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Mood - Hateful of school. But alright.

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HI GUYS! Tackle Hug

I missed you at school! (No lie. I did.)

Here's what I did today!

In Tutor we did ASDAN, and our challenge is to come up with a speech for a 'hot-air balloon debate' thing. Basically, we are in a hot air balloon that's slowly sinking and we have to come up with a speech as to why we shouldn't get thrown out of the hot-air balloon, either being ourselves or as a fictional character or famous person. I chose my person to be like Tomb Raider for survival skills. :).

In French, we have an assesment tomorrow, so we did a revision quiz today. The challenges for the quiz were: Adjectives, Testing Adjectives and Nouns (in French it's Adjective-Noun, and we have to get the Masculine and Feminine bit correct too.), Compairson, Rooms in the House and Prepositions. My team didn't win. We got 32 points. Good effort though.

In Science we're doing Elements. My Teacher said 'the universe' again. THE UNIVERSE. sniggers. We learned about a new chemical (chemical.. too soon..) called Silver Nitrate. Also, another new chemical is Copper Nitrate. We did an experiment to end the lesson, but we didn't get time to record the results for it.

At break, Ellie wasn't there. She wasn't there for the whole day. So, I was lonely. in chipmunk voice: lonely.. I'm mr. lonely.. I have no body.. I'm on my ownnnnnnn!..
But, I read through Kerrang! mag, and some populars came up to me (while I had music in.. rude.) and asked "You okay?" and I was like "yeah." and they was like "you seem sad.." (me thought: that's just my face..) and I was like "i'm not." they said "you sure? you wanna sit with us?" and I was like "no." and they left. I don't mix with populars, okay.

In History, I was sat. with. POPULARS. They started talking to me too. They asked "do you talk to anyone?" and I was like "no. i don't like talking to people." and they was like "oh." and stopped talking to me. But, they still talked to me during the lesson. Sigh. I hate human interaction at school. We watched Roots too. The guy slave and girl cook person got married and jumped over a broom... weird.

Lunch time, I was lonely. No breaktime clubs, so I read some magasines in the library. Not much to it really.

English. We have a new English teacher and we're reading The Boy In Striped Pyjamas. We've only passed the first chapter. Alice, a girl in my class, kinda likes Green Day. Never expected that.

Maths. I nearly fell asleep during our work. We were doing Stem and Leaf diagrams. Our group got up to number eight, but Tara got up to number ten. The work was easy, just working out the median was hard.

On the way home I listened to Pierce The Veil. The songs I played were: Besitos, The Boy Who Could Fly, Kissing In Cars. When I got in, I emptied my lunch out, grabbed my laptop and started it up, and ran a bath, before getting out my uniform. When I got on my dressing gown, ready to transition to the bathroom with PTV a-playin', I discovered the bath was nearly full so I dove for the tap to switch off the hot tap, then added a tiny bit of cold, before getting in. I smell minty. Now, I'm typing.. this. While listening to SWS.

First day back was alright, I guess. Now, the afternoon-evening plans are:

- Update This Blood Evacuation (Reno, I need help with the new chapter. You is my Co-Planner, so I require help-ies.)

- Some Tweetings.

- Skyrim.

There. Good enough plans until dinner, after dinner I'll be doing more Tweets and then I'll be signing off at 8pm so I can stick on a film to tire me out. I discovered the PTV concert is on a school night, I'll have school the next day. The concert will go on for two hours, as they have two support acts that go for 30 mins (thank you Sam for dat info :3) so I'll be in bed WELL LATE. But, if I do go to the concert it'll tire me out so at least I'll sleep (or try..). Just gotta see if Ellie can go.. One Question: Do they check you are the right age to get in or..? Just, precautions. Chances are, we'll have to sneak in, as you gotta be fourteen to go on your own, but we are both thirteen. Hm. We'll see if we can. I don't even know if Ellie even likes PTV..

Right. I need help on This Blood Evacuation. If Reno isn't on I'll go with Kitty or Becca. You guys can help, right?

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