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He strikes at Midnight

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What's going to happen to Theresa? And was it really Jay?

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Author's Note: Okay, thanks again for all the reviews guys, and all your help. I doubt you guys would have been expecting what is about to happen in this chapter. Enjoy!

In this life

He strikes at Midnight

/At Chiron's Study/
Theresa was still laying there unconscious but they were told that she should be waking up very soon. Chiron had informed them that nothing seemed to be wrong with her. Her breathing was normal, as well as her pulse. He couldn't figure out why she had fainted. "We'll just have to wait and ask her when she wakes up." That's when they heard a loud moan coming from Theresa. "She's waking up!" Theresa opened her eyes to see six worried faces starring down at her. She lifted herself up until she was in a sitting position. She held her head in her hands; her head was still pounding. "Theresa you're okay!!" Everyone came to hug her. "Can I have some aspirin please?" Atlanta ran off to get her some and was back seconds later. "Thanks" After Theresa took the medicine, Jay was the first to ask her something. "Theresa, what happened back there?" She groaned in pain. She wakes up and they're already asking questions?? She turned her head away. She was still wondering herself about what had happened. Was she poisoned? Or was it just because of the cave in? What did that vision she had back there mean? So many thoughts were going through her mind. Where had her friends found her?

Theresa came back to reality when she noticed Jay snapping his fingers in front of her face. "Theresa?" "What?" "What happened, that's what!" 'I guess I'll tell them all I know...' She sighed. "Well you see when I went in the cave to look for...." After she was done, everyone seemed a little confused. She had told them about the poison part, but Chiron said there was no trace of anything in her blood. "Theresa, I think you should go home and get some rest." Chiron also told her that it was probably all just from the cave in. She nodded and stood up making her way to the door. The others followed.

/Back at the dorm/
Everyone was seated around the TV. They had just finished watching a horror movie, and now the credits were rolling. Many of them started to yawn, said goodnight and got up making their way to their own bedrooms. But Theresa couldn't sleep, she was wondering about so much. She went up to the roof and sat on the edge. She sat there thinking, wondering about everything... nothing made sense to her anymore. A few minutes later she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Soon the door opened and Jay came out. "Mind if I join you?" She shook her head. He sat down beside her and sighed. There were a few minutes of silence, but it wasn't uncomfortable. They both liked being in each other's presence. But Jay had broken the silence. "Theresa, why did you go after me alone?" She knew the answer to that question, but she wasn't very well just going to tell him. "...Because you would have done the same for anyone of us... and thanks for saving me back there, I.. I don't know why I fainted..." "You're thanking me? Theresa, I should be thanking you! You risked your life for mine, and you didn't even think twice about it." Theresa blushed slightly.

He stared at her for a moment. 'God, she really is beautiful... but I've got no time for falling in love. Not when Cronus is out there somewhere.' But something in the back of his mind told him he should tell her how he feels, Cronus or no Cronus. He quickly pushed this thought away. If Cronus ever found out, he'd use her against him for sure. He couldn't put her in that position, especially not after what she just went through for him. When he noticed that he was still staring at her, he quickly turned away, blushing furiously. He was just hoping that she hadn't notice. And it seemed like she didn't; she seemed distant, like something was still troubling her.

Deep down she had a bad feeling that whatever Cronus had cooked up still wasn't over. She suddenly had the same vision that she had on her way back from the cave; it was of someone or something hurting her... when she thought about it, she remembered that last time whatever it was had got her, and that's probably why she fainted. 'But that makes no sense.' She pushed that vision away and turned to Jay. She loved talking to him. He always made her feel better whenever she would be sad or angry. But he needed to loosen up; how could she ever tell him, when she was sure he didn't feel the same way. 'I mean, the only thing he really cares about is well, Cronus. He sleeps, eats and breathes Cronus. He'd have no time for me.'

But Jay would have loved to sit here with her all night, in complete silence if she wanted, but he knew that the others would start getting suspicious about where they were off to, and never let them live it down. He rolled his eyes; sometimes his friends could be so immature. He turned to Theresa, still regretting having to ruin the 'moment'. "We should be... getting to bed." Jay got up and held out hid hand to help Theresa up. They made their ways to their bedrooms. "Goodnight Jay" She smiled at him and he couldn't help but smile back. "Good night Theresa." She closed her door and he opened his room door, when suddenly his head started pounding. 'What the hell was that?' He striped down to his boxers and got into bed, head still hurting but eventually fell asleep....

