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th Chapter

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Mikey she means besides the fact you’d rather get in his pants than hers

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Gerard walked up to his house.

Neither of his parents’ cars was parked on the driveway so he didn’t hesitate to shout when he pushed open the door, “MIKEY YOU BETTER AS FUCK BE HOME!”

His only reply was the thumping Misfit’s music coming out of his little brother’s room. Gerard rolled his eyes climbing up the stairs. He pounded his fist against the door before barging in. When he came in he was surprised to see Frank was with his brother. Both of their backs were turned away from Gerard. They were too engaged in a game on Mikey’s Xbox, plus their blasting music, to notice Gerard come in.




“WHAT?!” Mikey sputtered in shock turning to stare at Frank. There was a large explosion on the screen and a bloody arm flew at the screen.

“EAT IT!” Frank cried happily, “I JUST PWNED YOU MOTHERFUCKER!” Then Frank proceeded to do what could only be described as a celebration jig and as he began to turn in a circle he froze spotting Gerard smirking in the doorway.

“OH HEY GERARD.” Frank said blushing slightly.

“GERARD?” Mikey said turning around.

“YOU’RE SHOUTING”. I told them.

“RIGHT, SORRY.” Mikey flicked off his stereo, “What’s up Gee?”

“The hell were you today? You never came back to school after lunch. Neither of you”. He briefly looked at Frank.

Mikey shrugged, “I just needed to clear my head…Frank came to make sure I was okay”

“Were you okay?” Gerard asked.

“Yeah, I uh, forgot to take my meds this morning”.

“What meds?” Frank asked.

“You don’t forget” Gerard pointed out, “You just don’t take them”.

Frank looked truly concerned when he turned to Mikey and asked again, “What do you have to take medicine for?”

“Can you excuse us Frank?” Gerard said grabbing Mikey by the wrist and dragging him into the hallway.

“Mikey stop pulling this bullshit”.

“I’m not pulling any bullshit”. Mikey put his hands up defensvily.

“Don’t play games with me Mikey. You have got to start taking your pills or shit like what happened at lunch will keep happening.”

“Oh okay Mom” Mikey rolled his eyes, “I’m sorry I freaked out at lunch and embarrassed you or whatever, but that had nothing to do with not taking my pills”.

“Mikey” Gerard said sternly, “Don’t do this to me”.

“Do what?”

“Go off on a rampage because I mention your medicine”.

“I am not going on a rampage! I just want you to see that whatever happened there, has nothing to do with me being bipolar. Not everything I do is because I’m bipolar”.

“I know that Mikes, I do, but I’m just worried about you is all.”

“Well, you don’t need to worry about me”.

“You’re my kid brother Mikes, it’s my job to worry about you”.

“But you don’t need to, I mean look at me; I’m fine!”

“What happened today doesn’t make it look like it”.

“Well, I am, so you can stop worrying about me.”


“Leave me alone”. Mikey turned slamming his door and then immediately cracked his music all the way up.

“IS EVERYTHING OKAY?” Frank yelled over the music.

“FUCKING PERFECT” Mikey tossed him a controller, “COME ON, ROUND TWO”.


“Now who can tell me what a ‘pure substance’ is?” Ms. Danzy stood at the front of her Chemistry class. She scanned across the room only to get dozens of blank stares. Then in the far back one of her students, Megan Louise, raised her hand. Danzy smiled, “Yes, Miss Louise?”.

“It’s a substance with a fixed composition where every sample has exactly the same characteristics and the same composition” Megan made sure to raise her voice loud enough that their near deaf teacher would hear her answer.

“Very good” Ms. Danzy complimented her then continued to drone on with the lesson.

Mikey turned to Megan, “How on earth do you know this shit?”

Megan shrugged blushing, “ I don’t know. Some stuff is just easy to remember”.

“Yeah” Mikey agreed, “Metallica lyrics for example, but not science vocab”.

“It’s like I’ve been saying” Frank piped in, “She’s a smart-ass”

“Shove off Frankenuisance” Megan said.

“Yeah shove off” Mikey smirked.

“What and ever” Frank rolled his eyes, “I’m getting out of here”.

“Where?” Mikey asked.

“The bathroom perv, wanna come with me?”

“In your dreams” Mikey retaliated smirking.

Frank blushed and stood up, “Danzy, restroom yeah?”

Ms. Danzy only rolled her eyes too tired to deal with the children, “Take the pass Iero”

Frank smiled and took the pass from the front of the room before heading out the door. Once
he had stepped out Megan turned back to Mikey.

“Uhm say Mikey I’ve been wanting to ask you something.” Mikey raised an eyebrow making Megan blush, “I was just thinking that maybe you’d want to go out sometime?” She swooped her glance away from Mikey’s eyes. Mikey kind of stared at her for a moment completely taken aback.

Hold on kid I’m calling bullshit on this one. No one wants to date you.

And that’s why she asked me out right?


“But what about Frank?” Mikey asked.

Megan looked at him partially confused and partially worried, “What about Frank?”

Pssst Mikey she means besides the fact you’d rather get in his pants than hers

Just a helpful hint


For Your Info

“I mean you’re his cousin and he's my friend… I mean won’t he think it’s a bit….”

Relief passed across Megan’ face, “No it’s fine I talked to him about it, he ddin’t care”

“He didn’t?”

Why would he? Isn't it obvious he doesn’t care about you? Never has, never will.

“Then …sure”

“Wait really?”

“Yeah, really”.Mikey grinned stupidly, unsure of what else to do.

Megan squealed and wrapped her arms around Mikey’s neck; who’s only response was to laugh awkwardly. Right then Frank slid back into his chair next to them.

“What’s going on?” He asked them.

“Uh, well, Megan and I are going out”. Mikey explained. For a quick moment he could have sworn he saw Frank’s face fall, but just as quickly as it appeared, it was replaced by a broad grin.

“That’s awesome”. He said, “I’m really happy for you both”.

“Thanks Frank” Megan said grinning from ear to ear right as the bell rang for the end of the hour. All three of them walked out of the room together, but Frank might as well not have been, he was spacing out so much

“Frankie?” Mikey asked as they waked down the hallway.

Frank gave no signs that he had heard Mikey and stopped suddenly, “I’ve got to go take care of something”. He said absent mindedly and walked away in the in the opposite direction.

“See you at lunch” Megan called gleefully waving her hand, but Mikey could only stare.

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