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The Others

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Jay and the others try to find Hypnos and learn that Archie and Atlanta aren't the only ones who've fallen into a mysterious sleep. Meanwhile, Archie and Atlanta meet some of the other people that ...

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A/N: Well here's the next chapter for you guys, I want to try and get the chapters out fairly quickly so that I can finish this story and have another story complete- since with this story I know exactly where I want it to go and what I want to happen, and I just throw in some ideas in between to make it the way it is now. So, let me know what you think since feedback is definitely appreciated. I love to hear what people think and I can't improve (at least not much) if you guys don't help me out, so please R&R if you have the time!

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Class of the Titans: Land of Dreams

Chapter Five: The Others

After the heroes had found Hera, she told them that she had no idea where Hypnos might be at the moment and that even as they spoke, Hermes was working on finding him. This didn't cheer the team up very much, knowing that their friends were constantly in danger even though they were just lying in the other room, sleeping soundly. I wonder how they feel, knowing that they can't do anything but fight for survival until we can get Hypnos to bring them back? Theresa thought to herself, sadly. They were all hanging out at the school until Hermes had located Hypnos. Jay and Odie were in the library looking up anything on Hypnos that they could find, and seeing if they could find any reference to some place that Hypnos might hide out- so far, they had had no luck. Neil was for the most part just admiring his image in his mirror, while lying on the couch in the room that Archie and Atlanta were in. After he had bought a new sweater, he had come back to the school, assuming the team had headed there. Herry moved back and forth, whether he was helping Odie and Jay in the library, or watching Archie and Atlanta with Theresa.

"This is so boring, can't we just look this Hypnos guy up in the phonebook and call him?" Neil asked, never taking his eyes off of his image reflecting back at him in the mirror. Theresa turned to him and narrowed her eyes.

"Do you really think we'd find Hypnos in the phonebook, Neil? I mean what, are we just supposed to look him up in the yellow pages under 'sleeping'?" she asked tiredly. Turning back to their friends, Theresa saw Atlanta shift her position in her sleep. Holding her breath, she let it out when she realized Atlanta was just moving around in her sleep, not waking up. Well still, it's a bit of an improvement- before neither of them were moving at all, at least now they are. Theresa thought. When Atlanta moved closer to Archie in her sleep and snuggled in closer, Theresa smiled evilly. Hmm, I'm really worried about them, but... I can still take a picture! She thought. Standing up, Theresa left through the janitor's closet and went to her locker, where she was pretty sure she might have her camera in there- and sure enough, after opening her locker she saw that it was in there.

When Theresa went back through the portal in the janitor's closet, and walked over to where Archie and Atlanta were lying down, she saw that in her absence Archie had wrapped his arm around Atlanta. So cute! Theresa thought. She held the camera up and took a few pictures, deciding she'd show them to Archie and Atlanta when they were awake. Just as she was looking at the pictures on the camera, Jay and Odie walked into the room.

"Hera's coming to talk to us, I think she knows where Hypnos might be," Jay informed them. He saw Theresa holding her camera in her hands when she walked over to sit with them, and he stared at her questioningly. She looked down, and just realized she still had the camera.

"Oh, I was taking a picture of those two," Theresa jerked her thumb in Archie and Atlanta's direction. Jay leaned back in the chair so he could have view of their two friends, and then returned to his normal sitting position.

"Oh, okay. Why?" he asked. Theresa showed him the picture, and he passed it to the others who had grown curious.

"Why did you take a picture of them like that?" Herry asked, passing the camera back to Theresa. She placed it down on an end table and turned back to him.

"Because it's cute, and because they'll never believe it if we just tell them." she replied. "Maybe now Atlanta will see Archie likes her," she added. Herry seemed surprised.

"You know?" he exclaimed.

"Uh, yeah... who doesn't? Other than Atlanta," she added as an afterthought. The sound of someone clearing their throat was heard and Theresa quickly fell silent. Hera stepped forward so that she was in view of all the heroes, and waited for their complete attention. Once they had stopped chatting, they faced her and waited for her to speak.

"Hermes has searched for where he thinks Hypnos might be found, and while he was searching... I don't know how to say this, but it is now no longer only Archie and Atlanta that are in this dream. Innocent people from all over New Olympia have been in a deep slumber and we believe Hypnos has also cast them into this dream. It appears so far that only New Olympia is experiencing this. The most recent person reported in this condition was at this address," As Hera said this, she handed a slip of paper to Jay with an address on it. "I believe Hypnos may still be nearby, but regardless, I have no doubt in my mind that you will run into Cronus during your search, and if you do, you must find out where he has Hypnos." With that said, Hera slowly walked back to where she had come from, and Jay stood up almost instantly.

