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well now...some people just never learn.....

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My jaw dropped as I picked it up and held it close to me. I turned to face Gerard and he had moved. I looked at Ray and he said "he went to your bedroom" with raised eyebrows.
"DER!!!!TAH!!!!" I made rude, stupid noises at him and walked into our bedroom to find Gerard sitting on the bed, with a package, shaped like a clothes box beside him. I walked over and sat down next to him. "I love her." I said, referring to the dog. "I'll name her.....Audrey Hepburn....Audrey for short!"
"Good."Gerard said as he wrapped his arms around me. He pulled me down on the bed and started kissing me. I let go of Audrey and kissed him back. A lot. We made out for a while and when we stopped I sat up and giggled. Gerard quickly followed and lit a cigarette. I took the cigarette out of his mouth and put it out.
"Sexy as it may be when you do that," I told him with an evil grin. "You can't do it around my baby. It'll hurt her!!!!" He just sat there looking at me, smiling. He had this look in his eyes like "I'll die without you". I gently pushed his chest and said "stop staring at me like that!!! You're such a perv!!!!"
"I'M a perv?!?!?! I'll show you perv!!!" Gerard yelled at me and started tickling me. The guys heard him yell "perv" and came to the room.
"What in all God's name are you doing to that poor girl, you sick ass!?" Frank asked Gerard. Mikey then spotted the unopened present. He started jumping up and down and pointing at it.
"OOOOOO,OOOOO,OOOOO!!!!!!!!! OPEN IT OPEN IT!!!!!" he exclaimed excitedly. I looked at Gerard and saw panic in his eyes. "Sure, wait." I told them. I picked it up and walked into the connecting bathroom. I opened it to see a see-thru night gown. It was black and had a second skirt that was red. There was also a black thong that had "MCR" written across the crouch. "Oh, Gerard!! It's beautiful!!!" I yelled through the door. I quickly ran to the closet and got out one of my dresses that still had the tags on it. One that the guys had never seen. I put it on and left the tags on. I walked out of the bathroom to show them. They "oo-ed" and "aweeee-ed". I said "Party's over!!! Get out!!! OUT!!!!" They reluctantly left.
"Good save" Gerard said. "But did you really like it?........I know I did!!!" I nodded.
"Oh, shit! What's the date?" I asked.
"'re birthday? The 17th of September. Oh, shit!! We have to leave! Like, 10 minutes ago!!!!" Gerard exclaimed.
See, we were in southern California and we had a show to do in Oregon. Well, Mcr did anyway. And we were scheduled to leave a few hours ago. It was 10 in the evening and we had to be there very early. I told Gerard to pack and I ran out to get the others. They panicked. "PACK!!!!!" I yelled frantically at them. At that, they scrambled. We met at their studio by 11 and loaded onto the bus. By 1 everyone was tired and we all went to bed. Gerard and I had bunks right across from each other. We were the only 2 still awake. I could hear everyone else snoring. I got up and crawled into Gerard's bunk. He scooted over and laid on his back. I laid on my side with my head on his shoulder and hand on his chest. "What's wrong, Sugar?" he asked, concerned, as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer.
"Nothin'. I was just lonely. And you forgot to give me my good-night kiss." I told him with puppy eyes. He smiled and kissed me softly.
"How long have we known each other?" he asked me.
"10 years."
"And how long have we been dating?"
"5 months.
"Ok. I love you, Angel."
"I love you more. I told him as we softly fell asleep.


Sorry for the wait guys my computer was down. As I said I am hand writing it and I have 37 pages so far but I'm writing on here's uh...suspense I guess... But I promise I do have more coming!!!! BTW please read my other story Rainfall and review!!!!
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