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You can't escape the Miles

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Ficwad's dream self wakes up, and the Queen of Derse makes her first move.

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Deep in space, as far as you can get from Skaia without going out of the session, is Derse. Hopefully by now you’ve figured out that this isn’t the best place to be.
The Queen of Derse waits patiently for news of the two players hiding either on the planet’s surface, inside the planet itself, or on the moon.
“Your Vileness!”
Even with her eyes closed, she still recognizes the rushed tone of one of her underlings.
“Kneel. Now, what is it?”
He clanks to the floor. Ugh, it’s the one with the underbite. Nasty thing.
“We’ve found the girl, your Vileness! She’s due to wake up any time! The Sylph will awaken!” he snorts, drawing a long strand of mucus back up into his nose. The Queen of Derse opens her eyes.
“Where is she?”
He hesitates, dropping his eyes to the floor.
“Where is the girl? Answer!” she spits, advancing forwards, a snarl pulling at her face. “She-She-She’s on the moon! In a tower!” the underling answers, eyes wandering and nose still running.
In response, the Queen unsheathes her claws and slashes his throat. “Can we get a cleanup in here?” she calls, stepping back to avoid the blood.

Still, she’s got absolutely no interest in the Sylph girl. Who the hell cares about some goddamn snot-nosed brat anyway? She’s got a planet to run, especially since her husband, the Black King, is off fighting wars for Skaia. Like she’s going to drop her whole tyrannical empire just to assassinate some child. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
Twisting her ring around her finger, little red lines spiral upwards, awaiting her. “The Sylph is on the moon of Derse. Find her and kill her.”


On the moon of Derse, Ficwad’s dream self wakes up for the first time. Her room is mostly empty, Spartan, even, with only a wardrobe, a mirror, and a bed. Everything in it is in varying shades of purple.
Ficwad rolls out of bed, running the mirror to get a look at the outfit her dream self gets. It’s a short violet dress, complete with dark purple tights and shoes. Ficwad plays with the crinoline under her skirt, trying to fluff it to maximum volume. Eventually, she notices that there’s no door, but there is a window. The view out the window is of solid black sky and the planet of Derse, which consists of purple glass spires, dark purple streets, and little black crablike creatures wander to and fro.
Without really thinking about it, Ficwad jumps out the window.
She is not that bright.

The gravity’s not as high as it would be on Derse-Ficwad floats down the the ground, and is able to hover above the surface. Laughing, she kicks off, zooming quickly over the pocked surface and uneven roads, looking for one person.

She finds a spire similar to her own, and has no trouble flying up the side of it to the window. The room itself is dark, and crowded with wires and what looks like really shitty pen-swords. In the middle of the debris, sleeping on his stomach, is’s dream self. He hasn’t awoken yet.
Ficwad giggles, creeping closer, one hand reaching forward to poke him in the face. flinches violently in his sleep, muttering.
“Miles...Can’t escape. The Miles. Red miles.”
Ficwad wants to shake him to wake him up, but there’s a low cracking noise sounding from outside. It sounds like something from the middle of the planet is fighting it’s way out. Noticing the odd red color of the sky, Ficwad wades through the trash in FFN’s room to the window.

Outside, scarlet tendrils are descending from the sky like hungry snakes. Ficwad watches one in dumbfounded shock as it touches the surface of the moon, tearing the surface of the planet apart. The tendrils keep branching off, and every thing they hit literally falls apart.
“Red Miles,” Ficwad murmurs. “You can’t escape the red miles.”

Behind her, her cousin turns over in his sleep. Beneath her, a red mile slices through the supports of the tower.
Ficwad screams as the tower tilts sideways, feet lifting off the floor. Another Red Mile tears through the bottom of the room, separating it from the tower and sending the whole building spiraling into space. Ficwad is slammed against the ceiling, and her head hits the wall hard. Another Mile slices the room in half, separating Ficwad and, who is still asleep.
The force of Mile this close sends rubble flying against the fourteen year old girl. She raises her arms, but a shard of glass slices across her forehead and arms, drawing blood and tearing the sleeves. Ficwad starts crying. She’s terrified. She doesn’t know what to do.

FFN’s dream self is falling out of what’s left of his room. Red Miles are all around him. Ficwad tucks her legs underneath her, and pushes her hair down the back of her dress, trying to ignore the blood that’s dripping off her head and wrecking her skirt.
She pushes off strong, arms and legs pressed tight together, streamlining herself, eyes trained on her still-asleep older cousin. She comes up against a floating hunk of rubble, and outstretches her right leg to push off it.

“Goddamn it! Come on!” she screams, falling fast upon FFN. An explosion sounds behind her, and she can feel the warmth on the back of her legs. Ficwad glances over her shoulder. The Red Miles are completely done with the tower, turning it into a pile of smoking pebbles and are now coming straight for her.
Her hand bumps against FFN’s chest, then tightens in his shirt. “Wake up!” she screams, shaking him. He’s limp and unresponsive. “Wake up! Fuck! Goddamn it! WAKE UP!”

Ficwad slaps him across the face, once, twice, hard enough to leave a red mark. He doesn’t wake, but he’s still breathing evenly. Tears leak out of Ficwad’s eyes and float as beautiful orbs in the low gravity, mixing with the blood from her head and arm wounds.
“Goddamn you! Fuck you! Fuck you!” she sobs, wrapping her hands tightly in’s shirt.
She winds up, dragging him all the way to her left, then throws him to the right, adding a double-leg kick to his sternum for good measure.

Ficwad watches him plummet down to Derse for a good thirty-eight seconds. In those thirty-eight seconds, he is safe. He is going down to a planet away from the Red Miles. He will survive.
On the thirty-ninth second, the Red Miles catch up to her. One plunges straight through her chest, obliterating her lungs.
Ficwad’s chest cavity rapidly fills with her own blood. She chokes, not having any air to breathe. Her mouth opens wide, and the blood that was in her chest races up her esophagus and out of her open mouth, pouring out like vomit. The second Red Mile that reaches her cuts through her spinal cord and stomach.
She no longer feels the pain in the rest of her body. Her brain starts to shut down from lack of oxygen. Her heart falters. She dies.
The Red Miles disintegrate once she is dead. They have done what they were assigned to do.
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