"Okay, let's go guys. I think that Archie and Atlanta are safe here... at least, as safe as they can be, considering the circumstances. Nobody will be able to get to them here, but... we have to find Hypnos if we want to guarantee their safety. Herry, do you know where this is?" Jay asked, handing the slip over to Herry. The team was walking through the portal into the janitor's closet, wasting no time in heading to the address Hera had given them.

"Oh yeah, that's not far from our dorm, let's go." Herry quickly got into the driver's seat of his truck and put the keys in the ignition as he waited for the rest of the team to get in. Once they were all in the truck, seatbelts on, he pulled out of the school parking lot and headed in the direction of their dorm. Instead of turning at the light, he kept going straight which was where the address said they had to go. Herry slowed down as they got closer.

"Look for number thirty-seven," Jay told everyone. They looked out the window and finally Neil saw the house and pointed.

"There! There it is!" he exclaimed. Herry pulled over to the side of the road and parked.

"So, now what do we do Jay?" he asked. "We can't really go inside and ask where Hypnos is, since whoever answered wouldn't know." Jay thought for a moment, looking around the block.

"We split up and start searching. Everyone has their PMR's, right?" Jay asked. When everybody nodded, he continued. "Theresa and I will try and see if we can find out about what might have happened from whoever lives in this house. Herry, you drive around with Odie and Neil, and see if you can find any places you think Hypnos might be, or if you see anything suspicious. Keep us informed of your location every now and then, in case something happens. Theresa and I will do the same." Jay and Theresa took off their seatbelts and got out of Herry's truck, and started walking up the steps to the house.

"Jay, what exactly are we supposed to say? We don't know these people and besides that, maybe nobody's home. Or maybe they'll just slam the door in our faces," Theresa pointed out. Jay raised his hand to knock on the door, but stopped. Sighing, he lowered his hand.

"I know that, Theresa. But we have to try," he replied determinedly. Raising his hand again, he knocked on the door. For a few moments, there was silence, but finally they heard someone calling, saying that they would be there soon.

"Here goes nothing..." Theresa muttered.


Herry parked and turned off his truck. Taking a deep breath, he took his seatbelt off and stepped out of the vehicle, waiting for Odie and Neil. Once they had got out, they walked over to him.

"You think Hypnos will be here?" Odie asked. Herry shrugged, starting to walk.

"Who knows," he called back. They had been driving along the road when suddenly they had noticed a dirt path going off into the trees. They had no idea where it would lead, or even if it was a place that Hypnos would hide, but it couldn't hurt to check. Odie pulled his PMR out of his pocket.

"Jay, Theresa, you there?" he asked. He waited until Jay had responded, and then continued. "Listen, we were driving along the road and saw this dirt path. If you guys walk a little bit up you'll see it, its not hard to miss."

"Okay, we'll meet you th- I can't talk now, someone's coming to the door." Odie closed his PMR and put it back in his pocket. "Okay guys, let's go." Herry started walking ahead, when suddenly Neil screamed. Sighing, Herry turned around and looked at Neil.

"What?" he asked irritated.

"I heard a growling noise!" Neil exclaimed, pointing forward. Herry sighed, and rubbed his stomach.

"That was me, I didn't eat this morning." he told him. "Come on, let's go, and try not to scream unless you see something." Herry told him. They started walking again through the trees, until finally they were completely surrounded by trees. Herry thought he saw something up ahead, and he narrowed his eyes, as if that would help him see it better.

"Does anyone even know what Hypnos looks like?" Odie asked.

"Duh, he's a God." Neil replied. Odie stared blankly back at him.

"Thanks, Neil." he replied. For pointing out the obvious... Odie added in his head. "But I mean, physical traits. Something you could recognize him as." Neil screamed, and pointed straight ahead, one hand partly in his mouth.

"Does he look like... that?" Neil exclaimed. Odie and Herry turned around and saw someone sinking back into the shadows.

"Let's go!" Herry exclaimed. He pulled out his own PMR and shouted into it, "Jay, Theresa, we found him!"


Jay smiled apologetically at the woman who had answered the door, and pulled out his PMR.

"Where are you?" he asked quietly. Herry quickly told him where he was, and Jay closed his PMR.

