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Um...the story continues.....Oh BTW this chapter is alittle erm.....smarmy...i think that's the word...maybe get better...i think....

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Gerard woke up in the morning with his legs spread in a Y. To his surprise, I was on top of him, my head still on his shoulder. It was early, so he went back to sleep. We woke up later to Bob shoving me in the head going "Wake up, LOVE BIRDS!!!! Why don't you just do him and leave already? Your fat ass takes up to much room!!" He was laughing. Frank just walked out of the bathroom and heard and Mikey and Ray were trading comic books when they heard. I got out of the bunk and puched Bob in the stomach, causing him to double over in pain. I must've punched him hard. I looked him in the eye and said "What makes you think I HAVEN'T done him?" Ray and Mikey went "ooooo" and Frank patted him on the back and said "Gerard, can I have her? She admits to it and can cause Bob pain! Welcome to the family, kid!!" He added to me. I then felt bad, seeing Bob in such pain, sitting on My bunk across from us. I sat down next to him and hugged him.

"Are you ok, sweetie?" I asked. When he nodded I said "Be glad it wasn't your balls!" and he laughed more. Gerard was just starting to wake up and relize what was going on. He was on his back when I crawled in the bunk, curtain still open. I swung my leg over him,strattled him,leaned to his mouth and said "You. I have some things to discuss with you." When he started to talk I stuck my tounge in his mouth and slammed the curtain closed.

"You got 5 minutes, you whore!! Better make this a fast one!!!" Frank yelled.
Gerard rolled over, so he was on top of me.
He kissed me more.

"TIMES UP!!!!" Ray was getting annoying. I kissed Gerard again and said "Trust me. I love you." I crawled out of the bed and went to Ray's bunk. I grabbed him by the back of the head and kissed him. I finished kissing him and let go, laughing,as I walked out of the room, at everyone's stunned faces. But I did stop just long enough to grab Geard's ass.
I got a cup of coffee to drink when I relized that we were once again late. I walked in the room to get dressed.

"You know? You're a pretty good kisser for a whore." Ray.......
I took my shirt off and put my black corset top on. I pulled my pants down, exposing my bare butt and thong. Frank smaked it. Gerard put his hands on my hips and pulled me down onto his lap, where he wrpped his arms around me and grabbed my boob. I smacked him away and told him he needed to stop being such a child and get dressed so we could leave. I got up, put my pants on and went to finish my coffee. Eventually, everyone wandered out of the bedroom to find that I had poured their coffee.
"Thanks, See." Mikey.
"Thanks, Skank Whore." RAY!!!grrr.....
"Good morning, be-yotch." Frank.
"I love you, Sugar." sigh Gerard....
"I love you, too, baby." I replied, melting into his arms when he came to hug me.
"I'll be back in a minute. I'ma go get the car." I walked out. We normally drove a jetta and a Jimmy. We weren't big on expensive cars. We thought it was just a waste of money, so we didn't buy them. But, it was our 5th annaversery (sp? shrugs)and I thought Gerard needed a present for being such a good boyfriend and not, you know, eating me alive..... I got him a red chorvette. He can buy his own damn liscense plate I thought. HA!!! I pulled the car around to the bus door and got out. I threw the keys at Gerard and he said "These aren't mine."
I shrugged. "You're drivin."
"But these aren't Mine!!!" he said.
"They are now. You-Are-Driving." I reapeated slowly. He just shrugged. When we were ready to leave, Bob went out, then Ray,Then Frank, Mikey, Me, and Gerard.When he saw the car his eyes got huge.
"Serena? Is that..."
"Yours." I finished for him. He grinned at me and hopped into the car. I got in the passengers side and Gerard took off.


ooo suspense building! I can feel it... I know what's gonna happen at the concert but do YOU have any ideas???? HA!! you'll have to wait and see.....
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