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Empty Coffee Mugs&Used Cigarettes

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Frerard- A lonely teenage boy[Gerard]gets bullied every day. He's on the edge of self destruction. But then a new boy comes along[Frank] and Gerard's life turns round until his quickly brought back...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Horror,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2013-04-11 - 353 words

As the piece of glass skimmed across my wrist it stung like a bitch. I heard a voice call me. I ignored it. It was probably somebody who wanted to hit me again. I threw the dirty glass on the floor and stared at the cut. It hurt so much but it gave me a few seconds in life to forget everything. The only thing in my life then was me and the pain of that cut. No bullies,no hate just the cut and that's what I liked. I started to feel sick. For someone who loved pain,I hated the sight of blood. I stood up and stretched. I was hiding behind the school shed,it was where I always hid. No one ever found me here. Maybe one day I would cut too deep and I'd be left to die here.

I walked out and saw a few people stare. They didn't laugh,they didn't feel the need when Josh,Mike and Lewis weren't around. I kept staring at the floor. I wanted to burst into tears but I didn't. I didn't want to look weak,I didn't need anymore bullying. There was only one lesson of the day left.
Physical Education The worst lesson. I have it with Josh,Mike and Lewis so its hell getting changed. I like to get changed in the toilets instead of the changing rooms so my clothes don't get stolen or I don't get teased for the way I look. As I grabbed my sports bag I saw the teacher with a boy. My age yes but smaller than average. I stood and stared for a while,curious. I'd never seen him round before. I wanted to go and say hi but I was too scared. He would probably think I'm a freak,everyone else did.

I carried onto the toilets putting my hood up. I opened the door,checking no one was in here. I quickly started to get changed when the door opened.
"Shit.." I quickly got my top on and looked up. It was him though.
The new boy.
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