"Found who?" the woman asked suspiciously. Jay and Theresa had knocked on the door, and an elderly woman had answered. At first, she had been extremely reluctant to let them in, but after Jay and Theresa explained that their friends were suffering from a condition similar- they obviously left out the part about looking for Hypnos- she had agreed to let them in for a few moments and tell them what she knew. So far she had said how her granddaughter had felt sleepy, even though she had been perfectly fine a few moments ago. She had fallen asleep while she was walking and fell to the ground, sleeping soundly.

"Oh, we were looking for another one of our friends, we thought maybe they had come down with whatever it is that everyone seems to be getting," Theresa filled in when Jay didn't speak. Jay stood up and walked over to the door, but turned around.

"I'm terribly sorry, but we have to go. Thank you for your time, and if we find out anything that we think you'll want to know, we'll tell you." With that said, Jay and Theresa walked out of the old woman's house and started running to where Herry had said they were. Let's hope it wasn't a false alarm... Jay thought as he ran. Every minute that goes by it seems another person is stuck in this dream. I wonder if Archie and Atlanta have seen them yet...


Atlanta's eyes fluttered open slowly as she heard the sound of someone speaking. She covered her eyes with her hands, as the sunlight blinded her. Sitting up, she saw Archie was lying next to her, still sleeping. If he's sleeping, who was talking? Atlanta thought. She felt bad about it, because she didn't know how long Archie had slept, but she shook him awake.

"Mmm... what?" Archie asked, yawning. He stretched and sat up, looking around. Seeing how close he had been to Atlanta, he jumped up to his feet and backed away. He cleared his throat again before scratching his head. "Sorry, I must have fallen asleep last night," he apologized. Atlanta shrugged.

"It doesn't matter, we're both still alive, so forget about it. Shh!" she replied suddenly, when Archie opened his mouth to speak. She covered his mouth with her hand, and looked around. She had heard the voices again, but where they were coming from, she didn't know. We just woke up and we already have to fight? Well, at least we got to sleep first. Atlanta thought.

"Do you hear that?" she whispered to Archie. She lowered her hand, hoping that Archie was smart enough to whisper if he HAD to speak.

"Hear what?" Archie asked. Atlanta didn't answer, but instead started creeping in the direction the voices were coming from. Archie followed quietly behind her, and they both hid near a tree. Out in a clearing, there was two girls and a guy talking to each other. They look like their from our time, not some creepy God. Then again, maybe they're descendants... but on Cronus' side. We can't take that chance, can we? Atlanta thought. Suddenly, Archie stepped on a twig, which made a loud cracking sound. The people in the clearing looked in the direction Archie and Atlanta were standing at, and started walking towards them.

"Way to go, Arch." Atlanta told him sarcastically. She outstretched her arm, ready to shoot with her wrist cross-bow if she had to. Archie pulled out his whip and got ready.

"Who are you?" the guy demanded, after they had made their way to Atlanta and Archie.

"We should ask you the same question," Archie retorted. "Listen, we don't have time for conversation, so let's just fight and get this over with, okay?" he cracked his whip on the ground and then got ready to strike, but Atlanta stopped him.

"No! Wait," she added. "This is Archie, and I'm Atlanta... you're not from here, are you?" she asked them. The girls sighed with relief when Atlanta stopped Archie.

"No! We fell asleep and just woke up here." one of the girls replied.

"So I guess we're all in the same boat. I didn't realize anyone else other than Archie and I were here," Atlanta started walking away, and Archie followed, but they stopped when they realized that the others were staring at them.

"Uh... you don't have any weapons, do you?" Archie asked them. They shook their heads, and exchanging a glance with Atlanta, Archie sighed. "You better come with us then, it's a bit dangerous here without them." the others seemed to like that idea, and followed closely behind Archie and Atlanta.

"So, what are your names anyways?" Atlanta asked, trying to make conversation as they made their way through the forest.

"I'm Lizzy," the brown haired girl replied. "And this is Sarah, and Andrew." she motioned at the other two. "I met Andrew here first, when some lion thing was attacking me. He scared it off and then when we were walking around, trying to get out of here when we heard Sarah screaming. Whatever was after her ran off, but it was scary. That was just before we heard you two." she added. Archie stopped walking and held out his arm to stop the others.

"Wait- did you hear that?" Archie replied. He turned around, his whip ready to attack. Lizzy, Sarah and Andrew moved sideways until they were out of the way. Atlanta turned around, raising her hand.

