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Darkly Dreaming Doom

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Aftermath of the last chapter. Ficwad goes back to sleep.

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Fuck! Fuck! Oh My God! Holy Shit!
I sit bolt upright. I’m still under the tree. I’m still on LORAF. I’m still alive. I reach under my shirt, feeling for my sternum. My chest is still whole. I feel around, just to make sure. Tears have dried on my face. Oh, God. Oh, God. Did that just happen?
I glance around, looking for Fictionpress. “FP? You there, yo? Please?”
She’s not. I reach for my stomch (stomach.) and run my hand back and forth. I’m still okay. Deep breaths, Ficwad. You’re okay. You’re fine. You’re alive. You saved FFN. He’s okay. Everyone’s okay and alive. Why can’t I stop crying? None of it was real. It was just a dream. Just a very bad dream.

I curl up again and go back to sleep.


Far away in a different session, a slender girl with pigtailed brown hair hammers commands desperately into her computer to try to wake up her patron player.

[DeviantArt (DA) pestered Ficwad (FW)!]



In between the two sessions, The Author presses her hands against Ficwad’s wall. She wants to help her, but there is nothing she can do.

I wake up. Wait, didn’t I just fall asleep?
No, wait. Wait a minute. What’s that? I raise my hand up, and it’s filmy beneath my hands. It’s my old mosquito netting from my old room. Sunlight streams through the window of my treehouse. My computer pings with messages. Disentangling the mosquito net, I wander over to check my messages. Who’s pestering me now?

[Pottermore (PM) messaged Ficwad (FW)!]

PM: Happy Birthday, Ficwaffle!
PM: How old are you? Fourteen?
PM: Anywho, listen pigeon, I got a copy of that game you’ve been bugging on about.
PM: Homestuck, wasn’t it?
PM: I’ve sent you a copy. Have fun playing! :D
PM: Happy Birthday!

No way. No fuckin’ way! It was all a dream. I was dreaming the whole time! I laugh, and it sounds too loud in the house, but I don’t care. It wasn’t real! None of it was! Oh, Thank God! Thank God! It was all a dream!

I’m still laughing as I walk away from my computer. In the kitchen, it seems like something’s off, but I don’t realize it until I look out the window.
The entire forest is silent. Dead quiet.
The hairs on the back of my neck raise up. No wind. No monkeys. No birds. Nothing. Not a single sound. None of the leaves are even rustling together. It’s so quiet, I can hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears. It makes my skin creep. I hug my arms tight to my body, and I can hear my computer’s message program going off again.
I race back, hoping it’ll save all this freaky shit.

[ (FFN) messaged Ficwad (FW)!]

FFN: Hey chick-cousin!
FW: wassup bro?
FFN: We’re all waiting for you.
FW: what

FFN: We’re waiting for you.
FFN: We all showed up.
FFN: WE’re all waiting for yoooooouuuuuu.
FW: where?
FFN: Go DoWn to the rIveR.
FFN: Happy Birthday :D:

Right after that message comes in, a wave of static rolls across my screen, obscuring the words. They all blur together into a dark wriggly form, then realign. Something about this feels wrong. Everything feels very wrong. But whatever, right? At least they all showed up for my birthday! I’ve never met any of them before! It’ll be fun with all of us together!


Deep between the two sessions, The Author is slamming her palms on Ficwad’s wall. She is screaming at her to not go. Ficwad can’t hear her. The Author’s palms are cracking from catching on the metal rivets on the wall.


I climb out of the door of my treehouse, sending a rope down the forest floor. I shimmy down expertly into the darkness of the jungle. Man, the lack of noise is giving me some serious heebie-jeebies. I whistle Hang ‘Em High to fill the silence. Eventually, I can hear the faint whispering of the river. “Guys?” I call. “You there?”
I don’t see anyone, and nobody answers me. Somehow, I doubt that they’d just hate on me to get me down to the river for no good reason.
“Helllooooo?” I call.
“Hey, Ficwad’s here!”

My heart jumps, y’know, in a good way. That’s! Awesome! Relief spreads through me, and I start running towards the sound of the river. “Where are you guys?” I call.
“Fuckhead! We went for a swim! Come join up, gurl!” Youtube’s raspy voice seems to echo through the trees.
I burst out of the trees, and see a flash of heads disappear under the water. I hesitate. Fictionpress told me to not go swimming in the river because of like alligators and jellyfish and shit, but if they’re doing it, so it must be okay.

