say a word.

"Say something," Ryan commanded.

Brendon opened his mouth but no words came out.

A/N- sorry for the wait, I had mind block for about a day and then I wrote this chapter but then my computer went all gay (in a bad way) on me and i lost this whole chapter, so I did my best to remember what I wrote the first time. Reviews make me happy :]
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