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A run for help

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When out on a jog, one of the heroes is captured! Who's gone out to save him? And will she be risking her own life for his? JxT, some AxA. Sorry, I suck at summaries, and saying more just might giv...

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Author's Note: This is my fist fan-fic, hope there's no/very little grammar mistakes. R&R, and tell me if I should change/fix something etc.. by the way, i've posted this story on but different usernames (new one is hawaiin.ginger) because i changed them, but they wouldn't let me change them on this site. anyways, on with the story.

In this life

A run for help

It was a beautiful day out. It was the kind of day were you just couldn't sit at home; you just had to be outside. Three teenagers had taken advantage of the nice weather and had gone out for a run in the park. Although this was just a simple jog, a violet haired boy and a red-head girl took this as yet another competition.

"You're going to eat my dust - again!"

By the time the red-head had done 4 laps around the field, the violet-haired boy had only barely managed to finish one. He mumbled something uncomprehensible under his breath while the red-head smirked. He wasn't giving up too easily. You could say he was kind-of a sore loser. And he definitely wasn't going to lose to a girl - the girl he loved.

"Atlanta, race you back home!" but he hadn't gotten an answer since Atlanta was already on her way, smiling because she knew she was going to win again. The brunette had told them he'd do one more lap and then catch up to them. Running cleared his mind of almost anything; almost. He still wondered what his enemy was up to. Everyone always told him he should loosen up and to not worry so much. He wouldn't always be thinking about Cronos though. His light-red haired friend crossed his mind quite a few times already. But he would quickly think about something else. How could he enjoy himself while Cronus was on the loose somewhere, planning his revenge? And would they ever defeat him, or will it be an on-going battle?

That's when he heard someone scream. Someone was in danger! He kept running forward, desperately trying to figure out where that scream had come from, when he heard the person yell again for help. He stopped at the entrance to the forest. Whatever or whoever it was, it was coming from in there. Running deeper and deeper into the dense forest, he could no longer hear the cry for help. He stopped at a clearing to look around. He scratched the back of his head, somewhat confused. He was sure the voice was coming from here, but there wasn't anything or anyone around. 'Maybe I took a wrong turn somewhere'. He was about to turn back to take the other path when something cold and hard hit him on the back of his head. He fell to the ground, head pounding. He was trying to get up, only to fall again to the ground. But by then everything had gone black.


So what do you guys think? Yes, I know it sucks and it's kind of short, okay really short, but the chapters will get a lot better and longer. Please review!
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