I kick my shoes off and go wading through the reeds and squelchy mud to the river. It doesn’t look as clear as it usually does. It looks like somebody poured ink into it. Man, I can’t see any of them at all!
Wading deeper into the river, my shorts stick to my legs. The water doesn’t feel particularly cold. Or warm. Hope there’s no leeches. Wait, why haven’t they come up for air? Is there a cave under the water or something?
“Where are you at?” I ask, but nobody comes to the surface. Fine. It’s probably like a birthday test or something. I have to swim under the water to find some sort of cave because I’m a real teen now or some shit.

I take a deep breath in, and dive under.

The water pulls my hair around like I’m a mermaid. I don’t see any of them. I don’t see anything. The water’s so fucking dark down here, I can barely even see my feet. How deep does the river go, anyway? I kick and pull with my hands, going further down. Light starts to fade from the surface.
Why’s there no current down here?

I stop. I’m not touching the bottom any more. I’m nowhere near the top, either. There’s no light around me, and all I can see are my arms and legs. This doesn’t feel right. None of this does. I start to swim upwards, away from all this cray shit, but something latches onto my right ankle.
I look down.’s got my foot. His skin’s pale white, ghostly with liver and age spots. The arm that shows is skin and bones, the fingers knotted with knucklebones and are closed tightly around me. His smile is too big for his face, teeth sharpened into fangs, eyes pupil-free and glowing like an anglerfish’s. Around him, Pottermore and Youtube are looking up at me. They look pretty fucking hungry.
Youtube’s skin is splitting around her eyes and mouth. Pottermore’s covered in grey-green algae, and all three are pale and alternately skinny-bloated.
They’re dead.
They’re all dead.

I scream, bubbles erupting from my open mouth and fleeing to the surface. My three dead friends slowly, languidly grab onto my legs and arms, pulling me deeper into the river.
I scream, twist fight, but it’s no good. They’ve got me. I’m gonna die too.

They pull me deeper and deeper into the river, and when my feet finally hit the bottom, they let go of me and swim away from me like I’m a goddamn leper or some shit. Like, they get away and get away fast. I can’t seem to move though. My bones are concrete. I lift one very heavy arm up and try to feel my way out.
My hand brushes against something slick and warm. I look behind me. FFN’s stopped, and is looking back at me. He opens his eyes, and lights up dark patches of seaweed. He closes them. Then opens them.
I turn back around. Behind me, opens his eyes again.

My first thought is Octopus.
All I see are tentacles. And eyes. And endless teeth. The light disappears, and I’m plunged into darkness. I start hearing voices, but I can’t tell what they’re saying. It scares me. I want to go. I want to go. I want to go. Please please please get me out why won’t my feet move stop talking please i don’t understand stop please i dont wanna play anymore-
All I see are faint outlines of teeth, and tentacles, and endless eyes veins oh god no no no no make it go away make it all go away please make it leave please please i cant do this please please please stop talking im just a kid i dont understand i dont want to play anymore oh god no no no NO!


I’m screaming when I wake up this time.
Fictionpress is kneeling over me, holding onto my shoulders. “Shit, kid. Shit. You alright?”
I start crying. I can’t speak. I just make sounds, and grip loosely onto her arms.
Fictionpress shifts backwards, holding onto me and pulling me into her lap.
“Shh. Shh. Honey, it’s okay. You’re safe here. I’m always protecting you.”
I try to tell her what happened. “Agah, dah no no no...”
She rubs her hand into my hair and lets me cry.
“You are so strong. You are so unbelievably strong, Ficwad. It’s okay. I’ve got you,” Fictionpress murmurs. My hands are shaking. I don’t want to close my eyes. I don’t want to fall asleep ever again. I try talking again.
“The monsters....monsters....horrible!”

Fretardsprite hovers over Fictionpress’s shoulder. He raises a knuckle to one of his mouths and starts chewing on it.
“Furkwerd? Sad?” he asks. Fictionpress nods, and he starts glancing hurriedly around, gathering bright rocks that are lying around. “No sad! No sad Furkwerd!”
He brings the rocks closer to me, building little rock pyramids in front of Fictionpress’s feet. His lazy eye even tries to focus on me, for once.
I look down at the little rock thingies he’s made. God. I’ve been nothing but mean to him, treated him like fucking dirt, even, but he still likes me. I reach one arm out and pull him into a hug.
“Thank you. Thank you,” I whisper into the side of his neck.
He awkwardly wraps his arms around both Fictionpress and me.
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