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Nina looks back on a happier time.

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The next day at work I could not focus on anything of importance. Usually my office was my sanctuary, my bat cave. I'd worked all my life to get to this office with the big wooden desk, the fancy leather chair and plants that never get watered but still remain as green as ever. However, today was different. Today my mind decided to open up the secret little box of memories that was located deep within my mind. This small wooden box I imagine to be black, just like the memories it held. The memory that was chosen was the one where Frank and I first met. Allow me to shed some light and set the scene. I was 13 when I met Frank at the local music shop, I used to go down to there whenever I had spare cash to pluck out a new album, t-shirt or poster from the mass of choice they offer. This particular day was the day Green Day released 'American Idiot' and I'd saved up all my lunch money in order for me to buy it today.

I walked in the store to find only one of the cherished albums left on the shelf, I rushed over to it immediately and just as I reached the shelf a young punky looking boy stepped out from around the corner and picked up the last album. He looked up to see me stood there with a stupid blank stare gracing my face.
"Oh was you going to get this?'' He asked, the first words he ever spoke to me as he held the God like object up, as I tried not to allow the frustration show on my face.
"Yeah," I nodded whilst biting my lip, "but you got it first so enjoy." I tried to put on my best 'it doesn't matter' smile, failing I'm sure. He was so handsome even back then, his big eyes always show his true emotions even when the rest of his face tries to hide them.
"Forgive me, but you don't look like a Green Day fan." He smiled politely stopping me from turning around and going to a different store in hopes of buying the much desired album.
"What's that supposed to mean?" I laughed a little not really understanding.
"Well you look... kind of girly?" He ran his hand through his hair to the back of his neck and rubbing it gently. Something he still did even now when he was nervous. "How about I cut you a deal?" He smiled gaining more confidence as I arched an eyebrow at his question. "You answer five of my Green Day questions and I give you the album?" I smirked, sure I could do this!
"Fire away." I told him a small smile creeping on my lips coursing the corner of them to curl.
"Over coffee." He stated the final part.
"Let's go." I laughed as he smiled happily, he went to the cashier before leading me to a small coffee house and ordering for us both.
"I'm Frank, by the way." He looked at me with a sideways glance as we queued for our order.
"Nina." I returned the glances as our coffees were presented in front of us.

As we went to sit in our dimly lit booth that was in the corner of the shop.
"Okay so here is the rules, all 5 questions must be answered correctly. A mobile phone and any other communications devices cannot be used. I must accept your first answer." He listed off the rules that he was making up.
"Okay, I'm so ready for this." He laughed as i looked at him smiling.
"Okay, question one. Who is the girl in the red dress that walks off camera in her underwear in redundant?" He smiled.
"Dita Von Teese." I responded quickly not really needing him to give me all the detail he did.
"Correct. Well done. Second question, what song is the lyric '10% more free' from?" He didn't sing the lyrics.
"Macy's Day Parade."
"Impressive." He smiled, nodding his admiration for my knowledge.
"Third question?" I smirked at him.
"The record label they were on when they released '39/Smooth'." He looked like he thought he'd caught me out.
I played along with him before responding, "Hmm, Lookout! Records... on April 13, 1990." I smirked as he looked shocked.
"Wow. Question four." He paused as he composed himself before continuing, what chart position did 'Nimrod' peak at in 1997 in the Billboard Chart?" He was getting desperate.
"10th" I smiled, with my chin resting on my hands, he doing the same opposite me.
"What is the number of Gilman Street?" He whispered smiling.
"924." I whispered back smiling, pausing briefly as I whispered the numbers.
"Congratulations! You have won the Green Day album! Dun Dun Du Daah!" He made the game show music whilst sliding my prize carefully across the table.
"But now I feel bad, you got it first and then paid for it." He smiled looking over at me slowly.
"I have a small confession." He laughed a little, "my dad owns the record store so I didn't actually pay. I also, already have a copy of the album. I just wanted an excuse to take a beautiful girl for coffee." He blushed slightly looking down at his coffee. Even at 13 he was a charmer, who could talk the talk as well as walk the walk.
"Ooh I like it, you little sneak." I laughed genuinely. We finished our coffee's whilst chatting about our interests, mainly music.
"Ahh damn my phone's just died. I bet my best mate will be wondering where I am." He said quietly, biting his lip.
"Do you know his number? You can use mine if you want?" I smiled politely at him, already feeling comfortable around him.
"Would you mind? Thank you so much." He quickly sent the text from my phone when I handed it over to him. Shortly afterwards we parted ways, he to meet his friend and myself to home where I could listen to my new album. I'd just got to 'Give Me a Novacaine' when my phone flashed signalling I had a message.

"Hi, it's Frank I have another small confession. I didn't text my friend I texted my own number so I had yours. Hope you don't mind. I just wanted to say I had a great time today getting coffee with you. Maybe we could do it again sometime and discuss our thoughts on 'American Idiot'. Hope this isn't creepy but you can't blame a guy for trying. Especially with a pretty girl like you. F x

The text message took forever to load as it had to keep receiving the next part. Ever since then we met every Saturday, bought a new album, then went and discussed the previous weeks album over coffee.

I was quickly brought back to reality as my ringtone played out loud, 'Redundant'. It's said that their song was wrote when Billie Joe was arguing a lot with his wife and he felt his life had become mundane and a routine. Even though Frank and I had a routine back when we was 13, it was a routine I'd never want to break. Yet, now the routine of his drug fuelled days was one I constantly wanted us to break, but he never did. This routine was what caused me to become redundant.
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