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Day 2 (Taking Over Me)

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Day 2: Looks can be decieving...

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Day 2 (Taking Over Me)


Ursula's screams woke everyone up. Everyone gasped, and the boys ran to our shelter.

"What's wrong?" Nosey asked, tripping over his own feet.

Emmet sighed, and helped him up.

"SPIDER!" screamed Ursula, pointing to the spider on her pillow.

Scarlett and me then screamed. I hated spiders! (a/n: SPIDERS ROCK!!! LOL)

The girls and me ran out of our shelter.

"COME ON!" Cried out Julius, "It's just a bug! I may not like them, but I don't scream!"

"It's coming out of the shelter!" screamed Ursula, pointing her finger at it.

"Not a camping fans, are you girls?" Emmet said smirking, while stepping on the spider.

"That was one hell of a wake up call, my child," said Scarlett said, letting out a sigh.

Just then, Emmet tripped, and ran into the girls' shelter, and wrecked it.

"EMMET!" Everyone screamed.

"Sorry!" cried out Emmet.

"Now what?" I asked.

"I got an idea," said Scarlett said. "Why don't us each have our own jobs? Or have partners to do a task?"

"Sounds good to me," said Nosey.

"Delilah and me will get firewood for at night when it gets cold," said Julius.

"Ursula and me will make an "s.o.s." sign out of rocks on the sand," said Nosey thoughtfully.

"I think the big man and me should make some weapons." Said Scarlett.

"Weapons? What for?" asked Emmet.

"So we can attack each other," joked Scarlett. "You never know what's on this island. We got to defend ourselves."

"Good point." Nosey said.

"And're fixing the girls shelter." said Scarlett, smirking.

"And while you're at it, why don't you make more shelters? Maybe two groups of two and one group of three shelters? Delilah snores..." complained Ursula.

"DO NOT!" I cried out in defence.

Everyone laughed, and I blushed.

"I guess we have all the time in the world. I guess it wouldn't hurt," Julius said, shrugging.

"Come on, Juls, let's go get some firewood," I said.

Julius and me headed for the woods. It was beautiful, again, if we weren't stranded. The leaves gave us shade, making Julius and me sigh with happiness. It felt so good. Julius and me seperated a little bit to collect wood. I was in the bushes, when I heard heavy breathing. Huh?

I looked into the bushes. The last thing I remember seeing was these red eyes, and then everything went black...



"Delilah, I got lots of wood, how about you?" I called out.

I found Delilah. She was just starring at me, and had no branches in her hands.

"Delilah, we were supposed to collect wood," I moaned in dissapointment, as I walked up to her.

"Get lost!" she cried out.

"What?" I asked, confused.

I stepped back as if someone slapped me. "De?"

"Get off this island," continued Delilah, "Or I will give you all slow and painful by one..."

Then Delilah shook her head, and put her hands on her head. She cried out in pain, as she fainted. Luckly I was there to catch her just in time. With Delilah in my arms, I felt how cold she was. She was as cold as ice. But, if she was so cold...why was she drenched in sweat?

"De?" I cried out again.

Delilah was only slowly breathing heavily. She kept on moaning. What the hell happened? I picked up Delilah, as if she only weighed as much as a feather. I carried her like a baby, to get her out to safety. I dropped my firewood, making it forgetten. Delilah was way more imprortant. I hated to admit it, but I liked Delilah in my arms. I liked feeling as I was helping her. I just hoped she was ok. I don't knowing what was going on, but that wasn't the Delilah I knew...and loved.

I was almost out of the woods, when Delilah gave off a soft moan. "My head..."

"DELILAH! You're ok!" I cried out in happiness.

"What happened?" Delilah asked.

I put Delilah down, but she began to wobble. "You really don't remember?"

"not a thing. Last thing I remembered was going to get some firewood..."

Delilah was about to fall down again, when I quickly caught her. I put her hand around my shoulder to help her keep her balance and walk. We met with the group.

Al and Scarlett made some wooden sword, some vines out of the spruce of trees and a wooden basket. (a/n: LOL I know some things off of the Truth Be Gold) Nosey and Ursula only had the "S" done of the S.O.S. sign, and Emmet got two more shelters done.

"What's wrong with Delilah?" asked Al, running up to us.

"Nothing. She justs needs a rest." I replied. "We'll get some firewood tomorrow, sorry about that."

I decided it was best not to tell them what Delilah said. I guess it was unnessasary. That's not Delilah...why would she say that? It was like she was possessed or something...wierd. I helped Delilah into the newly shelter Emmet just made. I got a blanket and a pillow. I put the blanket over Delilah, making sure she was comfortable. I lifted up Delilah's head and put the pillow under her head.

"Thanks." Muttered Delilah. "I'm so tired."

"You're welcome." I told her.

"It's getting dark. We better get some sleep." I told myself outloud.

"Julius, please don't leave me alone." Moaned Delilah.

"Of course." I told her, smiling.

It really did felt good helping her. I got my pillow and blanket, and fell asleep beside Delilah.

Hopefully things would look up in the morning...but I doubted it.


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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