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Blurred Tears

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What did Atlanta and Archie see? And what does the team uncover thanks to the tape?

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Author's Note: Now most of your questions will be answered in this chapter. What actually happened to Theresa? What's wrong with Jay? Dun dun dun duunnn. Sorry I'm slightly going insane because of the heat. This story isn't going to be too much longer. Maybe 2 more chapters? Thanks to everyone who reviewed, they really helped me keep writing this. :D

In this life

Blurred Tears

Atlanta couldn't move. She couldn't believe it. She was looking down at her best friends' still body. While Atlanta just stood there, Archie ran over to check for a pulse. It took him quite a while before he could find one. "Atlanta, it's really faint, but she's still alive." Theresa's body was covered in bruises, scratches, blood and deep cuts. Actually most of the room was splattered in blood; the doorknob, the walls, the table. There were a few holes in the walls, and the couch had a hole in it too. Just looking at the room made Archie wonder about what had happened, and if he actually wanted to know.

Theresa's face was too pale for comfort so Atlanta took out her PMR; she had to call the others, Theresa needed serious medical attention. Then she and Archie carried her outside to where Herry's truck was parked. Odie ran in the brownstone, saying he needed to get something; he emerged from their dorm holding a tape; the tape. Everything they needed to know was on there. In a few minutes they were making their way to Chiron's study. They took Theresa to him and Atlanta seemed to be on the verge of tears. Why was all this happening to her? To them? Chiron ordered them to stay out of the room until he was done.

Jay was the only one missing, and everyone was wondering where he was. They all sat outside Chiron's room, nobody speaking a word. Odie was the first to break the uncomfortable silence. "Are you guys ready to watch the tape? We need to know who did this." Everyone nodded, all wondering if they could handle what they were about to see. They knew it would be worse that any horror movie they had ever seen.

When Odie put the tape in, he fast forwarded through the breakfast/everyone leaving parts, until it was Theresa alone. It showed Theresa cooking something. After a few minutes, Theresa suddenly looked behind her. And then to her left. It seemed as though she was sensing something. She seemed to try and shake the feeling away. She opened the fridge and took out some vegetables. When she closed the door, Jay was standing behind it. He was holding his xiphos and had an evil grin on his face. Theresa screamed dropping the vegetables on the ground and moved backwards until she fell onto the couch. That's when Jay held up his xiphos and - "STOP IT!" Atlanta was screaming at Odie to stop the video. She couldn't bear to watch, and she knew everyone else couldn't either. Most of them had their heads turned away. Now they believed Theresa; it actually was Jay. Was it too late for Theresa now? They still didn't understand why Jay would do such a thing. Why hadn't they believed her sooner?

"Hey guys, what's up?" Everyone turned around and stared at Jay. "Get him!" Herry ran forward and caught his arms. He held Jay while Atlanta tied his hands together with her bolas; they were all she could find. "Hey, what the hell do you guys think you're doing?!? Let go of me NOW." But no one was listening to Jay right now. They had to get him to Hera; he had tried to murder Theresa!

When Hera saw them dragging Jay all tied up, she was shocked. "Children, are you playing some sort of a game?! Let go of him now. There are important matters to be discussed!"
"But Hera, Jay's the one who hurt Theresa!" Hera just stood there, her eyes wide open in shock. "What!?!" "We think Cronus might have done something to him." Hera nodded. She then told them to take Jay to Dionysus immediately.

Dionysus stared at the team leader sitting in front of him. He sat like that for a while, staring, until it seemed as though he had suddenly come to a conclusion. "I'm going to need a blood sample from him. Odie can you get it?" Herry and Atlanta nodded at each other and held Jay down while Odie took the blood. He passed it to Dionysus, who immediately shooed everyone out of his lab (?), and told them to wait outside until he was done analyzing it. While waiting outside, Chiron came to see them. He told them that Theresa was indeed still alive, but that her wounds were pretty fatal. She had also lost too much blood. He told them there was no cure since she wasn't poisoned or anything. That meant they'd have to wait and see how well her wounds would heal. There was nothing else they could do.

Atlanta started to quietly cry and Archie tried to comfort her. "It's going to be okay. You know Theresa's a strong girl, she'll make it." He tried to reassure the girl that her best friend was going to be fine, and at the same time he was trying to reassure himself. Sure, he and Theresa had their fights, and he always did call her a Drama Queen... But she was still part of the team, and his friend. "But Archie.. what if she doesn't make it?" Now Atlanta was speaking in between sobs. Archie was hugging her now, and she was crying on his shoulder while he patted her back. Even Neil had stopped glancing into his mirror and looked gloomy. Everyone seemed so... depressed. Their friend was basically on her death bed because their other friend tried to kill her. You don't hear that everyday.

About two hours later, Dionysus came out to tell them what he had found. "It seems to be a DNA altering substance. Whatever Cronus had given Jay must have been poisoning his mind into making him think that Theresa is the enemy and must die. He was probably going to get rid of all of you one by one after her." Everyone was shocked with what Dionysus had just explained to them. "But Jay seemed normal around us. How come?" "Well, it's probably because he was only out to get one at a time, as to not draw on suspicion." "Is there a cure?" Dionysus shook his head. "Not that I'm aware of. I'm going to have to try and make a cure myself. In the meantime, Jay shouldn't be left alone. He's probably going to be out to get one of you next. Take him to Hera; she'll know what to do with him."

Once they told Hera what Dionysus had told them about Jay, she said the only way to keep him from harming anyone else would be locking him up. So off Jay was sent to a cell, of course he had tried to get himself loose and run away but he had six angry teenagers watching his every move. Once he was securely locked away, Hera told them to go home and get their things so they can come and sleep in the school. All except for Archie, Atlanta and Odie were wondering why. But once they entered their brownstone dorm they understood. It would be too much and too terrifying if they had to come spend the night here. Hera told them they'd have the place cleaned up for tomorrow, but in the mean time they had to stay at the school.

Soon everyone was back at the school and settled in. But none of them could sleep; except Neil of course. Too much had happened that day for them to be able to think about in one night. But soon enough, they had all fallen asleep.

Near midnight, a tall figure emerged from the school and into the shadows of the night. He looked at the gold pendant he was holding and laughed, tucking it back under his shirt. If anyone thought they could keep him locked up, they were dead wrong.


Sorry, I wasn't going to kill off Theresa completely, so she's still alive :D. I'm sorry this chapter isn't as long as the other one, or long in general!! Please don't kill me. So, will they find a cure for Jay? Will Theresa be okay? And who's the guy in the shadows (as though you can't already guess). Chapter 6 is probably my second last chapter or actually my last, still not sure; tell me what you guys think. R&R, thanks!
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