"Yeah, I did. Who's there?" she called. She waited for a response, but it was only silence that greeted her. Sighing, she turned around. "Let's go, I think maybe we were hearing things," she replied finally. She had just started walking when suddenly they heard the distinct sound of a twig breaking behind them.

"Wait here," Atlanta replied. She walked forward with Archie, bracing herself for anything that might pop out from the trees. Suddenly, she saw the woman she had seen in the cave the other day, grinning at her, and advancing towards them. She had a spear in hand, and charged towards them. Atlanta raised her arm and shot at the woman, seeing her as a threat considering she was running at them with a weapon, but she missed. As quickly as she had appeared, the woman had disappeared.

"Where is she?" Atlanta exclaimed, looking around. Suddenly, she looked down at where the woman had been standing and noticed a white sow standing in her place. Atlanta shot at it with her wrist cross-bow, just barely hitting the target as the white sow stormed past them, blood already staining it. Archie was ready with his whip and slashed at the sow, knocking it down to the ground without any life left in it. The sow turned back into the woman, and then disappeared.

"Well that was easy." Archie replied, putting the whip back in his pocket. "I'm actually disappointed, I wanted to start the day off with a good fight." he added. Lizzy, Sarah and Andrew stared back at him as if he was insane. Atlanta walked over to where the sow had been when it had fallen, but there was nothing there- not even a drip of blood.

"Maybe it was easy because she isn't dead. Any guesses just who she was?" Atlanta asked. Archie shrugged.

"How should I know? Odie and Jay are the ones who are into all of this Greek Mythology stuff." he turned to the newcomers.

"What about you guys? Any of you know anything about Greek Mythology?" he asked. Only apparently its not so much of a myth, is it? He thought, amused.

"I do," Andrew volunteered. "Not much, but... mostly I know just about some of the main heroes, and that particular woman crossed paths with Theseus once. I think her name is Phaea, she turns into a wild white sow. She's actually a thief, and pretty violent- she kills whoever she steals from, but I never heard anything about her just disappearing like that." Archie narrowed his eyes, turning back to where the sow had been.

"Phaea... well, maybe nothing dies here." Archie replied. Atlanta lowered her arm and started walking.

"Maybe not, but I'm not about to stick around to find out. Let's go." she called, as she started walking ahead of them. Lizzy, Sarah and Andrew exchanged a glance before turning back and facing them.

"We've agreed that... we want to find out who you are, and what you know about this place, before we go any further than we have already." Sarah replied shyly. "I mean, how do we know you aren't just taking us somewhere where you can... kill us, or something?" Atlanta rolled her eyes and sighed.

"We told you who we are. There isn't much else to say." Atlanta turned around and started walking again, Archie close behind her, but when she realized that the others were still standing back there, she sighed. Why should I tell them anything? Let them stay here, we can fend for ourselves and if they don't want our protection, we don't have to give it to them. Atlanta thought, frustrated. But... we can't do that. Stupid compassion...

"You won't last long if you just run from everything, and we can fight. That's all you need to know, this is just... a dream, anyways." Atlanta told them firmly.

"Well of course it's a dream," Andrew replied, laughing. "As if any of this would be real, I mean, mythical creatures, alive?" Atlanta and Archie exchanged a knowing look, but neither said anything. Let them think it's just a dream... maybe it is, in a way. But it's still all too real.

"I... you caught us. We're from here, both of us. There are more, but we can't find them. We're not bad though- we fight for our survival!" Atlanta exclaimed. She pretended to look disappointed that they had figured it out. Archie just gawked at her, surprised at what she was saying. What is she doing...? he thought, confused and barely able to follow along with her.

"Ha, I knew it!" Andrew exclaimed, a satisfied smirk on his face.

"Yeah, well... I'm a hunter, and Archie here is a warrior... we all have a purpose, but we mean you no harm." Archie, who had finally caught on, nodded.

"Well... alright, we'll go with you if you promise to protect us." Andrew told them. Atlanta sighed.

"Of course. Now please, can we get going? And if you see anything that we seem to have missed, let us know, okay?" Atlanta asked them. Especially if Phaea isn't dead and sneaks up on us again...

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Also, just a quick note, this chapter referred to Phaea and for those wondering, a "sow" is an female adult pig. Of course there's more to it than that but just as a quick heads up so you aren't too confused about it. I would have just said "female pig" except the word "sow" is what was used in the legend so that's what I used (I was looking at my encyclopedia for those wondering).
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