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One for One

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Theresa goes off to find Jay, but Jay's already gone...

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Author's Note: Sorry the first chapter was so short - I was busy plotting revenge on my hairdresser who cut my hair waaayy too short for my liking. Anyway, he's the second chapter, thanks to everyone who reviewed! Enjoy!

In this life

One for One

A loud evil cackle was heard from behind some bushes. A tall, dark figure emerged from them. "You mortals, always trying to 'help' people and doing good deeds. And where has it gotten you now?" He let out a little chuckle and called his brown-skinned giant Agnon and nodded to him. Agnon then grabbed the unconscious Jay and dragged him out of the forest.


When Archie and Atlanta arrived back at their dorm they were almost entirely covered in sweat and out of breath. Even though Atlanta was much faster than Archie, he was still a competition for her. Sometimes they'd almost be head to head.
"Hey guys, how was your run?"
"It was great, you should have come Theresa."
"Maybe next time... so where's Jay?"
"Oh, he said he'd do one more lap." Archie couldn't help but glance out the window. 'He should have been here by now.'
The light red head nodded and went back to reading her book. But almost as soon as she picked it up, she had put it back down. For some reason she had a strange feeling that Jay was in danger. She absently got up and looked out the window. He was nowhere in sight. Archie knew Theresa was getting worried, and so was he, so he took out his PMR and called Jay. But all he got in return was static and a screen flashing 'no signal'. Odie, the descendant of Odysseus, had entered the room only to find three worried faces staring out their window. "Hey guys, what's wrong?" Atlanta was the first to speak. "Jay's not here yet and there's no signal from his PMR. Can you track him down?" Odie had immediately left the room to get his silver laptop. He came back and instantly started typing away furiously at it. "It's going to be hard, and it might take a while." He told them this without taking his eyes off the screen. Atlanta started to make her way to the door when a slender hand grabbed her wrist. "Atlanta, you can't go back there. What if it's a trap and you get captured too?" Atlanta stopped dead in her tracks and thought about this. 'What if it was a trap?' She looked down at her best friend and saw the concern on her face. Theresa was more concerned than all of them put together, and her going off to search for Jay is just going to worry her even more. Atlanta finally muttered a 'fine' and went to see if Odie had any luck finding something. He just shook his head. She let out a sigh. She couldn't very well just sit here and wait. But they had no other choice.


Jay slowly opened his eyes but quickly winced in pain. His head was pounding and it felt like his veins were going to explode. He looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. For one thing it was dark. The only source of light was a little torch that hung on the wall. As a matter of fact, that was also the only source of heat too since freezing in there. He could hear little drops of water fall from the ceiling. From the looks of it, he seemed to be in some sort of a cave. He looked up to find that his hands had been tied together with a rope hung to the wall. 'Damn it'. He looked down and to his surprise and joy his legs/feet weren't tied up. He didn't have to think twice about how he got here; he was sure that this was Cronus' doings. He half expected Cronus to show up any second now and say something stupid like "I see our hero has woken up", but surprisingly he didn't. He frantically looked around trying to find a way to get loose. He saw that Cronus' giants were in fact, asleep on the ground. That's when he noticed the big rock sitting under the torch. A few spears lay on top of it. If he could reach one of them, he just might be able to cut himself loose. 'But how?'

*Back at the dorm*
After a few hours of searching, Hera had told the team to get some rest. Everyone mumbled something about how Jay was in trouble, but Hera quickly ordered them to get to bed. But Theresa was rolling around in her bed. She couldn't sleep. Not when Jay was in danger. That's when she had a vision. She knew where Jay was! But there isn't enough time to alert the others so she just wrote them a note and left it on the kitchen table. She grabbed her car keys and was off.

Dear guys/Atlanta,

Gone out to get Jay. Don't worry. Be back soon!

Love, Theresa.

'That's it!' Jay started to swing his legs back and forth, trying to reach a spear. Still, he couldn't reach it. 'I've got to try'. He was always only inches away from it. This time he swung his legs as far as he could, and managed to grab the back of the spear with his toes. He whispered a little 'yes' and threw it up and caught it with his mouth. He quickly started to poke at the rope with the head of the spear. Slowly little threads started to break, until it was enough for him to wriggle out his hands. He jumped to the ground and stopped. After all that he didn't want to wake the giants and get captured again. He knew he was out-numbered here. So he carefully tip-toed past the giants but stopped when one of them rolled around. It seemed like he was waking up. He held his breath and then sighed with relief when the giant went back to sleep. He slowly made his way to the back of the cave. He couldn't just leave through the front. What if Cronus was there? 'There has to be another way out'. He searched around until he stopped at a rock. He could see a small ray of light coming from the cracks behind it. Quietly he pushed the rock until there was enough room for him to crawl out. Once outside he place the rock back the way it was.


Theresa drove up to the cave. 'This is the place from my vision'. She parked a few feet away from the cave and walked to the entrance.


Cronus decided it was time to check up on his dear 'friend'. He made his way to were he kept Jay, slowly going over his this-time-it's-going-to-work plan. "Ah, I see our hero has woken u- WHAT? Agnon! You incompetent fool! I told you to watch the boy! Now he's escaped. Although he couldn't have gotten far... Go find him!" With that, all his giants started to search the cave. "Agnon, go check the entrance before he makes a run for it!"


Ha, Jay escaped, but now Theresa is stuck there! What's going to happen to her? You'll see in the next chapter. I've somewhat started writing it, so it might be up tomorrow. 1,180 words, that's like more than double what I wrote yesterday. Sorry, I know it's still not that long; it's only 2 pages on Word. Review please, tell me what you guys think of this chapter. Thanks!
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