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Hidden in plain Sight

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Last chapter, so read to find out the ending of it all.

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Author's Note: Again, thanks for all the reviews guys. Sorry the chapters aren't too long, I'm working on that. I know this story isn't long; this is my last chapter, so I hope you guys enjoyed this story. I have a few ideas for other ones, so you might see some more from me- I still think I suck at writing, but oh well. Enjoy!

In this life

Hidden in plain sight

Five teenagers were sleeping peacefully in a secret wing of their school. A dark figure walked out of the shadows and was making his way to one of them. Once he reached his destination, he slowly lifted his xiphos, when he heard a scream. It was his victim. 'Shit.' He thought. Everyone else was up now, and the lights had been turned on. Archie took out his Hephaestus whip and used it to grab the xiphos out of Jay's hand. In the mean time, Atlanta was still sitting there shocked. 'He almost got me too. Jay really was out to get them.' "How'd you escape? I made sure the security was on its highest!" Odie stared at his leader, confused. 'Wait' he thought, 'We never did take off his pendant... shit!' Once realizing his mistake, it all made sense. Jay must have used his pendant to escape the low/medium security, and he must have been able to make it through the higher ones.

Now Herry was getting tired of this; couldn't Dionysus just find a cure already? He ran to grab Jay, but instead Jay had grabbed /him/. "Not this time Herry" Jay smiled at the boy. "Look buddy, I don't want to hurt you, so let go of me now before I do." Jay started laughing, gripping onto Herry tighter. Atlanta, now out of her daze, ran to Jay. "Herry might not want to hurt you, but I sure will!" She punched him hard in the face, and then in the stomach. Jay fell to the ground, clutching his stomach with both of his hand, thus letting go of Herry. "Thanks, Atlanta."

Everyone stopped doing whatever they were doing when they heard footsteps approaching them. Jay took this as a chance to escape. He slowly made his way to one of the windows and jumped out while everyone else was crowded around Hera.

After hearing screaming and yelling, Hera decided to go check out what all the commotion was about. She was shocked to hear that Jay had escaped, and what he had tried to do. Odie, noticing Hera's expression, quickly explained to her his theory on how Jay had escaped. This time Hera wasn't going to let Jay harm anyone else. She looked around the room, searching for Jay. "Odie, where did you say he went?" They all looked at the open window. "Damn, he escaped; again." "He couldn't have gotten far; we have to go after him"
"Yeah, Herry's right, so you guys run along and I'll be here catching up on my sleep." "/NEIL/. You're coming with us. We're already missing Theresa and technically Jay too." He rolled his eyes. He still didn't understand why he had to be dragged along too.

Everyone hurried out the same window that Jay had escaped from and stopped. "So you guys wake me up, drag me out a window in the middle of the night, and you don't even have a plan??" Everyone thought about this. Neil did have a point.
"Weell.. Odie can you track him down? And in the meantime, everyone else look around for something that might help us find him."
"Hold it. Who put you in charge?"
"Got any better ideas Atlanta?"
"But Archie-"
Herry stood in the middle of the two. "Guys, we have no time to fight about this, Odie tracked him down, he stopped at the park. If we can get there quietly," Herry added emphasis to the word quietly; "than we can catch him from behind without too much of a fight" They agreed to this reluctantly. Silently making their way to the park, they noticed Jay sitting on one of the benches. He had probably stopped to rest; after all, he did get attacked pretty badly back there. They were so close to him, they almost had him when Neil screamed. "Aaaaahhhh!" Everyone turned back to look at him, including Jay. "I... I... I have a zit!!!" Neil seamed to be on the verge of tears, and everyone just rolled their eyes at him. Herry caught Jay's arm, while Archie took out his whip and Atlanta her cross bow. The battle was full of hits and misses, when finally Atlanta punched him so hard, Jay fell unconscious. "Atlanta!" "What? He hurt Theresa! And this was taking way too long" Herry carried the boy back to his truck and made their way back to school. Once there, Hera took Jay and assured them that this time he wouldn't escape because she was putting him in their highest level of security, and she'd check on him every half hour. "Now all of you get some rest."

/3 and a half days later.../
Everyone had been constantly checking on Theresa. She still hadn't woken up, and they feared the worst. Today, while they were visiting her, Chiron had some news for them. "Good news everyone, her wounds are healing quite well. She should wake up anytime now." Everyone was ecstatic; Theresa was going to make it! But Atlanta was the most overjoyed about this. Now all that was left to do was find a cure for Jay...

The next day, everyone made their way to Dionysus. He had called them that morning to tell them that he found a cure, but there was a problem. Once there, they found Jay sitting across from Hera, all tied up. They laughed; it was funny seeing their usually over-responsible leader like this. They all took a seat and waited for Dionysus to explain his problem.
"Well boys and girl, you see, I haven't found a cure." Everyone looked at each other; he told them he had found one! "You see, I found /two/ cures. And I'm not sure which one will work, so we're going to test them right now on Jay." Now Jay looked afraid; he didn't want to be Dionysus' lab rat. But honestly, did he even have a choice?

The first antidote was some sort of a purple liquid. "This is the first one... Now open wide Jay" Jay wouldn't open his mouth, but then Hera shot him a glare. He swallowed the purple stuff and then tried to speak, but nothing came out of his mouth. "Oh, I see this one doesn't work, he's lost his voice." But Dionysus didn't seem disappointed, he still had faith that the other would certainly work. "Hey Dionysus, can I borrow that from you sometime? Maybe I can use it to shut Archie up!" Atlanta and the others were on the ground laughing hysterically; all except for Archie of course. Atlanta never missed an opportunity to make fun of him. "Ha ha Atlanta." She smirked at him; it was just too much fun teasing him.

