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The God Of Sleep

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This chapter is mostly at the school--- the Heroes wake up and find it strange that Archie and Atlanta are still asleep, and find out that it's because of Hypnos, the God of sleep. Now its up to th...

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Class of the Titans: Land of Dreams

Chapter Four: The God of Sleep

Theresa ran into Jay, Herry, Odie and Neil when she came out of the janitor's closet.

"Oh, sorry guys!" she apologized. She continued walking, and when she realized they were staring after her confused, she motioned for them to follow. "We have to check on Archie and Atlanta, I'll explain on the way," she called back. Shrugging, the guys quickly caught up to her and they got in Herry's truck. Once Herry had pulled out of the school parking lot, Jay turned to Theresa.

"Okay, Theresa, what's up? Why do we have to check on Archie and Atlanta?" he asked her. Theresa looked out the car window, feeling very uneasy.

"I just have a really bad feeling, and I can't shake it away. I think they're in danger... I talked to Hera about it. She told me that I should keep an eye on them, but... that there wasn't anything anyone could do until they were for sure in danger. But I feel like they already are, and that's why we have to go check up on them." Theresa added firmly. Jay turned back so that he was facing the front, but Herry slammed on the breaks when Neil screamed loudly.

"What is it? Is it Cronus?" Jay asked, turning back to face Neil. Neil shook his head and took off his seatbelt. Opening the car door, her turned back so that he was facing the team.

"No, a sale on cashmere sweaters! If it was Cronus, I'd scream more like this!" Neil screamed again as if he had seen Cronus, and both Jay and Theresa turned and stared blankly at each other.

"Fine, we'll catch up with you later," Jay replied. "Neil- be careful. Don't let your guard down." Herry started driving again, and Odie, who had been silent for awhile, started laughing.

"Is it just me, or did the second scream sound exactly the same as the first?" he asked. Theresa smirked, looking back at where they had dropped Neil off.

"I'd say that it was everyone who thought that, Odie. Come on guys, we have to get back, fast." she replied firmly. A few minutes later, Herry pulled into the driveway and they went into the house, Theresa in the lead. She rushed into the living room, and found Archie and Atlanta, still sleeping soundly on the couch. Oh no... something's wrong, it has to be! She thought, worried.

"Jay! They're still asleep. You know its not like them!" Theresa cried out. Jay shook his head, deep in thought. Odie walked in and knelt down beside Archie and Atlanta, observing them.

"Maybe she's right, Jay. Look at this..." Odie pointed at Archie, who was now holding Atlanta's hand tightly. "They weren't holding hands before. Something's up with them... and Atlanta's PMR was on the table before, now its in her hand. She would have to wake up to grab that, and if she did, she must have lied back down- but that's not like her, OR Archie. Maybe we should take them to Hera." Jay knelt down beside Odie and both of them jumped back when they heard Atlanta shout, "Let him go! He's not Achilles!"

"Guys, Archie's turning white!" Theresa screamed, running over. She tried to shake him awake. "Archie, Atlanta, please wake up!" she cried. Herry came over.

"Come on, we should take them to Hera, now!" he exclaimed. Jay nodded.

"Yeah, that might be a good idea. Do you think... maybe Atlanta's just having a bad dream?" Jay asked, unsure suddenly. Theresa turned to him, hysteric.

"She told someone to let Archie go, and suddenly he turns white! You think that's a coincidence?" she asked him. Jay shook his head.

"No," he admitted. "But... let's just take them to the school and worry about it then." Herry picked up Atlanta, taking her to the truck. Odie and Jay both grabbed Archie and Theresa held the door open for them. Once they had got out, she touched the door, and another vision came to her. She saw a woman in torn clothing, covered in blood. She was staring down a fair sized drop-off hill, at two figures climbing up the other side. As quickly as the vision had come, it was gone. But they're right here... how can they be in danger? Am I seeing the future, or... what's happening now? Theresa thought. She held her head as it started to pound, and followed the guys into the truck.


"Oh dear," Hera breathed as they brought Archie and Atlanta in the room. "What's happened to them?" she demanded. Herry, Jay and Odie placed them down on some large pillows on the ground, just until they could find a more permanent spot.

