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Cave in

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What happened to Theresa? etc...

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Author's Note: Sorry it took me a little longer to update this time. See, I had a little writer's block because as you all know, Theresa is now stuck in the cave, out-numbered. I didn't want her to end up in a damsel-in-distress type scenario, so I tried to go around that. But, if she doesn't get captured then the story would kind of end here because she gets saved, goes home etc... Still not sure what's going to happen in this chapter, but yes, she's going to get captured I guess... But she's definitely not going down without a fight!

In this life

Cave in

Theresa heard loud footsteps approaching her. 'Maybe it's one of the giants.' She quickly hid behind an oddly shaped rock just inside the opening of the cave. She peeked from the side of it and saw that it was Agnon. She noticed that he was looking for something, but she didn't have time to think about that, she had to help Jay. Agnon made his way out of the cave, and Theresa took this as her chance to slip into the cave unnoticed. Once inside she shivered. Not just because it was horribly cold, but because this whole place was sending shivers up and down her spine. She looked around; she couldn't see very much, she was blinking hard trying to get her eyes used to the darkness. The inside of the cave looked so fragile. As though a little shake could collapse the whole place down. She looked up at the stalactites hanging down from the ceiling; she could feel the little drops of water land on her head. She heard a familiar voice coming from much deeper in the cave and followed it. Cronus was yelling at his two remaining giants. She couldn't quite make out the words, but it didn't matter since she had immediately started searching the room with her eyes for Jay. 'Where could he be? This isn't a very big cave, so he has to be somewhere around here.' Theresa started to quietly make her way out of the room but stopped. She had hit something; she looked up. It was Agnon. 'Shit.' "Agnon, where are you? Did you find him?" Agnon was trying to grab Theresa but she quickly took out her nun chucks and took a hit at him. The giant lifted his hand to pat his bruised nose. Theresa started to run; she needed to get out of here. 'But what did Cronus mean by did you find him? I thought Cronus already had Jay...' That's when it hit her. Jay had probably escaped. 'Then what the hell am I still doing here?' Quickly she started to look for the entrance/exit. But now she was lost. She hadn't gone through this room before. All she could do was hide. She didn't want to get captured; she knew she was out-numbered here. Cronus was looking for her. If he couldn't use Jay as bait to lure the others, than he'd use Theresa. He wasn't about to let another one of them escape, not this time. Theresa crouched down and then crawled out of the space she was just in. With any luck, she'd be able to find the exit and leave unseen. She searched everywhere but she just couldn't find it. She started to panic and bit her lower lip, something she did when she was afraid or nervous. What would Cronus do to her? She made her way past a few stalagmites when she noticed some light - it was the exit! She ran as fast as her legs could carry her but stopped face to face with three of Cronus' giants. They smiled at each other; they always got their butts kicked by seven kids, but this was only one. They started to take swings at her, each one trying to grab her at the same time. She jumped and kicked one of them square in the face. He fell backwards, bringing down Agnon with him. She then quickly took out her nun chucks and hit the two headed giant on his arms and legs. He fell to the ground, clutching his knee in pain. 'Never underestimate a girl.' She smiled. She turned around making her way to the exit when Cronus appeared in front of her. He looked at his three giants, all on the ground in pain. He sighed and glared at them, rubbing his forehead. He then turned around facing Theresa. "Leaving already Theresa? Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you're going to have to stay. You see, you're a very crucial part of my plan." She jumped, ready to kick Cronus when someone grabbed her from behind. She squirmed and kicked around, trying to get herself loose but it was no use. "Agnon, bring her inside."


Jay arrived back at the dorm tired and weak. Back at the cave it had taken him a while to figure out where he was, but once he started walking he figured out the way to get back home. He opened the door and was greeted with five surprised faces. Then they all jumped up and ran to hug Jay. "Jay! You're okay!" "What happened to you?" "Was it Cronus?" He was being asked a million questions and he had barely taken a breath! "Guys, calm down. I'm okay." Once he assured them that he was fine, he sat down on one of the chairs. "So, where's Theresa?" Everyone looked at Jay as though he had gone insane. "Uuhh, Theresa left to save you, duh." Jay was confused. "But she didn't save me. I didn't see her. I escaped before Cronus could do whatever he had planned. How do you guys know she went to get me?" All he received was blank stares. They couldn't believe it. They lost Jay, and now he's back, but only to have now lost Theresa? Archie grabbed the note Theresa had left them that morning and silently passed it to Jay. "We figured she found out where you were taken and went to get you." Odie looked at his friends; they were all kind of shocked. "Does this mean Theresa's captured?!" Atlanta couldn't help but yell this out. Now her best friend was in danger! "Jay, where did Cronus take you? We can track down Theresa and go save her." "Well when I woke up I was...." Jay told them everything while Odie jotted some notes down on his laptop. "So it was a cave you say?" Jay nodded. He still remembered how to get there and whished with all his heart that Theresa was safe. "Wait, I didn't leave through the entrance, there's another way in/out. And I don't think Cronus knows about it. So we can sneak in through there to get Theresa. Cronus won't even know we came!" Everyone nodded in agreement to Jay's plan. They had to act fast, before it was too late for Theresa.


