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Chapter 16: Good, good, now we're making some progress

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The nurse came in, "Do you want to see the baby?" Delia smiled and nodded. "You haven't seen her yet?" Brendon asked. "No," She smiled.

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(A/N: Okay, don't make fun of me because I'm weird but I cried well I was writing the last chapter I have no idea why It just made me Wanna cry so bad so I did... thought you need to know that lol:] oh yeah an this chapter took so long because I couldn't decide what to name the kid....))

Chapter 16: Good, good, now we're making some progress

Delia soon fell asleep as Brendon still sat on the floor holding onto her hand for dear life.

He loosened his grip and pulled the chair over to sit next to her.

Everybody walked into the room quietly and watched her sleep, she gently opened her eyes.

"Hi," she said hoarsely and smiled.

Everybody said hi.

They all began to talk, and say how much they missed her even through it was only 4 days they hadn't seen her.

Soon, they all left, except Brendon.

The nurse came in, "Do you want to see the baby?"

Delia smiled and nodded.

"You haven't seen her yet?" Brendon asked.

"No," She smiled.

"How did you know she had brown eyes?" Brendon asked.

"My mom told me, right before I called you she told me," Delia said.

"Oh, I only saw her through the glass of the nursery," Brendon said.

"Oh, so what do you want to name her?" Delia asked.

"What ever you want to name her," Brendon smiled.

"Hmmm I was thinking Paige or Daria," Delia said.

"I like Paige," Brendon said.

"Paige, it is, wow we actually named her, yeah were getting some where," Delia laughed.

The nurse brought her in.

The nurse handed her to Delia.

She held her for a minute, just looking at her for a minute, Tears running down her cheeks.

The nurse left the room.

"What's her middle name?" Brendon asked smiling down at her.

"Quinn," Delia looked up.

"Do you want to hold her?' Delia asked.

He shook his head yes, and she handed her to him supporting her head.

He looked down into her big Brown eyes," She does have my eyes."

"Thank god she has my nose," Delia said.

Brendon Death glared her, "Stop making fun of my nose!"

"I love your big nose, B," Delia smiled as he handed Paige back to Delia.

Mrs. Clark came in with a camera. "Oh mom, no pictures please," Delia told her.

"Just one," Delia' mom took the picture of Delia smiling holding Paige with Brendon next to her.

"Perfect," Mrs. Clark walked out.

"My mothers a real pain," Delia said.

Delia just sat there staring at Paige; Paige just looked up at Delia with wide open eyes not making a peep.

"I'll still be in the hospital for a few days; they want to run a few tests. Your gonna take her home right?" Delia asked Brendon.

"Okay, I will," Brendon smiled.

"Her initials will be PQCU," Delia said.

"CU? I though you were just gonna make it Clark," Brendon said.

"You don't want her to have your last name too? Okay she doesn't have to have your last name?" Delia said.

"No it's fine with me," Brendon smiled.

"Crud Muffins, my parents. How am I going to tell them? This is way against my religion and I have to tell them sometime even though there gonna find out sooner or later They'd prefer to hear it from my mouth. Plus, I don't even know if they even knew you were pregnant I mean they might because your sister let it out," Brendon said.

Delia looked down at Paige, " I want to come, yeah and I'm sorry about Jane she's just stupid like that."

"I'm tired," Delia said.

Brendon took Paige in his arms and looked at her as her big brown eyes looked directly at him.

Delia fell asleep quickly, Brendon put in the small baby crib that the nurse wheeled in.

Brendon went and got the nurse and she took the baby back in the room.
Brendon went to go sign papers to fill out papers to bring Paige home.

A/N: I need feedback, plz :' [!!!!!! oh yeah and I'm sorry its short I wanted to write another chapter but I had writers block for like a week.
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