"I don't know, but earlier when we got back, Atlanta shouted at someone to let Archie go and said he wasn't Achilles- and then Archie's face turned so white that it looked like he was dying," Theresa informed her. Hera walked over to where the two sleeping heroes lay, and observed them curiously.

"They seem fine now," Jay added. "But it was really scary. On the way up here, we heard them mumbling... if their dreaming, they have to be having the same dream." Hera's head shot up at this, and she appeared to be deep in thought. The titans looked at one another, realizing that it would probably be best if they let her think whatever she was thinking and then talk to her.

"Both of them having the same dream? Hypnos!" Hera exclaimed suddenly. Jay's head shot up.

"Hypnos? But... he's not bad, is he?" Jay asked. Hera shook her head.

"No, I do not believe he is. However, if Cronus got to him... who knows what is possible. He might even be under a spell, unable to control his own actions. Or perhaps, Cronus has promised him something..." Hera trailed off, as if trying to figure out what there was that Cronus could possibly promise to Hypnos that would make him switch sides.

"So then, Hypnos has cast a spell on them so that their stuck sleeping? But why would they be in danger?" Odie asked.

"Wait- isn't Hypnos' son "Dreams"? Could he be able to make them dream their... somewhere else... and put them in danger?" Jay asked. Seeing Hera sit down in a chair, the Titans followed her and sat down on the couch in front of her. Hera sighed, glancing back at where Archie and Atlanta lay before facing the Titans again.

"I've never heard of Dreams having that ability, but it is possible. But what I think is most likely, is that being under Cronus' spell, Hypnos can do magic he was never capable of before." Hera told them. Theresa wrapped her arms around herself, suddenly feeling worried. Hera looks worried about them... and if she's worried, what hope is there? She thought sadly. No! I can't think that way- Archie and Atlanta will be fine. We just have to save them before they get into too much danger, wherever it is that they are. Theresa told herself. Taking a deep breath, she realized she had missed part of what Hera had told them.

"So if their in a dream, how can we help them?" Herry asked. "I mean, wouldn't we have to go into the dream?" Hera seemed shocked at this idea.

"No! I wouldn't allow that. It's too dangerous, you'd have to convince Hypnos to put you in the dream and even then, he probably wouldn't know where Archie and Atlanta were, so you'd have to find them. If you did find them, how could you get out? No, you have to find Hypnos, and break the spell Cronus has on him. Break the spell, and I'm sure that he will bring them back. Perhaps by breaking the spell alone, if it is Cronus' power that's putting Archie and Atlanta in the dream, they will return." Hera looked at them all sternly, and Odie spoke up.

"But what if that doesn't work? What if by breaking the spell, their trapped forever?" he asked. Theresa frowned at him. You're a bundle of sunshine sometimes, Odie... she thought sarcastically.

"You must trust me. I know these God's better than all of you put together- and I have experienced what they can do. But if you are somehow transported to the dream, all of you will be lost forever. Only you can stop Cronus." she added firmly. Standing up, Hera left the room, and the Titans to their thoughts. They all were worried about their friends.

"I hope she's right." Herry replied finally. Theresa sighed, and walked over to their friends. They seemed to be fine, not muttering anymore, but if they were in some dream, then there was no way to know what was happening to them. I wish I could warn you about that woman... please be alright, guys... we can't defeat Cronus without you. But more importantly, we can't lose our friends... Theresa jumped as she felt an arm wrap around her. Jay had joined her, and so had Herry and Odie. They were all watching their friends, each with the exact same look of worry etched in their face.

"She's got to be right. If we can't trust Hera, who can we trust?" Jay replied softly. They were silent for a few moments, waiting for Hera to return and tell them where they should go, until finally Theresa decided to tell them what she had saw.

"The other night... I had a vision. I saw Archie and Atlanta running, but... I never saw what they were running from. And then again I saw them, just when we were bringing them here, but they were climbing and I saw them from behind some strange woman. She's heading after them, I know it. And I don't think she's friendly... her clothes were torn and she looked like she was covered in blood. Who knows what she could do to them?" Theresa added. Jay and Odie nodded in agreement, but Herry stood up.

"Guys, these are our friends! Archie and Atlanta are two of the best fighters I've seen, and they can take care of themselves. They can't keep it up forever, but I know that if we get to Hypnos fast, they'll be just fine." Herry walked over to where Hera had exited, and looked to see if he saw her. When he didn't, he returned to the others who were still by Archie and Atlanta's side.