Agnon had tied her hands together and hung her to the ceiling the same way he had with Jay. "This time their will be no escapes. Because you won't be able to." He laughed evilly, apparently pleased with himself. He took out a test tube full of some strange looking purple liquid out from inside his black business suits' pocket. He cupped Theresa's chin in his hand and pressed on the sides of her rosy cheeks so that he mouth would open. "You see, once you swallow this poison... he smiled let's just say your end will be near." He then dumped the content of the tube into her mouth and let go of her chin. But as soon as he had poured it into her mouth, she had spit it back out at his face, making sure she didn't swallow any of it. He wiped his face with his hand and glared at her. "You're going to regret that Theresa." "What? You mean just like I'm going to regret this?" She swung her feet back and pushed herself off the wall, flying forward, feet aimed to Cronus' face. She had hit the left side of his face. She smiled. They hardly ever touched or hit Cronus and it felt good. "I have no more patience for you. I am going to end this now." A scythe had then instantly appeared in his left hand. He hit the walls of the cave, which started to wobble. He laughed as he saw the worried expression on the girl's face. "Although I would have loved for you to have a slow and painful death making your friends suffer as well, I'll just have to settle for you being buried alive. You know, us gods can't get everything." The cave was starting to collapse, and in mere minutes Theresa would be buried alive! The prophecy would be broken, and he would be left to rule the world. He shook his head, wondering why he hadn't thought of this earlier. He looked back and smiled. Even though Jay had escaped, Cronus had managed to poison him; in a different way. He lifted his hand and a dark portal appeared. He stepped in, but then poked his head out. "Night-night Theresa." He laughed, happy with the outcome of his plan, and then disappeared. Theresa was panicking; Cronus was right, she would be buried alive. A stalactite fell and crashed on the ground beside her. 'Shit, I almost got hit with that! Wait, that's it! If I can get the stalactite to hit the rope, it'll break because they're so sharp!" She started to swing a bit until her rope was right under a stalactite that had started cracking and was on the verge of falling. 'Yes! It worked!' Seconds later, Theresa was on the ground, still untying the rope off her hands. She had to get out of here and quick! She ran and ran until she got to the exit. The ceiling on top of it was already cracking! She jumped and landed on her stomach outside on the soil. When she looked back, the whole cave had collapsed! There was smoke and dust everything and Theresa started to cough. 'That was close!' She searched herself for her PMR; the others were probably worried about her. But it wasn't there! She made her way to her car and reached for her keys. 'At least these are still here'. She put them into the ignition and was off. But she couldn't help but feel really light-headed and dizzy. She started to cough uncontrollably. She parked her car on the side of the deserted road, just until she could catch her breath. She laid her head on the steering wheel, feeling as though she was going to faint. (A/N: I was going to end it here, but I didn't want to leave you guys with a cliffhanger, so on the chapter goes!) She looked around inside her car; she knew she had some aspirin in here somewhere. That's when she found her PMR, it was stuck between the seat; it must have fell out when she got out of her car. She dialed Atlanta's number, but her PMR fell to the ground when she started coughing again, much worse this time, and now she was gripping on to the armrest beside her. What was happening to her? 'Was I affected by whatever Cronus gave me? But it can't be, I made sure I didn't swallow any... Then what the hell is wrong with me?'


As soon as Atlanta heard her PMR ring, she knew it was Theresa. I mean, who else could it be, they were all in Herry's truck except for her. But when she answered the line went dead. "Odie, can you pick up her signal? I think she just tried to call me!" Odie nodded and started pressing buttons and buttons on his PMR. "I think I've got a lock on her! Just up ahead. Over there!" he was pointing to where he saw Theresa's car parked on the side. "Thheerreesaa!!" Atlanta had jumped out of the truck even before Herry had made a full stop. She ran to Theresa's car, to find her friend passed out on her seat. She quickly checked for a pulse; she found it. Theresa wasn't dying, and her breathing was steady now. Everyone caught up to Atlanta, and stopped when they saw that Theresa was unconscious. "Herry, take Theresa to the truck. I'll drive her car back. Then we'll take her to see Chiron. But first Odie make sure to bandage any wounds she might have. Let's go!" Jay sat in the driver seat of Theresa's sports car and turned it on. 'She never lets me drive this'. He smiled.


I guess this chapter turned out okay... like I said; I didn't want a whole "damsel-in-distress" thing where she gets caught and Jay comes to her rescue. Nope, Theresa is perfectly capable of taking care of herself... for the most of it anyways. But now I think I've got most of it figured out.. I'm thinking about a lot of different options now because Theresa is kind of safe, and well I'm not just going to end the story here...God, I've got give a lot of credit to all the fan fic writers here; it's soo hard coming up with something original/not yet used/exciting and to work off that. .It's a lot of work... anyways... thanks for all the reviews and keep reviewing please! And I promise I'll have the next chapter up realllllyyy soon (it's almost done)!
P.S. I told you guys my chapters will be getting longer/better (I hope). This chapter is 2, 028 words! Yesss!
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