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Day 1 (Prolouge)

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A vacation turns to be a nightmare when Delilah, Julius and gang when they get stranded on an island...that is booby trapped...

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Chapter 1


Finally. I couldn't believe it. Delilah and me were going on vacation...VACATION...US!!! I tried to contain my excitement, and I could tell Delilah felt the same. We really needed to relax.

Here we are, on an academy plane. Not to stop bad guys from taking over the world. But to have fun. Al was driving the air plane, with Scarlett sitting in the passanger seat. Ursula and Emmet were sitting beside each other beside Delilah and me, and poor Nosey had to sit in the back by himself. Delilah and me were dissapointed that we couldn't go on vacation by outselves, you be normal kids. We're best friends...and we only hang out to save the world. But, hey, this is better than no vacation.

"Look at the view, Julius!" cried Delilah, tugging on my arm like a little kid.

I looked outside the window. She was right. It was dead gorgious.

"I can't wait to reach Hawwaii." I said.

"Me too," agreed Delilah.

We heard a pop can opening. We turned around to see Nosey opening an orange crush pop. He then put his head between Delilah and me, his pop barely spilling.

"Julius, let's play "I spy."" Nosey said excitely.

"Nosey, all there is is clouds, the air and the water under us. What's the point?" I asked him.

"It's something to do." said Nosey, shrugging.

As he shrugged, we heard a big "thump!" Noseys pop spilled all over Delilah's chair.

"NOSEY!" cried Delilah angrily.

That's when the speaker phone came to life, with Al's voice booming across the plane:

"Hold on, Kiddos, this is your captain speaking. There is some difficulties, so buckle up."

Ursula, Emmet and Nosey began to freak out. Delilah and me were scared, but we were basicly used to this, so we weren't as scared as them. Everyone buckled up. Everyones screams and breathing could be hard. I felt Delilah grab my hand, and squeezed it tight. I held her hand back.

Delilah was sitting by the window seat. A tree banch hit the window by Delilah, forcing it to break. Delilah screamed. I quickly grabbed Delilah, put her head in my chest, protecting her from the broken glass. Everyone went flying when the plane finally crashed landed. The engine blew, blowing angry black clouds of smoke. Everyone coughed.

"Everyone alright, my children?" asked Scarlett.

Everyone got out of the airplane. "It looks like it."

I looked around at our passangers. Nosey had a scratch on his cheek, both Ursula and Emmet had a few scratches on their arms, Delilahs nose was bleeding, and my lip was bleeding. Al and Scarlett looked alright.

"Oh, man!" cried out Al, "The engines blown up, and the planes crashed! The transmitter doesn't even work!"

"At least we brought some blankets, pillows and snacks..." said Ursula, thinking thoughfully.

Emmet went back inside the plane, came back out with seven blankets and pillows, and some chips, chocolate bars, pop, water, and so on. Good. Is that luck or what?

"Where are we?" Asked Nosey.

I took a look around. We were on a very small island, of course, surrounded by water. I couldn't really see the sandy, deserted island for all the trees in the way.


"Better make shelter," I told everyone.

Everyone agreed.

"Let's make two," said Delilah, thinking quick. "One for the guys, one for the girls."

"Sounds good." said Emmet.

Everyone found some spruce off of trees, leaves, braches, and logs. About an hour or two later, the happened to have two little shelters.

"It's so hot!" complained Ursula.

Al passed around water to all of us.

"Some vacation," muttered Scarlett. "Way to go, Al."

"It wasn't my fault!" cried out Al in defence. "I mean, man, everything was good...conditions...currents, the plane..."

"Well, you did something wrong!" cried out Emmet.

"Shut-up, Emmet!" cried out Delilah. "It's not his fault!"

"GUYS!" screamed Nosey, making everyone shut-up. "We're stranded. Right, everyone knows that. Fighting isn't going to help. So everyone, shut-up. It's late, let's retire for the night."

"For once, the idiot makes sence," says Ursula.

Everyone laughed a little bit. Emmet, Al, and Nosey went to the shelter in the left, as Ursula and Scarlett went into the right shelter.

"Coming to bed, children?" Scarlett asked us.

"Nah, not tired." I said.

"I'm not, either." said Delilah. "We're come in in a bit."

"Just don't wake us up, or I'll be pissed," warned Ursula.

Delilah and me sighed at the same time. We both went to the shore of the island. It was beautiful. It was a harvest moon above us, reflecting its beauty on the ocean like it was a mirror. Delilah and me sat down. We took off our shoes and socks, welcoming the sand and water into our toes. This would be fun and nice...if we weren't stranded.

"I can't believe this," muttered Delilah. "I should have known a vaction was too good to be true."

"never a dull moment," I replied, shrugging.

"That's true." Delilah responded. "I...just have a bad feeling about this, you know?"

"I know what you mean," I said, starring into the water. "Delilah, we need to watch each others backs. We need to look after each other. I'll never forgive myself if something happened to you."

"I feel the same way about you too, Julius." Delilah said, giving her first smile.

I smiled back. "Promise me, Delilah. Promise me you'll take care of yourself. Promise me you won't try to be a hero, and try to run off. Promise me you'll come to me if anythings wrong."

"I promise, I promise!" cried out Delilah, putting her hands in the air as if she was surrendering, while laughing.

We both laughed...I guess a little too loud.

"SHUT UP!" yelled Ursula from her shelter.

"Sorry," I called back.

Delilah and me went towards our shelter.

"Night, Julius." Delilah said.

"Night Delilah."


What they didn't know, was a someone...or something, was lurking in the shadows of the island...watching them...and planning their deaths.


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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