"I wonder what happens... if they get badly hurt, or worse, /die/, in this dream." Theresa finally spoke quietly. Jay stood up and walked over so he was standing next to Herry.

"Guys, Herry's right. We have to focus more on finding Hypnos and getting Atlanta and Archie out of this dream, not on whether they can protect themselves. Worrying won't help them, it'll only make things worse for us. Come on, let's go find out where Hera went. We're going to find Hypnos." Jay stated firmly. The others, taking a last look at the sleeping Archie and Atlanta, stood up and followed him. Theresa stopped in the doorway and turned back, looking at her two friends sleeping. They look so peaceful... yet even now, they might be fighting to save themselves. We have to find Hypnos, fast... before it's too late.


"I feel like we've been walking for hours," Atlanta complained. She looked up at the now blinding sun, and sighed. Could it get any hotter out? Between the heat, the severe brightness of the day, and the odd thing here and there chasing them, or fighting them, it wasn't exactly going well. And I can't shake the feeling that we're being followed... maybe I should mention it to Archie. Atlanta shook her head. Then again, he'd probably just laugh at me and call me paranoid. Maybe I am. Who could blame me, after what's happened today? Archie stopped walking and crossed his arms.

"That's it, I'm not walking another step without taking a break. Come on, let's sit over in the shade, you look like you're ready to pass out." Archie told her. Atlanta walked over to where there were trees, and sat down, leaning against one. It felt so nice to be out of the sun, that she took a deep breath of fresh air, almost inhaling a bug.

"Disgusting." she replied, sneezing. Archie just laughed at her, but he said nothing. Although he never mentioned it either, he also felt as if someone was tracking them. Every now and then, he thought he saw a shadow pass them, heard the rustling of leaves and the sound of a twig breaking nearby. Then again, there are probably animals here. Suddenly Archie and Atlanta jumped to their feet, hearing a loud crunching sound coming from behind them.

"We should keep walking." Archie replied, already starting to walk again. Atlanta nodded, running ahead of him.

"Yeah, sounds like a good idea," she called back. Archie jogged after her, and when Atlanta got tired and stopped running, he caught up. He glanced behind his shoulder before continuing. Atlanta slowed down, and Archie soon made his way ahead of her.

"I feel like we're being followed." Archie called back. When he received no response, he turned around to see what Atlanta was doing. "Atlanta?" he called. As he called her name, he saw that she was swaying and just as she was about to fall and hit the ground, Archie ran to her and caught her. "Atlanta..." he muttered, moving his position around so that it was more comfortable for him. He waited until she had opened her eyes before loosening his grip on her. "Are you okay?" he asked her finally, concerned. Atlanta sat up, not realizing she was now sitting on Archie's lap.

"I don't... really... know." she told him softly. "I... guess... it was this heat." she decided finally. Archie saw that her face was pretty red and that she did seem as if the heat was getting to her.

"Maybe we should get out of the sun and travel in the shade for awhile, at least until its night time." Archie suggested. Atlanta nodded and tried standing back up again. She stumbled at first, so Archie helped her over to the shade before she finally started to walk easier on her own. They traveled in silence for awhile, and soon night had fallen. Atlanta stopped walking and turned to Archie.

"It's late, and we have no way of seeing where we're going now." Atlanta replied, yawning. Archie looked up at the sky and saw that Atlanta was right- the moon would have been more than enough light, if only it wasn't hidden behind the dark storm clouds. I think it might rain again... Archie thought. He looked around for some place that they could stay the night that would be safe. Maybe we could do shifts... well, I'll probably just let Atlanta sleep. She still seems like she's feeling sick, but I don't have to tell her that. Finally Archie saw a place where they could rest- it was the first bit of flat land they had come across since night time had arrived, and for miles it seemed past that, it was nothing but curvy hills.

"Listen, I got to sleep a lot earlier so I'm not really all that tired. Uh... why don't you, you know, go to sleep and I'll keep watch." Archie told her. He walked over and sat down, leaning against a tree. Atlanta sat next to him.

"Why do you get to keep watch first? I'll miss out on all the fun," she remarked. Archie grinned.

"Just go to sleep, okay?"

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