Theresa screamed. She turned to her side so that it hit her arm. She screamed again, this time waking up the whole team. She ran out of her bedroom, terrified and crying. The first person she saw was Archie. "Archie, don't let him get me PLEASE!" He put his hand on her shoulder and looked at her, and then he noticed that her arm was bleeding. "Theresa, what happened?" Everyone was coming over to see Archie and Theresa. She was still crying and when she saw Jay come out of the kitchen she shrieked. She begged Archie not to let him get to her. "You mean Jay?" Now Archie was really confused. "What's going on guys? I come to get a glass of water and now the whole team is up?" Jay put down his glass cup and gave them a look that meant 'give me an explanation now, and it better be a good one'. Atlanta went to see Theresa, completely ignoring Jay and inspected her arm. It was a cut, not too deep which was good. She got bandages and started to bandage her arm.

When Jay started to approach Theresa because he saw her arm she screamed and told him to get away from her. Everyone looked puzzled at each other. Why was Theresa so afraid of Jay? They all looked at Atlanta; they knew if anyone can get whatever happened out of Theresa it'd be her. Atlanta nodded and told Theresa to come spend the night in her room. Theresa agreed happily.

When they got settled in, Atlanta decided it was time to ask Theresa. "Theresa, what happened back there? And why was your arm bleeding? Wait, and why are you so afraid of Jay?" A few tears started to trickle down Theresa's check when she was remembering what had just occurred. "It was Jay..." "What do you mean it was -"I mean he's the one who gave me this cut. When I woke up he was over my bed and had his knife to my throat. When I realized this I turned around quickly so it hit my arm. He must have slipped out of my room when I ran out..." Atlanta's mouth was wide open, she couldn't believe this. Jay? Hurting Theresa?? "Are you sure? I mean maybe the horror movies are getting to you. He only got up to get a cup of water..." Theresa starred at her friend in disbelief. She didn't believe her... and that would mean no one would.

Theresa quietly got into her sleeping bag. So many things were going through her mind. 'Why had Jay done that? Did it have anything to do with her vision earlier? And why wouldn't Atlanta believe her?' Atlanta watched her friend carefully. 'Was it something I said?' After Theresa had fallen asleep (which was only about 10 minutes later) Atlanta made her way to Archie's bedroom. "What are you doing here?" Archie started blushing when he remembered that he was still in his boxers. But Atlanta hadn't noticed. "Call the others except for Jay... I know what happened."

Everyone except for Jay and Theresa were sitting in Archie's room five minutes later. "So, tell us what happened?" When Atlanta was done, everyone was well, like her; confused. "I think she's having nightmares. Now can I go back to my beauty sleep?" He was the first to have spoken since Atlanta. "Guys, maybe she's wasn't dreaming. What if Jay really did hurt her?" Everyone looked at Odie as though he had gone insane. "No really guys. I mean can any of you explain the cut she has?" They all looked at each other. "But why would Jay do that?" "That's what we need to figure out" Odie told them he'd install tiny cameras everywhere in the house. That way, if something did happen again then they'd have it on tape to prove. "Until then, we should all get some sleep. And keep an eye on Theresa and Jay." Everyone grumbled something about the little amount of sleep that they get and left. Only Atlanta was left in Archie's room. He knew she was really worried. He put his arms around her shoulder and looked at her. "Don't worry Atlanta, we'll keep an eye on them" She nodded and turned to look at him, his arm still around her. "Thanks Arch" She slowly got up and went back to her room.

When they woke up that morning, Odie and Herry were already up, and had just finished installing the cameras. "Guys, remember not to tell Jay and Theresa about these" Odie had warned them many times about this. They all rolled their eyes and made their way to the kitchen to have breakfast, when Theresa came down. She sat as far away from Jay as she possibly could. She didn't want him hurting her again. She goes out to save him and then he almost kills her? She shook her head, this was all just way too much for her to handle.

After breakfast and some TV, Neil told them he was going to the mall. His favorite store was having a twenty-five percent off sale! Odie and Herry said they'd go with him, and check out the electronics. Jay said he was going to go on a little run and Archie and Atlanta said they were going skateboarding. But Atlanta was still worried. Archie kept telling her Theresa was going to be fine, but Atlanta was feeling kind of guilty about leaving her alone especially after what had happened last night. 'What if something happens when we're gone?' But still, Atlanta left while Theresa was cooking something; it always did make her feel better to cook.

While they were skateboarding, Atlanta suddenly stopped. She just had a strong feeling that something bad was going to happen. She told Archie this, and he told her they could go check up on her if she wanted to. She nodded. When they opened their dorm door, Atlanta screamed. "OH MY GOD"


hehe, what happened to Theresa? What's going on with Jay? Was it really him? All revealed in the next chapter, which I have already started. This chapter was only 1,952 words, but the next one will be longer. Tell me what you guys think about this chapter/the story so far. I don't know if it's getting better so please R&R! Sorry about leaving you guys with a cliffhanger but... yeah. Thanks guys. And chapter 5 will be up really soon!
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