"Now now children. We must try out the second cure." Everyone nodded, but couldn't help but let a few giggles escape them. But now Jay was terrified. What if the next 'cure' would turn him into something horrible? What if his hands started to get hairy and he grew horns on the top of his head? He shivered at those thoughts. But it was too late; Dionysus had already dumped the green liquid down his throat. Immediately his head started pounding, just like that random time in his bedroom. He looked up at his friends, his eyes unfocused. "Guys, what am I doing here?" They all stared at him and held their breaths. They truly wanted the cure to work; they missed having Jay and Theresa around. "And why am I all tied all? Did Cronus do this?!" They all let out a sigh of relief. Jay was cured! They ran up to him and hugged him, while he was urging them to untie him from the chair. They did so, and again he asked them what was going on. They all looked at him. "Do you really not remember? Nothing at all? Theresa? Being locked up? Attacking Atlanta?" "What???" Jay gave Odie a confuse look. What happened to Theresa and where is she? Did he actually attack Atlanta?? And why had he been locked up?

They started to tell him about Theresa, but none of them managed to finish. Odie silently passed him the tape, and they all brought their gazes down to the dirty floor. He studied the tape; why did they give this to him. He asked Hera if he could watch it here and she nodded. Everyone else had left, not wanting to remember that past incident. He put the tape in and watched. He noticed how Theresa was the last to wake up, when usually she was one of the first, up bright and early. He also noticed that her right arm was bandaged, and that she sat as far away from him, when usually they'd always be across from each other at every meal. Soon everyone was gone and she was left alone cooking.

A few minutes passed as she went to the fridge. Once she closed it he noticed that someone else was now there- and that someone was him, holding his xiphos. 'What was I doing there? And why is my xiphos drawn out?' He silently continued to watch when he saw Theresa back up and fall to the couch. He watched himself lift up his xiphos and- he stopped it there. He couldn't handle it. 'What the hell was I doing? Did Theresa get hurt?' He was wondering about so many things right now but he had to know if Theresa was okay; he hadn't seen her when he was apparently 'cured'. And as for that thought, he wasn't going to let Cronus get away with poisoning him. Or making him hurt Theresa.

Everyone else was sitting in Chiron's room around Theresa. She had just woken up, and was basically strangled by everyone at the same time. "You know, I love you guys too, but I really need to breathe when I wake up!" By now, all her big wounds were basically completely healed, and aside from that, she only had a minor headache. Everyone seemed to be talking to her at the same time, asking questions or just telling her something, but she wasn't paying any attention because she saw Jay come in.

She screamed and hid under the covers, hoping that the others would take care of him. But everyone was pulling the covers off of her. They were telling her that Dionysus had cured Jay. That everything was back to normal. But for her it wasn't. She still remembered everything, even if he didn't. She had still gotten hurt badly. And she didn't know if she could trust him anymore. He started to make his way to her, relieved that she was awake after he heard that she had been sleeping for 4 days straight. But she just turned her head away and lifted up the covers again. Everyone told him to give it time that she'll believe that he's cured soon enough. But what she had just done had hurt him more that he thought it should have. She didn't trust him anymore. The girl he truly and deeply loved didn't trust him.

Cronus had been watching the whole thing from his 'spying pool'. He couldn't believe that Jay was cured AND that Theresa had survived. He banged the edge of the pool hard and cursed under his breath. Nothing seemed to be going his way. Who knew that crazy Dionysus would actually find a cure? Again he banged his fist down, harder this time, and let out a cry of pain. He really did have to find a hobby to let out all his anger on. 'Don't worry Jay; I'll get you next time.... just watch your back.'

Soon, they were all gathered again in their living room and were debating on what movie to watch. But Theresa didn't feel like watching a movie. She got up and was making her way to the roof when she noticed Jay get up too. She sighed. She had to talk to him sometime, whether she wanted to or not. He was after all her team leader and the boy she loved. She sat on the edge of the roof; she always came here when she needed to clear her mind. Soon enough, as expected, Jay was knocking on the door, asking if he could join her. She answered a weak yes and turned her head back to starring out to nowhere. He sat down beside her, just like every other time before. He stared her, not knowing where to start. "Theresa. Look, I'm really sorry about what happened, but you know that wasn't me. I was poisoned, and you know I'd never do anything to hurt you."

She just looked away. He took this as a sign that he could continue, maybe she was listening. "I know I hurt you... but I swear I didn't mean to. I don't even remember anything that happened after our talk up here on the roof." This time she turned around and looked at him. "How can I believe you? Your hurt me Jay, you really did. Not just on the outside, but on the inside too." Now it seemed as though she was on the verge of tears.
"Theresa, you should believe me because I love you, and I always will, in this life or after." She looked down, trying to hide her face because she was blushing so hard. She looked at him from the corner of her eye and she could see that he was blushing even more than her. "I love you too." Her head was still down, but he could see that she was smiling. He couldn't believe it. He didn't think Theresa felt the same way. He always thought that she'd reject him, telling him he was only a good friend, no more than that. He lifted her face with his hand and stared at her gorgeous emerald green eyes. He always got lost into them. Slowly they got closer and closer until their lips met. And that's when Theresa knew that she truly believed him.


So, what did you guys think of the story? Tell me what I've done wrong, or what I should fix/watch out for in next stories. I don't think this story could have a sequel. Well maybe... Yes, I know it's only 6 chapters long, I'm sorry; I tried to make this last chapter as long as I could. But I'll get better with practice right? Yes, I know it's a cheesy/weird ending, but I couldn't think of anything else, plus, those two are too cute. Anyways, if anyone was wondering about the chapter title, I thought it fit them perfectly because their love is truly hidden in plain sight. Have a great summer guys, and keep an eye out for more stories from me because I've still got a few more ideas:D So please review guys!
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