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Chapter 15: The I.V. and your hospital bed

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Delia's mother walked past Delia's room. She kept walking right past to where the nursery is. She pointed her out, "She's the one on the far left."

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Chapter 15: The I.V. and your hospital bed

Delia's mother walked past Delia's room.

She kept walking right past to where the nursery is.

She pointed her out, "She's the one on the far left."

Her smile turned to frown, "I'm sure she wants you to know first, of course."

Her mom said her voice cracked as she held back more tears.

Brendon just stood there, serious and all.

"I kept a happy face on for Lucy, because well I felt you should know first, and I need to ask you a question," The mother look very serious and sad.

Brendon gave her the go on nod and she did.

She choked back some tears, "Well, after the baby was born Delia had some complication, and there's a good chance she's not gonna make it."

"I'm giving you an option, if she does, die, you can keep her, or I'll adopt her, I mean you've got a big life ahead of you, and it wouldn't make you such a bad person if you decided to let me adopt her," The mother asked. "I'll give you little time, and I know it wasn't your decision to tell me that later in Delia's pregnancy but I know how awkward it was for you, and I respect you for going to tell me with her, not that I'm glad what you two did together still, but I still wouldn't blame you if you wanted me to keep her," The mother walked past him.

He just stood there staring at her, as the tears flowed down his cheeks.

(Brendon thinking> I'm too young to do this, what about the band but I can't let her go to her grandmother. What if I had a nanny, its baby it needs a parent sometimes what about tours? Maybe I should just let Delia's mom have her, but I have to take response ability to something I did. Why? Why did she die? God, your fucking torturing me. Why do you always do this to me? I fucked up my life and Delia's.)

Brendon wiped his tears from his eyes. He needed to make this decision whether it ruins my life in both ways.

He looked at the baby, his baby, and sighed.

Brendon walked back into the waiting room.

"You guys can go home," Brendon told Pete, and the rest of Panic.

"You sure?" Ryan asked.

"Positive," Brendon choked out.

Spencer, Jon, Pete and Ryan all got up and left the hospital.

Lucy sitting next to her mother said, "Yeah, Ma, I think I'm gonna go too."

Lucy got up and left.

"You can leave if you want to?" Delia's mother said to Brendon.

"I think I'll stay," Brendon said.

Brendon slowly drifted to sleep.

"Brendon, we brought you a change of clothes," Pete waved Brendon's underwear in his face...

Brendon quickly snatched them and the rest of the clothes and went to change.

He changed quickly and came back hold the clothes he had wore yesterday.

Delia's mother was asleep on the couch.

Pete and Ryan came to see him.

"Man, go home for a little while, go to sleep, take a shower," Ryan asked.

Brendon just looked at the ground for a second then, he nodded and stood up.

Ryan took Brendon home. Brendon took a quick shower and had some breakfast.

Then, he drove himself and Ryan back to the hospital.

Ryan was torn up about Delia too but he wouldn't let Brendon know about it.

They got back to the hospital and sat there for about another hour.

"I'll keep her," Brendon suddenly says.

Delia's mother just sat there in shock of what he said. Panic was also shocked.
"That's a big decision," Delia's mother said.

"I take responsibly for my actions," Brendon said, calmly.

"You sure can handle that, Bren?" Pete asked.

"I don't know, but all I know is that Delia wanted to keep the baby whether or not I was in it life or not and I wanted to be in her life so I decided to keep her," Brendon said.

(A/N- I'm making it sound like the kid is a freaking Dog...)

Brendon was no where even near ready to be a father.

About another hour went by, and Pete went home, Spencer and Jon cam to stay for a while.

It was another long day at the hospital closing.

The day was coming to a close when a doctor stepped into the room.

He started talking to Delia's mom.

Delia's mom began to cry but these weren't sad tears, they happy tears.

The doctor asks Mrs. Clark, Delis Mom, if she had a cell phone; Delia said she needs to call someone.

Mrs. Clark asked one of the boys to let them use their phone, Ryan handed over his phone.

The doctor said, "Visitors are welcome."

Mrs. Clark began to walk with the doctor. Brendon stood up and waited for Ryan and Spencer to follow.

Mrs. Clark and the doctor stepped into the room, while the band stopped Brendon just began crying and he really didn't want the rest of the band to see so he was black 10 steps from them. He stopped crying when he felt a vibrato ring in his pocket.

Delia's mom and the doctor stepped out of the room and walked back to the waiting room.

Brendon answered his phone, "Hello."

Brendon closed his eye firmly and smiled, at the familiar, "Hello." at the other end.
"Where are you?" she asked.

Brendon couldn't say anything.

"I just wanted to tell you have a beautiful daughter who has her daddy's eye," Delia said, sounding like she was starting to cry.

Brendon walked down the hall, "Really?"

"Yeah," Delia sniffed.

"You didn't answer my question before where are you still in Utah?" Delia asked.

Brendon walked down the hall and walked into Delia's room.

"You came?" Delia hung the phone up as she lay in her bed , with the breathing tube attached to her nose and the tubes attached to her arm.

"I was here when you first went into the delivery room," Brendon said.

"Really?" She asked, as she patted somewhere on the bed.

Brendon sat on the floor next to her bed.

"You really scared us there," Brendon said.

"I'm sorry," Delia said.

"Don't be," Brendon laughed.

"I love you, more than anything in the world, I would of taken care of our daughter if you pasted," Brendon nearly started crying.

"Really?" Delia asked, cries welling up in her eyes.

"Yeah," Brendon said.

"I love you, too," Delia said.

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